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How Intentional Living Guided Me in Discovering Spirituality

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Discovering Spirituality

Spirituality is met differently by everyone. For every person, this journey holds a different path and meaning in self-discovery and connection. For most of my adult life, I have considered myself agnostic. But, I have never really thought of myself in connection with the universe and divinity until I began living intentionally. On this journey, I began discovering spirituality and its significance in my life. Since then, I have begun developing a deep connection and relationship with the universe, the earth, and myself. Today on La.Rue, I’d like to share that journey with you and how discovering my spirituality has guided me in curating deeper connections with myself and the people in my life. Within my newly discovered spirituality, I have found great value in meditation, manifestation, self-reflection, and other practices that assist me in connecting my mind and body.

This journey first begins with my intention to begin changing my life in the pursuit of my dreams. Since moving home, I had distanced myself from my goals, dreams, and vision of my future. If you’ve listened to my podcast on beginning my Intentional Living Journey, you know that it was a sudden revelation that brought me to create change, thus discovering intentional living itself. When I was beginning my research on Intentional Living, there was no exclusive definition of the term. The clear interpretation is that it is up to the person “living intentionally” to define the term. As I began my journey, I incorporated spiritual techniques to support me in reconnecting with myself and my future. Today, that journey has aided me in manifesting some of my greatest dreams.

What Spirituality Means to Me

I believe spirituality, like intentionally living, holds a different definition for everyone. Of course, it has a blanket definition, but its purpose in someone’s life is different for everyone. So, what does spirituality mean to me? Throughout my intentional living journey, spirituality has meant rekindling a divine connection between my mind and body. It means opening myself up to a deeper understanding of how I work within the universe and my greater purpose for existing. This first began with meditation and working on my ability to clear my mind. When I first began this journey, my thoughts were constantly filled with negativity, insecurity, and self-doubt. By working to clear my head and solely focus on my ability to connect with the world around me, I began pushing out the negative thoughts and replacing them with clear ideas on my future.

Spirituality has meant bridging this divide between myself and the universe as well as myself and the future version of me. It has meant discovering and meeting the true version of myself I wish to be and stepping into that person. Every day, I practice and work to step into the highest, most powerful version of myself, met with success, happiness, and love. My journey with spirituality has meant redefining my thought process behind success and my worthiness of it. This journey has aligned me with all that I desire. By coming into this alignment, I have realized that my true success is met by my willingness to trust in the process and in the universe that I am attracting all that I desire through my hard work, dedication, and intention.

How I Practice Spirituality in My Life Today

It has now been over a year since beginning my intentional living journey, thus beginning my spiritual journey. During that year, I have been able to find what works for me and what doesn’t in continuing to build my spirituality and connection with myself. This has always meant taking physical care of my body and prioritizing my health. You can read more about that journey on the blog, How My Fitness Routine Has Given Me Strength in My Intentional Life. My spirituality, above all, has aided me in overcoming self-doubt and my fears of success. I do this by practicing my affirmations every night while falling asleep. This allows my subconscious to absorb the affirmations and reprogram negative thoughts. I also achieve this with daily meditation and manifestation work.

Recently, I shared with you on the podcast that I’ve been working with a mindset coach while making some major career shifts like launching the coaching business. With her help, I have discovered precisely what mindset techniques work to assist in displacing those negative thoughts when they do arise. EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping/ Technique) has made a significant difference on my mindset. I encourage you to listen to my podcast on Mindset to learn more about the techniques I’ve implemented. Together, we have worked on the emotions surrounding my brother’s death, my fear of success, and self-doubt. This has allowed me to move beyond the emotions that were holding me back. I now see only a future in which I have manifested all the success I desire. This is how spirituality has existed in my life, making a significant impact on my confidence, work ethic, and overall mindset.

Moving Forward

Discovering my spirituality has truly been an incredible journey for me. It has meant creating a divine new connection with myself that I never felt before. I have cherished this time of self-discovery and reflection because it has allowed me to see where improvement and change is needed. And I will continue to build on this journey. So, I encourage you to begin a journey of your own discovering spirituality and its purpose. As I said, this journey will be different for everyone, curating different changes and realizations. But, I do believe for everyone, the journey is beautiful and life-changing.

Xo,  lauren

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