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Messages to Our Younger Selves

Messages to Our Younger Selves

As we grow older and step into our adult shoes, we realize how much our younger selves may have failed to recognize. Smaller lessons have sat within larger ones; but specifically, we did not realize our power simply within ourselves. Our lives are made up of one big book. It is up to us to define the story that lies within. And as we begin to tell our stories, we often look back at those we wish we could re-write with the lessons we know now. With the contribution of the La.Rue Thrive Hive Community, today’s blog is to honor those messages. Although we cannot go and change our past, we can utilize the lessons we’ve learned to impact our fate. The most important lesson of all: your past does not determine your future because you’re always capable of creating change.

When Speaking to Our Younger Selves

As you take in these messages and spend time sitting with past versions of yourself, I offer you one sentiment moving forward. We would not be who we are now without every version of ourselves that has existed. So as you reflect, and perhaps visit memories of yourself you’re not fully proud of, please remember that version of yourself was doing the best they could with what they had. You can encourage this person, and offer them love, but you can’t change the actions they took—nor should you want to. Without every moment of our lives, we would not be molded into this exact version of ourselves we are now.

I invite you to not only extend love and compassion to your past self. But, while you’re with them, offer them gratitude and words of thanks. Although we may not be proud of every decision we’ve ever made, we did walk away with lessons. And if you’ve taken the time to apply those lessons and learn, you’re now a better version of yourself. Thank them for making these choices and letting you learn these lessons to become the best version of yourself. Reflect with ease and comfort, compassion and kindness, and never forget, without them, you wouldn’t be you.

As a resource to help you revisit these memories, with each message is a short EFT exercise you can do to help shift your mindset, and heal your past self. Please note: The messages themselves are verbatim from what I received through my poll on Instagram. The lines beside them represent the number of times I received a different iteration of the same message.

Messages to Our Younger Selves

You Don’t Need to be the “popular” one and have a ton of friends |||

EFT Tapping Affirmations: It is safe for me to find my tight-knit group of friends. I love surrounding myself with close friends who support me. My friends lift me up and cheer me on every step of the way. I love my group of supportive friends that make me feel safe and loved.

Please Stop Judging the Way you look & love your body |||||

EFT: I love my body. I thank my body every day for being the vessel through which I experience life. My body is a glorious masterpiece of the magic that is energy. My body is the conduit through which my soul and mind experience life. I love my body and thank it every day for keeping me healthy. My body is perfect in every form.

Your reputation doesn’t matter, only what you think of yourself ||

EFT: I have gratitude for every decision I’ve ever made that has led me here. I love and appreciate who I am today. My reputation may speak to who I was in the past, but who I am now, speaks to my future. I value only the opinions of those I love and respect. My opinion of myself, here and now, is the only opinion that matters.

You don’t need to give a significant other all of you |

EFT: I always show up in the best way I can for those I love. It is safe for me to be in a relationship that feels equal in give and take. I love being in a healthy relationship that feels energetically aligned. I only give that which I want to receive. It is safe for me to keep the energy that lets me show up best for others. I love my healthy and strong relationship.

You don’t need to Rush your Career / Compare timelines |||

EFT: I am exactly where I am meant to be. It is safe for my career to develop on a timeline that best suits me. I learn from those ahead of me and my career is always evolving. I am so thankful for how my career has developed. My career has developed exactly as it was meant to. I am so excited to see changes come when they are meant for me.

Judging myself for Being Single for So long |||

EFT: I love being independent. The better I show up for myself, the better I can one day show up in a relationship. I love building my relationship with myself. The relationship that is meant for me is right around the corner. Loving independence is something most people desire and I am so happy to have it.

It’s about the journey, not the destination |

EFT: I am present in this moment. I love my life just as it is because it is always expanding. In every moment, I send gratitude to my past self for letting me arrive at this moment in my life. My journey has been beautiful and taught me lessons I am so grateful for. Each day, I live in a present moment of gratitude for all that I am and all that is happening.

You don’t need Approval from outside sources ||

EFT: I validate myself. I am so proud of the way I show up to my life every day. Each day, I send gratitude back to mistakes that I have made because they shape who I am today. I approve myself; every day I am showing up in the best way I can, for me.

I hope each of you reading this has found a comforting way to have just a bit more compassion and love for yourself. If you’re interested in working together, my coaching slots are always opening up. You can book a discovery call, or book your coaching suite directly via Universe. And I am sending each and every one of you love.

Xo,  lauren

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