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Why Everyone Should Have a Life Coach

Life Coach

The Life Coaching industry has made significant strides in popularity over the last few years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people under 40 have found value in transitioning from traditional therapy to a somewhat different approach with life coaching. Although therapy will always be a needed and necessary source, it’s nice to know it’s not the only approach we can take. In fact, over the last twenty or so years, more and more non-traditional forms of “therapy” have emerged as a way to offer people more resources. For example, EFT and EMDR are considered forms of therapy, but they sit outside the traditional form of talk therapy that we’re all familiar with. But there is something unique about working with a life coach. And I believe that we all need a life coach at some point in our lives.

Choosing to work with a life coach over pursuing therapy holds more gravity to the situation. The main reason is that insurance covers therapy, whereas life coaching is an investment. There’s a subconscious understanding we make with ourselves when we know that our hard-earned money is returning to us. This understanding, or agreement, we make with ourselves truly acknowledges the change we desire. In this post, I’d like to stress the strong points of investing in a life coach. However, I’d also like to stress that working in therapy is always a good idea. One does not replace the other, as a therapist goes through years of school earning their degree. I want to simply offer yet another resource as you continue your journey on living intentionally.

Do I need a Life Coach?

Yes. Why, you may ask, do I offer a blanket answer when I don’t know the person asking? I believe everyone can benefit from a life coach. Even when you’re in the best place you’ve ever been, there is always value in having that objective point of view. No matter what chapter or phase of your life you’re in, having a life coach can benefit you. Not only can they act as a healer or a listener, but they offer real and actionable advice to create long-lasting change in your life. Some of the world’s most successful people have invested in a life coach. The decision to do so lies with one of the three main phases we hit in our lives. One: Something bad has or is happening. Two: Something extraordinary and life-changing has happened. Or Three: Nothing is happening, and you feel stuck.

One: Something Bad Has or is Happening.

This is the most straightforward and obvious phase to argue that investing in a life coach is smart. If you know anything about my own story, you know this was the phase I hit that not only pushed me into investing in a life coach, but pushed me in the direction of launching a business and becoming a coach myself. When you’re in a phase of either experiencing or facing past trauma or wounds, one of the most valuable things a person in healing can have is an objective ear and voice. In this case, a life coach becomes a guide or even True North. As they get to know you and your situation, they can begin to peel back the layers of grief or fear and assist you in healing. In this case, a life coach is most valuable in helping you through your journey.

For example, in this case, as a life coach, these are steps I would take with a client currently or previously facing significant trauma or grief. I would first take the initial calls to get to know the client and their unique situation. I would immediately begin the healing journey, periodically using EFT throughout our sessions. After each call, the client would be met with “homework,” in which they journal daily, complete meditations, and continue practicing EFT independently. After the initial sessions, we would dive into the future beyond what they currently face. As we continue practicing the mindset work, we also begin envisioning life beyond this moment. The client and I would go over how they’d like their life to improve from here, and we start writing out actionable steps they can take to both heal and move forward.

Two: Something Extraordinary has or is happening.

Similar to our recent conversation on the Upper Limit Problem, another likely reason someone may invest in a life coach is that things are going so well—perhaps “too” well. When something amazing happens in our lives, a few different thoughts may cross our minds. One: This isn’t going to last, so I better embrace it while I can. Two: I need help coordinating this change. Three: How can I make this change continue? Each of these is a perfect reason to invest in a life coach. When something unique happens in our lives, we don’t want that change to leave; we’d like to see it expand. In this situation, a life coach would benefit your future planning and mindset blocks you would likely face in feeling worthy of both having and keeping what has come into your life.

Three: Nothing is Happening, and You Feel Stuck.

Feeling stuck or stagnant, in my experience, has been the most common reason people invest in a life coach. We could also easily reframe these phases into the past, present, and future. We want to heal parts of our past, improve our present, and plan for our brightest future. At some point, everyone will hit these three phases in their life. And in the case of feeling stuck, it’s like being rooted in all three of these frames of reference at once. Something in your past has caused you to feel stuck in your present, and you’d like to change things, so you no longer feel this way in your future. In a moment of stagnancy, investing in a life coach means committing to the subconscious desire for change. It’s an unspoken “YES!” from your consciousness, arguing it’s time to make significant changes in your life.

Investing in a life coach is always a smart decision. They are someone you confide in, they’re your objective eyes and ears, and they’re a person you can trust to guide you on your journey. If you’re interested in working with me throughout your intentional living journey, you can purchase a coaching package via Universe. Interested in learning more about how I can specifically assist you? You can sign up for a complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Call before making your investment. There are approximately EIGHT spots left for the remainder of 2022. Coaching prices will increase at the beginning of the new year. I look forward to working with you!

Xo,  lauren

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