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Believing in Your Success: How to Empower Your Mind

Believing in your success

There are so many ways ideas of success and confidence can get muddled or confused. The way you interpret success is likely different from your neighbor, your best friend, parents, and so on. The way we look at and identify success varies. Success means something different for everyone. Even within our own definition of success, we have different ways of seeing it play out in our lives. How we’re successful in our job might be different from the way we identify with success in our relationships. Empowering yourself to believe in your success is the mountain many of us climb. We’re consistently facing adversity and challenges. Often, we’re taught to believe that those things should deter us from success. But when we’re able to shift our beliefs, believing in our success doesn’t seem as challenging.

Empowering your mindset to believe something different than it already does is no easy challenge. But, I don’t think that’s the hardest challenge we sometimes face. More often than not, the difficulty comes in actually believing that you can change the way you believe something to be true. So many of us argue that just because we’re complacent in something, it means we can’t change it. But the beautiful thing about life is that we can change and evolve, we simply have to want to. It’s like the stories you hear about interventions or addictions. You can’t force someone into it, they have to want it. Believing in your success, or in your ability to succeed is half the effort you’re exuding. The other half comes from deprogramming the belief that you can’t, and reprogramming the understanding that you can (and that you’re worthy).

Believing in Your Success Means Being Intentional

Success isn’t typically happenstance. It doesn’t just come by from time to time telling us it’s our turn to succeed. I believe there is a reason why so many of us fail time and time again without any difference in results. And while we may argue it’s the Universe out to get us, it’s not some karmic fate we’ve been summoned to. Success and failure are hand-in-hand. If we believe we can succeed, we eventually will. If we believe we will fail, we will immediately. The difference between success and failure is that success takes learning, it takes growth, and substantial effort; which is why it happens over time. Failure is like a pre-determined fate. If we say it will happen, we’re not putting in the right effort, growth, or learning. We simply believe we will fail; so we do. And we do so immediately because failure doesn’t require change.

Empower Your Mind

There are several reasons why success can feel so hard to believe in. It can be a wound around worthiness. We might not feel like success is in reach because we haven’t taken enough steps to get there, we don’t have enough resources, etc. There could be endless reasons as to why success feels out of touch. But each of those reasons will boil down to one main idea; you believe you can’t, so you won’t. So how do we empower our minds to believe differently? How do we shift the way we think, so that when the time comes to try again, our first thought won’t be about failure?

Of course I’m going to mention and refer to the power of EFT. There are several individual acts that help to shift your mindset, like EFT, meditation, therapy, etc. But beyond doing individual things, we also need a wholistic approach to changing our mindset, which of course, changes our life. Living Intentionally (the entire mission behind the La.Rue brand) is a foundation for our lives. It’s a lifestyle, a belief system, a practice, and a trust. Living Intentionally not only empowers our mindset, but gives us an unbounded freedom for unapologetic growth. It lets us truly believe in our success without thinking we’re unworthy of it. Most importantly, living intentionally empowers us to challenge ourselves to be better versions of ourselves everyday.

Incorporating Intentional Living into your Everyday

So how do you begin to incorporate intentionality into your everyday life to promote success. The first step is shifting the way you believe in success, which we’ve already established. But to do this, not only do you need the mindset work, but you need to start paying attention to real-world evidence that shows you you’re successful. Despite what we may think, the evidence is everywhere. Our successes aren’t only measured by numbers, or where we “think” we need to be successful. When you can identify what you truly value, you can measure your success. When you can truly and unapologetically identify and resonate with your values, you’re living intentionally. To do this, we have to find where we’re overvaluing and undervaluing the aspects of our lives.

From here, we can identify how living more intentionally will shift our mindset, therefore empower us to succeed more. When you’re living in alignment with your values, therefore living intentionally, you’re giving yourself the necessary tools to succeed and fail. Failure will never just disappear. But when we’re living intentionally and prioritizing our values and we DO fail, the failure feels empowering, not demeaning. Believing in your own success should not be something that feels hard. It should feel exciting and like it’s something you’re worthy of. When we lack belief in ourselves, it’s because we’re lacking somewhere else. Next time you catch yourself saying “I can’t” or “Why bother?” ask yourself two things: One, what feels so terrifying about failing one more time? And even deeper critical thinking, ask yourself what feels so terrifying about actually reaching success.

Xo,  lauren

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