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How I Leave Behind the Energy of Yesterday

Leave behind the energy

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to leave behind any negative energy you were feeling yesterday. It’s easy to let emotions carry over one day after another. After all, this is inevitably how we reach periods of “stuckness” or moments where things are just a little off. Emotions aren’t something we should ever distance ourselves from or deny. But more often than not, that’s what we try to do with negative emotions—myself included. We try to feel happier, despite the happiness covering for something deeper. This is a little bit of a battle I’ve been facing recently. I wake up and convince myself it’s a new day and to leave the energy behind that I felt yesterday. But I do this without intentional thought. I do this without addressing why I was feeling those emotions in the first place.

Eventually, the reminder to leave the negative energy behind becomes a bandaid, and sometime during the day, those emotions flood in again. So how do we leave behind the energy of yesterday without entirely abandoning it? Because waking up and telling yourself, it’s a new day without actually healing the emotions of yesterday will only invite those feelings to come back.

Lately, the negative emotions have been feelings of sadness and overwhelm. However, I want to be clear, overall, things have been wonderful. But I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been taking on too many clients at once, leaving little time for other creative endeavors with deadlines fast approaching. Every day this week, I wake up to tell myself it’s a new day to tackle goals/projects for La.Rue. But the day wraps up, and somehow, little progress has been made.

Leave Behind the Energy of Yesterday AFTER Healing it

Intentional Living teaches us that we need to practice healing daily. There are things that will come up daily, if not every day, that cause a little stir of emotions. We’re taught to brush those things off and act as though they do not affect us, even though they do. Just the other day, something happened in my personal life that made me feel very insecure about my physical appearance. At first, my gut reaction was to get angry and pretend I was sporting false confidence. But in reality, the situation made me sad, vulnerable, and insecure. It wasn’t until a few days later I realized how much that situation was still affecting me. I wanted to leave behind the energy of that situation without addressing it. And despite that being the easier option, in no way does that solve any emotional imbalance I feel.

How to Address the day-to-day Energy

There is a straightforward technique to addressing your emotions we should practice daily, yet most of us do not. So often, we’re made to feel uncomfortable by difficult emotions. Simply asking ourselves, “Why do I feel this way?” feels impossible. A simple question feels impossible to ask—let alone answer because we’re scared of our response. But being scared of our emotions puts us in a far more vulnerable position than addressing them. In EFT, we practice asking intuitive questions that push you in the direction of acknowledging emotions you may not even know are there. Asking yourself questions that prompt you for deeper thought is what allows you to address difficult emotions.

It might seem silly to think that things in our day-to-day experience need healing. And it’s not to say you need to go to therapy every day to address these things. They are simply scenarios in our lives that deserve a little extra thought and attention to heal why we may be feeling angry, upset, sad, or hurt at the moment. Asking yourself questions like, what memory or experience may have triggered this? Or why am I so deeply affected by this? These deliberate questions highlight where more profound healing is needed.

Why Addressing the Energy is so important

Over the last week, when I continued attempting to bandaid my emotions, I realized something. I was doing myself a huge disservice in trying to cover the emotions I was feeling at the moment (serving to highlight deeper emotions that haven’t been healed). My emotions, good and bad, are part of who I am and my experience. I never need to feel embarrassed about them. Instead, I need to address them so that I can become a better human being. When I ask myself the tough questions, I’m giving myself a safe space to express emotions that used to make me uncomfortable. By addressing them, I’m giving myself room to move on from them.

While denial may be a great companion throughout our lives, it will never serve us. To leave the energy behind, we have to ask why it’s there in the first place. Ask yourself, what am I feeling? Why am I feeling it? And how do I feel it to heal it? We can leave behind the energy of yesterday; it’s not impossible. But to do so, we must be willing to ask ourselves the more challenging questions. And slowly, as you let yourself heal daily emotions, you’ll dig deeper into those long-term feelings that haven’t yet been healed from your past.

Xo,  lauren

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