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You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

At La.Rue, our mission is to present you with a space meant to guide you towards living intentionally, developing your lifestyle, and achieving your dreams. La.Rue empowers readers to redefine success, and aims to provide content that drives a passion for answering the question, "Can I do it?" with the mantra "I can do it!"

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Hi! I'm Lauren L'Heureux. I’m an entrepreneur, lifestyle coach, host of the Do the Damn Thing Podcast, and content creator for the La.Rue Brand! Thanks for joining me here today! I encourage you to explore the site, get to know me, read the blog, take a peek at our coaching suite and download one of our freebies! At La.Rue, we create content that is meant to empower you to live your absolute best life. So whatever conundrum you may be facing, the advice and techniques for change, are right below your fingertips! Want to know more about the La.Rue story? Click the link below—I'll see you inside!

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Intentional Coaching

Tier 1

One breakthrough session of coaching dedicated to your specific goals. In this hour and a half session, we create and devise a solid plan of action based on your challenges.

Transitional Coaching

Tier 2

Receive four, 1:1 coaching sessions for a more in-depth look at your goals. We dive into your habits, routines, lifestyle, and mindset to curate lasting change for a long-term effect on your success.

Mastermind Coaching

Tier 3

Our most popular coaching suite— eight sessions of 1:1 breakthrough coaching. Gain clear direction with your future and establish a foundation lifestyle that supports your BIG DREAMS.

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what clients are saying

“In just our first session, Lauren was very focused on understanding my story and what I needed in my life. She found the perfect way to implement better habits and routines into my life without it feeling overwhelming. I am starting to feel the happiness of change that she preaches about and it’s motivating me to keep improving myself. Lauren is such an amazing listener and makes you the focus. She wants me to feel the love I deserve and I am so grateful to be doing this process with her!”

Becca J.

“By our third session, Lauren had already tackled my biggest goal of working on my time management skills. We built out a timeline for the remainder of 2021 and broke down my week into strategic routines so that I could get a solid look into what I wanted to accomplish for the rest of the year. From those timelines, we built out positive habits that have already begun to make such an incredible impact in my life. I feel motivated on Monday mornings instead of dreading going into work. That was my goal and we’re only halfway through the coaching.”

Jillian F.

“These last 5 weeks have created monumental change in my life. I was apprehensive about making the investment. But, something spoke to me about Lauren. I’d been listening to her podcasts, and I could hear the passion in her voice for Intentional Living and helping others to create the intentionality she spoke of.I decided to take the leap when I listened to her episode on the power of personal investment. She was right; there is incredible POWER in investing in yourself.”

Lindsay S.

“Lauren is REMARKABLE. She has an incredible passion for hearing your story, letting you speak your voice, and offering the most amazing coaching in return. We began simple. She got to know me through my lifestyle and we immediately dove into creating massive changes in my habits, routines, and breaking down my long-term goals. Once I felt comfortable, we began the mindset work. The deeper we got, the more I felt I was healing. I walked away from our four sessions, changed.”

Elena T.

“I’ve been following Lauren for months! I found her on Pinterest and immediately subscribed to her blog. When I saw that she was launching the coaching program, I knew right away I was going to invest. I am six sessions into tier 3, and nothing has fallen short of expectation. We started with creating a plan around all the struggles I pin-pointed in my questionnaire and we developed my programming from there.I truly don’t want this coaching to end!”

Bella R.

We’ve accomplished amazing growth in my day-to-day. I have really come to see the benefits of taking that small amount of time to take care of myself every day. Whether that’s physically or mentally, I believe both forms of care intertwine. Lauren has helped me with a lot of deep healing work and has truly emphasized my full potential. It’s been such a stress-free process as she gives you easy ways to correlate your past, present, and future plans/ aspirations in your life. I love her so much.

Becca J.


La.Rue X Journey

The La.Rue X Journey Journaling App Collaboration features a two-week Empowering Self-Reflection journaling expedition into your subconscious. This journey will assist you in identifying where you maintain a lack mindset or discord between the conscious and subconscious mind. In the first week, you’ll be prompted with deep self-reflective questions. These questions invite insight into what actions (or lack of actions) you may be taking to keep yourself safely within your comfort zone and potentially out of reach of success. Once you’ve reflected on the mindset blocks you may face, you’ll be prompted with seven notions for growth and expansion in week two. This journey will empower your mind and life by creating an actionable blueprint for an intentional life.