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by lauren l'heureux

The articles

The La.Rue Articles are a collection of years worth of advice, thoughts, and musings gathered together to inspire women entrepreneurs to live an intentional life and build intentional businesses

Lauren created the Articles (formally known as the blog) over three years ago. The Articles were originally developed as a space for Lauren to share her experiences and employ her voice to create a narrative that was all her own. Documenting her journey with intentional living and entrepreneurship, her dreams grew and her business expanded.

As time went on, Lauren nurtured her intentional living journey, carrying aspects of it over into every facet of her business, including the blog. She used that opportunity to create an ongoing journal of being a woman in entrepreneurship with the desire to combine intentionality under both umbrellas of life and business. The La.Rue Articles are curated with various topics, including intentional living, lifestyle development, entrepreneurship, and personal stories from Lauren. Our hope in sharing this collection of articles is to empower you with the tools, resources, and community to live an intentional life and run an intentional business.

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Recent Articles on La.Rue

Mindset Healing

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How often do you struggle with intrusive or irritating thoughts? Once a day? A few times a week? Rarely? Often? No matter how often it is, you can address these intrusive thoughts. The frequency of the thoughts isn’t necessarily the issue, it’s the thought itself. By healing our mindset we shift the base belief behind […]

believing in your success

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There are so many ways ideas of success and confidence can get muddled or confused. The way you interpret success is likely different from your neighbor, your best friend, parents, and so on. The way we look at and identify success varies. Success means something different for everyone. Even within our own definition of success, […]

Leave behind the energy

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It can be difficult, if not impossible, to leave behind any negative energy you were feeling yesterday. It’s easy to let emotions carry over one day after another. After all, this is inevitably how we reach periods of “stuckness” or moments where things are just a little off. Emotions aren’t something we should ever distance […]

Fear of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a journey that, like most, requires a lot of faith in the uncontrollable. There is so much uncertainty and so much we leave up to faith when we become entrepreneurs. This journey requires an unbounded trust in the Universe and in yourself, a belief that everything will happen as it should when it […]

Heal Anxiety

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As beautiful and vibrant is the world we live in, it can also feel overwhelming and all-consuming at times. It seems like the factors of our environment are constantly changing, which is why most people (if not everyone, really), suffer from some sort of anxiety. It’s natural to feel anxious about things. Stressful situations–a big […]

Life Coach

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The Life Coaching industry has made significant strides in popularity over the last few years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people under 40 have found value in transitioning from traditional therapy to a somewhat different approach with life coaching. Although therapy will always be a needed and necessary source, it’s nice to know it’s […]

Upper Limit

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What is an Upper Limit Problem? The Upper Limit is a term coined by Gay Hendricks in his book, The Big Leap. The Big Leap is a non-fiction piece on why we all have subconscious ceilings, or Upper Limits, for success and happiness in our lives. I’ve previously discussed The Big Leap on both the […]

Stories from our Past

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Lately, many of our conversations have been attuned to seeking a higher alignment. And to do this, we’ve established that we must have a positive relationship with our past selves. Although who we are in our past does not need to define who we are now or who we will be; it does have a […]

Messages to Our Younger Selves

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As we grow older and step into our adult shoes, we realize how much our younger selves may have failed to recognize. Smaller lessons have sat within larger ones; but specifically, we did not realize our power simply within ourselves. Our lives are made up of one big book. It is up to us to […]

Victim V. Victor

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There are several models of thinking that describe how our brains function and why we think the way we do. Over the last two years, I’ve studied several of these models. I wanted to become the best coach possible, but as I was going through my healing journey, I began to wonder why I thought […]

Un-Adopt Your Parents' Mindset

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The relationships we have with our parents are different than every other relationship we have. I am incredibly close with my parents, and although it hasn’t always been this way, it is now for several reasons. One highly important reason is while I was learning to heal my trauma, I learned to heal my mindset. […]

Emotional Freedom Tapping

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What is Emotional Freedom Tapping or Technique? EFT is a practice used with a technique of acupressure tapping on the meridian points of your body. What are meridian points? These are points on your body, mainly your face, that correspond with the route energy runs throughout your body. These are points above the eyebrow, side […]

intentional living

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Everything in life requires a balance of some sort; an equal give and take, push and pull, right and left. For us to know that we’re happy, we must experience sadness. We must know what the opposite of one thing is to know we’re experiencing the other. Balance, in many instances, can be relative. What […]

divine masculine and feminine energies

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We are all divine. Just as we are all inherently worthy and abundant—we are divine. To be divine does not mean to reach a higher level of self-awareness or be more in touch with your higher self; it is simply your existence. I recently learned this myself having Jen Cortlandt on the Do the Damn […]

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It’s been a bit since we went back to our roots of what it means to truly live intentionally. I figure it’s probably best to update this ongoing conversation with some 2022 Positive Habits. We touch on this topic every few months because just as we evolve, change and grow, our habits and lifestyle should […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream Spirituality is met differently by everyone. For every person, this journey holds a different path and meaning in self-discovery and connection. For most of my adult life, I have considered myself agnostic. But, I have never really thought of myself in connection with the universe and divinity until I began […]

Subconscious Breakthroughs

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Write | Inspire | Dream In recent months, I’ve been reading a great deal of literature on emotional freedom, manifesting, and reaching higher energy vibrations by experiencing subconscious breakthroughs with negative emotions. Essentially, this means redesigning your neural pathways around negative thoughts to believe something different. This “emotionally frees” you of the negativity virtually weighing […]

October 2020: 
La.Rue Blog Launches

November 2021: Hits 1,000 Monthly Viewers

October 2022: Hits 2,000 Monthly Viewers

August 2022: Launch of the Entrepreneurship Category

January 2023: Launch of the 2023 Goal Setting Challenge

January 2024: Articles hits 20,000 Unique Visitors 

August 2023: Hits 3,000 Monthly Viewers

Behind The Articles

The Articles were the first content platform to launch at La.Rue. Lauren spent most of her time nurturing the blog and building out a wide variety of content. If you’ve followed the Blog (now Articles) for a while, you may have noticed the dramatic shift in content about a year into its inception. Like many, Lauren faced fears in launching an online forum where she would openly, honestly, and candidly share her experiences with the world. It took some time to open up and shift the content to focus on healing, mindset building, and lifestyle changes. And now, the collection of the La.Rue Articles serves as documentation of one person’s growth, and the musing she serves that aid in the growth of the masses. 

Who They Serve

The La.Rue Articles are for women on the journey to heal their mind to live a more intentional life. Lauren built La.Rue on the belief that women can “have it all.” As entrepreneurs, we’re taught that we have to give up our personal lives for our business to succeed. That we have to delicate everything we have for the potential to reach success. But, Lauren believed there was a way to have both. To live an intentional life and build an intentional and successful business. Lauren nurtured her belief in this over time, documenting her journey on intentionality every step of the way. Every single article she’s written has been for the women who do (or want to) believe in the same. The La.Rue Articles are for every women entrepreneur seeking to build an successful business while maintaining an intentional life. 

The History


the Articles

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Cornerstone Content on La.Rue

power of community

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We’re officially in a post-Covid era and people, more than ever, are calling on their inner networks to connect. The desire to rekindle human connection is on the rise and community building is the key to achieving it. The La.Rue Community is more than just a social club; it is a catalyst for transformation and […]

Community for Women Entrepreneurs

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The time has come (at last) to share the details of The La.Rue Community launching in January. This community for women entrepreneurs has been months in the making, with every piece of copy, programming, and offerings being thoughtfully curated and created for you. My team and I have spent countless hours brainstorming and building out […]

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What is the Challenge? The La.Rue 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge is a guide I have curated and designed to help you change your life to live intentionally and achieve your dreams. This guide is for the person struggling with direction, feeling unmotivated, stuck, or in need of some inspiring guidance. The challenge holds in-depth exercises, […]

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