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The Power of Community: Forging Thoughtful Connection

power of community

We’re officially in a post-Covid era and people, more than ever, are calling on their inner networks to connect. The desire to rekindle human connection is on the rise and community building is the key to achieving it. The La.Rue Community is more than just a social club; it is a catalyst for transformation and growth. Our focus is on driving connection and building robust programming to do it. We are on a mission to connect the next generation of women leaders, founders, and visionaries with the resources they need to thrive personally and professionally. The power of community comes from connection, collated by the same purpose-driven mantra: intentionality in all aspects.

Although we maintain an important element of exclusivity, we are mission-driven on inclusivity. Women from all walks of life, backgrounds, and career roles are joining The La.Rue Community. By driving human-to-human, peer-to-peer connection, we’re forging a new space to ideate on vision, challenge traditional concepts, and break glass ceilings. There is power in numbers. Our goal in scaling The La.Rue Community is to offer our members a diverse amount of voices in their support. By coming together and sharing our ideas, we’re creating space for revolutionary growth. It’s not enough to grow an idea from inception to completion on your own anymore. The more we open ourselves up to the thoughts, suggestions, and advice of others, the more opportunity for growth. And that is the power of The La.Rue Community.

How The La.Rue Community is Revolutionizing Connection

It’s not enough to just create an online community and launch it. We’re not thinking inside the box with other brands launching a single space to bounce ideas off of each other, chat about jobs, and soft network. Brands across the board are building out communities to their loyal following; they’re becoming a part of the social media amalgamation. So when we built out the brainchild behind The La.Rue Community, we wanted to do something more. We couldn’t settle for “just another community;” we wanted something ground-breaking and revolutionary. So what do you do when you want to be revolutionary? Discover a gap and bridge it.

The La.Rue Brand Partners: Connecting Members with Resources

Everyone understands the difficulty of needing a resource and not knowing where to go to find it. Maybe you’re a career girly looking to climb the corporate ladder and you desire a career coach. Or maybe you’re a startup entrepreneur having experienced your first viral video and now you’re on the hunt for a social media consultant. Perhaps you’re searching for an alternative therapy coach on a mission to heal your mindset. No matter what you’re searching for, the immeasurable amount of results we have at our fingertips feels like an Everest. We search Google, Instagram, TikTok, even stalk who our friends are following. Inevitably, we turn to anyone and everyone we know for a referral. A girl needs options, right?

What if we could narrow down the results for you from a million to a simple thirty? What if we could vet these resources for you and narrow it down to a simple list that you could shop from like a restaurant menu? Nobody needs The Cheesecake Factory menu when you could enjoy what’s already five-stars at The Plaza (always go with a classic, right?). That’s exactly what The La.Rue Community Brand Partners list is setting out to do. We’re researching, connecting, and vetting out women-owned and operated business to connect with our members. And then we’re taking it a step further.

Bridging the Gap between Client and Business

Once we’ve vetted these business and feel confident referring them to our members, they join the Brand Partner list. Our calling to create this list isn’t about commission, because we don’t take any for referring clients to these businesses. We simply want to make connection. But we can’t connect without community, right? Our agreement with every Brand Partner is a requirement to join The La.Rue Community. Every single partner joins The Community so members can interact, ask questions, and get to know these businesses first hand. But guess what? We still didn’t think that was enough, so instead of another step, we took it another mile further.

We can talk all we want, but how good do we really know something without a test run? We don’t jump into relationships without dating first. So why not date the perspective hire you’re about to make? Most of the businesses we’re referring have high-value offerings. It’s a major decision to invest thousands of dollars into something without trying it out. So, we made another agreement. Not only is every Brand Partner a member of The Community, but they also offer some sort of exclusive offering or discount to our members to give it a test run. For example, we’ve partnered with an expert fitness coach and nutritionist who is graciously offering one month of free online fitness coaching to our members.

The Power of Our Unique Community Connection

If it’s not already obvious, we’re not just another community. The La.Rue Community is revolutionizing the way we intersect business and lifestyle, directly connecting our members to the resources they need to thrive. We’re cutting out the middle man, shifting the way businesses and clients interact. Instead of losing our momentum in the research, we’re increasing our drive to find the resource we’re looking for. The power of community starts with connection. We aren’t just another member-to-member connection. We’re curating compelling connection between the client and the business that are meant to produce meaningful results.

Join The La.Rue Community today and start building your connections. We are here to support you in any way you may need. Interested in becoming a Brand Partner? Fill out the application linked below and someone from the La.Rue team will get back to you.

Xo,  lauren

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The La.Rue Community is more than just a social club; it is a catalyst for transformation and growth. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, we aim to empower women to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Through our curated events and programs, members have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights that can shape their personal and professional journey. We offer four tiers of the community including our free expansion tier. Join The La.Rue Community and become part of a powerful network of women who are shaping the future and making a difference in their communities and beyond.

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