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Lauren created the Articles (formally known as the blog) over three years ago. The Articles were originally developed as a space for Lauren to share her experiences and employ her voice to create a narrative that was all her own. Documenting her journey with intentional living and entrepreneurship, her dreams grew and her business expanded.

As time went on, Lauren nurtured her intentional living journey, carrying aspects of it over into every facet of her business, including the blog. She used that opportunity to create an ongoing journal of being a woman in entrepreneurship with the desire to combine intentionality under both umbrellas of life and business. The La.Rue Articles are curated with various topics, including intentional living, lifestyle development, entrepreneurship, and personal stories from Lauren. Our hope in sharing this collection of articles is to empower you with the tools, resources, and community to live an intentional life and run an intentional business.

Entrepreneurship Articles

Consistency as an entrepreneur

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There are so many factors that could qualify someone as a successful entrepreneur. Their determination, their passion, even their big idea that could revolutionize an industry. It takes a lot to become a “successful” entrepreneur. However, even the term “success” can be so subjective to the person, the industry, the work, etc. What you define […]

Community for Entrepreneurs

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You know the saying “Your network is your net worth?” In the beginning stages of my entrepreneurial journey, I fought so hard against this—mainly because I didn’t have a network. It was just me and my big idea in my little corner of the Universe. Even two years in, although I was focusing on building […]

power of community

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We’re officially in a post-Covid era and people, more than ever, are calling on their inner networks to connect. The desire to rekindle human connection is on the rise and community building is the key to achieving it. The La.Rue Community is more than just a social club; it is a catalyst for transformation and […]

Goals for 2024

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Happy New Year, my friend! It’s been so long since we chatted, I thought I’d catch you up on everything happening with La.Rue, myself, and my goals for 2024. So much has changed since the last time I wrote back in October. The La.Rue Community is launching in just a few short days on Monday, […]

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This year, I attended the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in Cleveland, OH. For three days, 5,000 attendees gathered in the Summit Hall to learned about how to become successful entrepreneurs from former listers, Forbes employees, and industry change makers. This was one of the most exciting and inspiring events I’ve ever attended in my […]

Organized business

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Every successful entrepreneur maintains an internal practice to keep (and maintain) an organized business model. And as a Virgo, you can bet your bottom dollar that my organizational methods have contributed greatly to the success and growth of La.Rue. Today on the blog, I’m sharing some of my greatest tips, tricks, and secrets to maintaining […]

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In the early stages of your entrepreneurship journey, a great way to grow your network and your client book is by creating partnerships. There are several different types of partnerships you can have with someone. One type of partnership is freelancing for someone. Essentially, this means you freelance for them and they hire you out […]

believing in your success

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There are so many ways ideas of success and confidence can get muddled or confused. The way you interpret success is likely different from your neighbor, your best friend, parents, and so on. The way we look at and identify success varies. Success means something different for everyone. Even within our own definition of success, […]

Spirituality & Intentionality

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A person’s spiritual journey is very personal. It’s a relationship we build and nurture over the course of our lives. I don’t mean exclusively religious beliefs. I’m talking about our physical connection to the Universe and how that connection pertains to our businesses. Over the course of the La.Rue blog, I’ve talked a lot about […]

know, like, trust

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The know, like, trust concept centers on how you build your relationship and credibility with your potential customer / ideal client. It’s a three-step process that happens when an ideal client finds you through an outside source, like social media. This marketing concept is based on the idea that you can build a loyal group […]

Entrepreneurs can Live Intentionally

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The life of an entrepreneur is demanding. It requires your full attention, dedication, and passion to start and grow your venture successfully. However, even with these demands, it’s possible for entrepreneurs to live intentionally. With thoughtful consideration between your personal needs and goals, balanced with the needs and goals of your business, you can build […]

Passive Income

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As an entrepreneur, generating passive income in addition to your normal source of income is a fantastic way to get your ideal client to start taking notice of you. Generally, any source of passive income is usually something you put a lot of effort into up front but then works for you on the back […]

Service or Product-Based Entrepreneur

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When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur—with your one great and unique idea, you will want to decide whether you’ll be a service or product-based entrepreneur. What are you going to sell? Both have benefits and challenges, but you need to determine if it’s a service you’re selling or a product. Typically, breaking into the […]

Charge Your Worth

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How to charge your worth is an essential conversation in the entrepreneurship space. It can feel so awkward for someone beginning their own business to try and place a numerical value on their worth. However, charging your worth and articulating why the investment is worth it is critical to running a successful business. Three things […]

Branding isn't targeting ideal client

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Your branding is the bread and butter of your business. It’s the culmination of the why, the who, and the what—why you do what you do, who you serve, and what it does for them. Branding is far more than just a pretty color palette or a cool logo. Your branding should speak to your […]

Side hustle into a full-time business

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Turning your passion project into a full-time gig isn’t easy. Like all career shifts, it requires us to pivot into a new role. Perhaps you’re formerly a student turned entrepreneur, or you’re leaving your corporate position to become your own boss. Either way, moving from the role of a side hustle into a full-time business […]

Fear of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a journey that, like most, requires a lot of faith in the uncontrollable. There is so much uncertainty and so much we leave up to faith when we become entrepreneurs. This journey requires an unbounded trust in the Universe and in yourself, a belief that everything will happen as it should when it […]

find your purpose as an entrepreneur

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Someone once told me, “Not every talent needs to be a business.” And while I think that can be true, it should never deter you from creating a business because of your unique talent; that’s why side hustle’s exist. When you have a unique talent that isn’t necessarily full-blown business ready, you start a side […]

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