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The Intersectional Venn Diagram of Intentional Living

intentional living

Everything in life requires a balance of some sort; an equal give and take, push and pull, right and left. For us to know that we’re happy, we must experience sadness. We must know what the opposite of one thing is to know we’re experiencing the other. Balance, in many instances, can be relative. What you might find “balanced” between work and play, might be (in fact, is likely) different from what I find to be a good balance, which is something we established in the work-life balance topic a few weeks back. Either way, your balance or my balance, this equilibrium is always necessary. Because what happens when we don’t establish a balance between most things? If the scale falls too far to the side of effort, we reach burnout. If the scale tips too far towards the way of inaction, we stall “progress.” This balance of an equal give and take, or a steady rise of growth is intentional living.

Again, intentionality here can be a relative term. In fact, I encourage you to provide your own definition of what intentional living means to you. Because living intentionally should mean something different to everyone while maintaining the same effect. When you live intentionally, you’re living each day in your element, doing the things that you love, and working towards your dream. But how do we understand one encompassing definition of intentionality for everyone? With one intersectional Venn Diagram that breaks down different components of your life to understand how you can better add intentionality to your day and to your life.

To begin, you must look back before looking forward. Start with the overarching picture of your life, and ask yourself: “Who am I right now?” and “Who do I want to be?”

The Venn Diagram of Intentional Living

Essentially, what we’re going to do here is break down the coaching suite into actionable steps you can take if you’re not prepared to make this investment. The methodology is simple: identify the big picture, restructure, hack your mindset and reprogram your limiting beliefs, and finally, integrate the programming into your everyday. What we’re working towards is helping you wake up each day and asking yourself the question: “How can I be intentional today?” Intentionality doesn’t mean attempting to fit yourself into this mold of your idealized version of perfect. Intentionality should mean something different to you every day. Our lives are constantly changing, meaning we need to adapt to circumstances around us that may not be the most ideal—like when we get sick or lose our jobs.

We start with structure. I’ve dedicated over a year’s worth of content to assist you in finding what habits, routines, and lifestyle choices fit the mold of who you want to become. Over the last several months we’ve identified what mindset hacking techniques work quickly, efficiently, and (most importantly) powerfully, to change your mindset and eradicate your limiting beliefs. And finally, we’ve looked at the collective vision. Likely, the entire purpose for your presence here. You have a vision of your desired future, and you’re showing up to live more intentionally to achieve those big dreams.

One | Structure

Structure is the foundation of intentionality. Here, you establish the positive habits that let you live each day with the prospect of growth. But your structure isn’t just about going to the gym or reading for 15-minutes every day, it’s about the positive reinforcement these habits continually offer you. We’ve talked before about the significance of a daily checkmark. On the habit tracker, you’re encouraged to watch yourself accomplish growth over time by literally adding check marks each day to see the progression of change in your life. The structure of your day-to-day is what provides a bit of foundation amid the chaos of life. Habitually completing tasks that let you feel positive and intentional continue to provide that same support even on the days you’re feeling “off” or in a “bad” mood.

And since we all know how Venn Diagrams work, we know that to have an even more positive mindset, our structure needs to be, well… structured. The two intersect for enlightened and inspired action. Because what do structure and positive mindsets create? Vision.

Two | Mindset

There is nothing more important or vital in living an intentional life than to heal your mindset. Everyone carries around past programming like a thesis statement in a thirty-page paper. We know there are other arguments being made, other points being drawn to, yet the thesis statement is center stage. We want to believe we’re worthy of whatever we’re working towards, but experiences from our past creep up and insist on asking us, “but are you really worthy of this?” Everything you believe to be true in your manifested reality is exactly that, your reality. So if you tell yourself you are worthy or not worthy of something, that is your truth. To heal past programming, we must dive into core memories that substantiate these beliefs we have about ourselves. Using subconscious breakthrough techniques like EFT, visualizations, and meditations is how we reprogram the subconscious to believe differently.

When you change your mindset, you change your life. An empowered future is one with infinite possibilities for growth, success, and change. Habitual structure creates long-term and thoughtful connection to your vision of your future. And do you remember that question I asked you to reflect on earlier, “Who do you want to be?”? Your vision is the answer to that question.

Three | Vision

The question, “Who do I want to be?” can be a difficult one to answer. We all want to be a lot of things. When we were young, we had visions of astronauts, princesses, and presidents. As we grew older, those dreams become more “realistic,” like doctors and lawyers. But now we’re real-life grownups, and those dreams have adjusted yet again. Now, I understand that it may be difficult to get yourself to space or marry a prince. And yet, the same inspiring vision of wanting something so “extreme” can still exist. You have the power to be whatever you want to be, and that is an extraordinary gift. The limits to our dreams are almost non-existent. All we need is a big dream and a bit of intention.

With some structure, growth in your mindset, and vision, you become the highest, most prosperous version of yourself to exist. A version of you that already exists in another dimension as your highest self.

1:1 Coaching

This intersectional Venn Diagram for Intentional Living is the methodology behind the La.Rue Coaching Suite. In this suite, you and I create structure, hack your mindset, and empower your vision to assist you in living your most intentional life, propelling you towards your desired success. If you’re interested in learning more, you can book a FREE 30-minute discovery call or purchase your suite ticket directly on Universe.

Xo,  lauren

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