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La.Rue Community

By: Lauren L'Heureux

  Coming January 15th

At la.rue, we empower women at every stage of life and business with the tools to thrive.

about the brand

La.Rue is a brand built on the belief that “women can have it all.” We empower women entrepreneurs at every stage of life and business with the tools and resources needed to be successful. La.Rue offers a unique range of content and services that support women along every step of their journey towards building an intentional life and scaling their business. We thoughtfully curate every piece of content, every product, and every offering to ensure they’re tailored to the unique needs (and dreams) of our community. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with an idea you want to follow through on, a woman passionate about building a purpose-driven business, or an established entrepreneur wanting to take your business and life to the next level, La.Rue has something for you. 

The La.Rue Community is launching January 15th, 2024. Alongside this launch, the digital home to the La.Rue brand will be re-launching. We’re elevating, updating, and perfecting every inch of the La.Rue brand. This includes a new community page, new copy, new offerings, every-single-detail, thought over and perfected for our extraordinary community. 

a social women's club

The La.Rue Community

The La.Rue Community: A women's only social club revolutionizing the way we intersect business and life. The first of its kind; The La.Rue Community is a private members club centered on empowering women with support, connection, and education in their life and business. Each tier of The Community draws on robust and purpose-driven programming that is thoughtfully curated each month through a combination of workshops, challenges, and giveaways featuring experts in their fields. 

We host a multitude of live calls (always available for replay) and challenges each month with a network of support available at your fingertips. Pull resources from our Entrepreneurship Directory and connect with the next-generation of women leaders to find support in whatever field of business or lifestyle that you’re looking to improve, from coaching and business advisors to accounting, marketing, and operations services. Join The La.Rue Community and ambitious women from around the world as we forge a one-of-a-kind community for women, built by women, led by women. 

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Resources for you

La.Rue creative studio

Looking for another branch of La.rue? below is everything you'll need while we're under construciton. 

The La.Rue Creative Studio is a boutique creative agency serving a diverse client roster of women entrepreneurs with luxury branding and website design. We are committed to curating a unique and engaging experience to ambitious and purpose-driven visionaries ready to launch (or re-launch) their personal brand or entrepreneurship venture. Our signature process focuses on our clients' vision every step of the way with a turnkey service and launch to support the next level of their businesses. 

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do the damn thing

Podcast Hosted by Lauren L'Heureux

The Do the Damn Thing Podcast is Lauren’s spoken journal for the world. Similar to our Articles—but with a lot more candidness and personality, the Do the Damn Thing  Podcast is an auditory documentary  chronicling

Lauren’s journey through life and the advice she’s gathered for you along the way. With special guest appearances, gathering experts in their fields from around the country, Lauren features conversations on healing, growing, and coming into your own as women on the journey to live intentionally.

Join us every Wednesday on Apple or Spotify (or wherever you listen to podcasts) as Lauren and her guests deconstruct the concepts of life and intentional living. 

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