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by lauren l'heureux

The articles

The La.Rue Articles are a collection of years worth of advice, thoughts, and musings gathered together to inspire women entrepreneurs to live an intentional life and build intentional businesses

Lauren created the Articles (formally known as the blog) over three years ago. The Articles were originally developed as a space for Lauren to share her experiences and employ her voice to create a narrative that was all her own. Documenting her journey with intentional living and entrepreneurship, her dreams grew and her business expanded.

As time went on, Lauren nurtured her intentional living journey, carrying aspects of it over into every facet of her business, including the blog. She used that opportunity to create an ongoing journal of being a woman in entrepreneurship with the desire to combine intentionality under both umbrellas of life and business. The La.Rue Articles are curated with various topics, including intentional living, lifestyle development, entrepreneurship, and personal stories from Lauren. Our hope in sharing this collection of articles is to empower you with the tools, resources, and community to live an intentional life and run an intentional business.

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Recent Articles on La.Rue

Healthy changes

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Since the start of this year, I’ve felt a disconnect between my mind and body connection. There’s not a particular experience or moment I can describe that caused this disconnect. I think it’s actually more simple than that. I think it’s just one of those times where I outgrew these habits, routines, and practices I […]

Wellness into a Busy Schedule

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Even as someone who’s been living intentionally and practicing this lifestyle for almost four years now, I still find it challenging to fit it into my day-to-day. In the early years, it was easier because all I was doing was focusing on intentional living. I had all the time in the world to focus on […]

Change Your Life in 2023

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There were many moments leading up to my Intentional Living journey that triggered a need for change. But it wasn’t until one day, when everything felt hopeless, that my journey to a new life began. If you want to hear that story, listen to the Pilot episode of the Do the Damn Thing Podcast. But […]

Blind Leap of Faith

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We’ve talked time and time again, both on the blog and the podcast, about following your gut, trusting in Divine Timing, all of the wonderful things that can lead us to wonderful decisions. But I feel like we’ve missed something: a blind leap of faith. You see, when we’re scared, we tend to wrap ourselves […]

Trust Your Intuition

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Our intuition is our immediate reaction or understanding to a situation or information presented to us. Our intuition isn’t necessarily a factual interpretation, but rather an emotional or physical response to a scenario unfolding; a gut instinct. So why don’t we always trust our intuition? Why do we turn to outside opinions or sources of […]

High Energy Vibrations

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Write | Inspire | Dream The low to high vibe shift can be as simple as a few easy changes in perspective. It can be the perspective of a space that actually needs changing to simply adjust your vibrational energy. OR, it can come down to some internal work we need to do to completely shift our […]

Overcome the Fear of Failure

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Write | Inspire | Dream Welcome back to part 2 of the Fear of Failure blog, breaking down the points of the “Conquering the Fear of Failure” podcasts on Do the Damn Thing. I’ve framed the fear of failure ideology under the context of the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions. We first […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream Another year around the sun. It’s been a year of growth, learning, and expansion. I think people reflect on their birthdays in one of two ways. One: We feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the day and walk into it feeling like a new year of opportunity is […]

6th stage of Grief

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Write | Inspire | Dream How do we collectively heal from a Universal Grief? We’ve all heard of the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. But, have you heard of the 6th stage of Grief? Finding meaning, the 6th stage of grief coined by David Kessler, is not something everyone will […]

Self- Compassion

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Write | Inspire | Dream Having compassion is something I don’t think many people struggle with. Having self-compassion is something I think everyone struggles with. Most people I’ve met in my life have a great capacity for having compassion and empathy for others. They can—on as deep a level they can reach—have compassion and understanding […]

Press the Reset Button

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Write | Inspire | Dream Even those who live intentionally and with great purpose for each day will reach a moment when they need to press the metaphorical reset button. Intentional Living doesn’t remove us from the negativity in the world and in our lives. It simply gives us a more supportive toolset to get […]

How to Change Your Routine

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Write | Inspire | Dream As hard as we all try to stick to our intentional routines every day, we know that life can happen. We go on vacations, get sick, things come up; we have to make adjustments so we don’t fall out of our routines completely, but we’re not pushing ourselves too hard. […]

How to Change Your Routine

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Write | Inspire | Dream In one year, my entire life has changed. Every aspect of who I was has grown into a stronger, happier, and more optimistic version of who I am today. Although I still face my challenges and hard days, my life has never felt brighter and on a more true path […]

Intentional Living

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Write | Inspire | Dream Welcome to La.Rue, the Ultimate Intentional Living & Lifestyle Blog. On the blog, you’ll find content dedicated to helping you change your life and achieve your dreams. Welcome to the Intentional Living blog, a piece of cornerstone and evergreen content to the La.Rue Brand. Today on La.Rue, I will help […]

How to Fall in Love with Self-Care

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Write | Inspire | Dream Over the last several weeks, we’ve talked about self-care, grazing into the topic on the Sunday Night Routine Blog and the 7 Ways to Reduce Stress Blog. But today on La.Rue, I want to dive deeper into Self-Care and its benefits when practiced daily. I want to talk about how […]


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Write | Inspire | Dream Self-Sabotage happens when the logical side of you is at odds with the emotional side of you. In simple terms, one side of you says you can while the other says you can’t. When we’re feeling stressed out, feeling a sense of failure, or lacking motivation, the emotional side (or […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream Through so much of my content, I’ve taught you that setting small, achievable goals is what will guide you to reaching that one BIG goal. When you set small goals and breakdown the larger goal into steps, you see the achievement as a more plausible outcome. Many of the goals […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream Having a productive and positive routine in 2021 is going to be critical to achieving success. One of the first things you read in a billionaire’s success story is the power of a positive routine and dedication to work. A successful daily routine is routed in your desire to achieve […]

October 2020: 
La.Rue Blog Launches

November 2021: Hits 1,000 Monthly Viewers

October 2022: Hits 2,000 Monthly Viewers

August 2022: Launch of the Entrepreneurship Category

January 2023: Launch of the 2023 Goal Setting Challenge

January 2024: Articles hits 20,000 Unique Visitors 

August 2023: Hits 3,000 Monthly Viewers

Behind The Articles

The Articles were the first content platform to launch at La.Rue. Lauren spent most of her time nurturing the blog and building out a wide variety of content. If you’ve followed the Blog (now Articles) for a while, you may have noticed the dramatic shift in content about a year into its inception. Like many, Lauren faced fears in launching an online forum where she would openly, honestly, and candidly share her experiences with the world. It took some time to open up and shift the content to focus on healing, mindset building, and lifestyle changes. And now, the collection of the La.Rue Articles serves as documentation of one person’s growth, and the musing she serves that aid in the growth of the masses. 

Who They Serve

The La.Rue Articles are for women on the journey to heal their mind to live a more intentional life. Lauren built La.Rue on the belief that women can “have it all.” As entrepreneurs, we’re taught that we have to give up our personal lives for our business to succeed. That we have to delicate everything we have for the potential to reach success. But, Lauren believed there was a way to have both. To live an intentional life and build an intentional and successful business. Lauren nurtured her belief in this over time, documenting her journey on intentionality every step of the way. Every single article she’s written has been for the women who do (or want to) believe in the same. The La.Rue Articles are for every women entrepreneur seeking to build an successful business while maintaining an intentional life. 

The History


the Articles

at La.Rue

Cornerstone Content on La.Rue

power of community

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We’re officially in a post-Covid era and people, more than ever, are calling on their inner networks to connect. The desire to rekindle human connection is on the rise and community building is the key to achieving it. The La.Rue Community is more than just a social club; it is a catalyst for transformation and […]

Community for Women Entrepreneurs

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The time has come (at last) to share the details of The La.Rue Community launching in January. This community for women entrepreneurs has been months in the making, with every piece of copy, programming, and offerings being thoughtfully curated and created for you. My team and I have spent countless hours brainstorming and building out […]

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What is the Challenge? The La.Rue 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge is a guide I have curated and designed to help you change your life to live intentionally and achieve your dreams. This guide is for the person struggling with direction, feeling unmotivated, stuck, or in need of some inspiring guidance. The challenge holds in-depth exercises, […]

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