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The Human Experience as Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies

Divine masculine and feminine energies

We are all divine. Just as we are all inherently worthy and abundant—we are divine. To be divine does not mean to reach a higher level of self-awareness or be more in touch with your higher self; it is simply your existence. I recently learned this myself having Jen Cortlandt on the Do the Damn Thing Podcast as our most recent guest. Before Jen and I chatted, I thought that being divine was something you needed to tap into, almost like a skill. But I soon learned that we are all inherently divine because we are human. The differential factor here isn’t the question of whether we are or are not divine; instead, how do we empower our divinity by tapping into both our masculine and feminine energies?

Have you ever asked yourself how ‘in-touch’ you are with your subconscious mind? How often are you awake to your subconscious process and how it interprets data or experiences unfolding in your life? Our subconscious is what interprets our 3D world or lived experience and transforms that data into programming or learned beliefs. It is here that we can tap into our masculine or feminine energy to express how that interpretation of data makes us feel. Every one of us has masculine and feminine energies within us; it’s how we allow emotion and intellect to shine through. So how do the two intersect, masculine/feminine energies and divinity?

The human experience

If we are all divine, and if we all have masculine and feminine energies within us, this is the human experience. What makes each experience different is our individual stories. The human experience, if entered into openly, can be fun, exciting, and beautiful. But, it’s a matter of how open we are to this experience and allowing the Universe to support us on this journey, which allows us to live as our higher selves.

Masculine and Feminine Energies

We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us. Although the terms masculine and feminine are inherently gendered, they don’t signal identifiers but rather qualities that make up your personality. The masculine energy is our intellectual side. It’s the right side of our body that utilizes our right frontal lobe, which controls our actions, cognition, and problem-solving. Healthy masculine energy might look like someone who is a bold action taker, firm in their decisions, and tapped into their intellect. They’re logical and use this energy to appeal to their emotional side to find balance. Healthy feminine energy might look like someone who is in touch with their emotions, nurturing, creative, collaborative, and intuitive. This energy focuses strongly on the reactive nature and how we interpret situations emotionally.

When balanced correctly— a healthy masculine energy and a healthy feminine energy— the two create a fusion of emotional intellect that allows you to tap into your divine power as your higher self. So what does that mean?

Awareness of Self

The interconnectedness of the masculine and feminine, of the right and left, or of the lower and upper, all come together to create your soul. Your soul is who you are at your core, your essence, who you perceive yourself to be to the outside world. When you’re in touch with both sides of yourself, you maintain a higher awareness of self. And this is where you connect with your subconscious. Your subconscious is where all of your memory, lived experiences, and learned beliefs are stored. When you appeal to both your intellect and emotions to first interpret and then heal memories, you’re performing a high level of awareness that allows you to move beyond what you may believe to be the “status quo.”

For example, someone who is in touch with both their intellect and emotions may be able to go back and heal past core memories around self-worth. This healing then may allow them to expect more regarding certain things like job roles, relationships, income, etc. When you heal the wounds or past programming of what you’re taught to believe around your value, worth, abundance, etc., you open yourself up to experiencing the best of what the Human Experience has to offer.

Healing Your Heart Space

Your heart space is ground zero to both your emotions and intellect connect. It is the middle ground between your upper and lower chakras, between your right and left side. Your heart space is where you hold the emotional resonance around what your programming has taught you. To heal these beliefs, you must turn within to open yourself to the possibility of change. Healing your heart space can be as simple as growing your relationship with yourself. Let’s go back to that first question I asked at the beginning: How in touch are you with your subconscious? How often are you reflecting on how you feel and why? Being able to identify emotions is one thing. Telling yourself “I feel sad,” as you’re watching a tear-jerk movie is entirely different from being able to identify why you feel those emotions.

You’re solely responsible for how you feel. If someone has upset you, the question to ask isn’t “why were they mean to me?” but rather, “why did their actions upset me?” A part of healing is taking full responsibility for your own well-being. You can’t expect someone to see the value you offer if you don’t first see it in yourself.

The sticky note exercise

If you’re not yet ready to dive into this work with a coach using subconscious breakthrough work like EFT, then the sticky note exercise is a fantastic place to start. Grab about 15-20 or so sticky notes; on each of them, you will write, “How am I feeling right now?” Attach them to everything you use or look at daily that could act as a piece of escapism. Your TV remote, your computer, your phone, things that allow you to ignore what may be making you uncomfortable right now. This exercise will do two things: allow you to identify emotions you may have been suppressing, and two, raise your vibration by identifying those emotions.

If you feel that you are ready for more in-depth and deep-dive coaching that will show immediate results, visit the coaching suite! The human experience can be beautiful and glorious. Still, for us to experience the best of what life has to offer, we have to be open and willing to accept our role and how we can tap into our divinity through awareness, healing, and the higher self.

Xo,  lauren

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