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How Emotions Cause Subconscious Breakthroughs in Manifesting 

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Subconscious Breakthroughs

In recent months, I’ve been reading a great deal of literature on emotional freedom, manifesting, and reaching higher energy vibrations by experiencing subconscious breakthroughs with negative emotions. Essentially, this means redesigning your neural pathways around negative thoughts to believe something different. This “emotionally frees” you of the negativity virtually weighing you down and centers you in alignment with the universe. So, what does all of this mean? What’s its purpose? Well, as you work within the subconscious mind to displace the self-doubt, trauma, grief, anger, jealousy, etc., you (compassionately) re-program the thought process behind those emotions. Subsequently, you feel an increase in positive emotions that align you with your dreams and desires to assist you in manifesting those “wants” into your reality.

I’ve been so drawn to this topic, specifically casting it under an intentionally living light. What happens to these subconscious breakthroughs and this emotional freedom when you’re already working incredibly hard to center and align yourself in other aspects of your life? During this last year, I’ve been working very hard to address some of my past traumas, and relevant emotions that I now realize were halting me from moving forward. I’ve realized that the work I’m putting into manifesting my dreams will never come to fruition if I don’t work through the emotions and doubts that are holding me back. And that is what I want to talk about today. As I’ve been actively working on reprogramming these emotions, I’ve experienced an emotional freedom.

Subconscious Breakthroughs

The Subconscious Breakthrough technique is meant to guide you beyond your limiting beliefs. I’ve talked about limiting beliefs before in reference to Gay Hendricks and his book The Big Leap and the term he coined (for limiting beliefs) the “Upper Limit Problem.” What I’ve learned about the subconscious breakthrough process is there has to be an even give and take between you and the Universe. On your end, there are three things you must be willing to do. First, you must work through your emotions; address the negativity, trauma, and emotions holding you back. Second, you must practice manifesting. There are several different manifestation techniques. Personally, I use several manifestation techniques: I write out my affirmations, listen to affirmations, practice EFT, meditation, and practice mindset exercises. Lastly, you have to mentally get yourself to a space where you let go and release the manifestation.

This is where the role of the Universe comes into play. We have to reach a place where we’re confident and trust in the Universe to align us with our wants and desires. We have to believe that as long as we’re putting in the work to get “there,” the Universe will do the rest. If we’re in a mindset of “I have to have this because…” and we’re—in a way— desperate for our dream, then it most likely will not happen. There has to be a trust in the process and a trust in ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves that we’re working hard enough and that we’re worthy and deserving of our dreams. The universe is conspiring with us to bring us what we desire. The only question that remains is time. And if you believe in manifesting, then you should believe in divine timing.

Divine Timing 

There is a reason and purpose we are where we are in our lives right now. In the present moment, both physically and mentally, what we’re doing and experiencing now is leading us to something greater. Reading this blog and consuming this information is leading you to forge something new. Manifesting what we desire is directly correlated to divine timing. Not only does the Universe have hands at play with our alignment with divine timing; but it’s also when we’re actually at a place when we’re mentally prepared to receive what we desire into our reality. This goes back to our conversation on the fear of success and the fear of failure. Until we’ve truly acknowledged those fears, sat in them, and addressed them, we cannot manifest our dreams.

So often on the blog and podcast, I talk about sitting in our “negative” feelings or in our bad days. I say this because when we sit in those feelings, acknowledge them, and address them, we’re able to reach this emotional freedom. This isn’t to say that we’re not supposed to experience these emotions or that it’s bad to have them. It’s actually the direct opposite. By sitting in these emotions and addressing them, asking ourselves, Why do I feel this way? Or, what’s causing this emotion? We’re emotionally growing, and we’re not festering in the negative emotions. But, most importantly, by reprogramming our subconscious behind those emotions, we’re allowing the former negative emotion to empower us to manifest our dreams.


I plan on expanding greatly on the topic of manifesting on the blog and on the podcast in the near future. But, for today, I’d like to say this. If you’re practicing manifesting techniques—for years or you’ve just begun— and you’re not seeing your manifestations become reality, it’s because there are underlying emotions that are halting you from making that forward progress. Ask yourself what “bad thing” happens when you achieve success? When you begin to move out of your comfort zone? When you’re vulnerable? Once you come to the root of that thought, the root of that “bad thing,” what emotion is at its core? Jealousy? Fear? Judgment? That is where you need to make your subconscious breakthroughs. Once you’re able to work through that emotion and re-wire your subconscious around that emotion, you will be able to manifest your dreams.

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