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4 Ways to Set Small & Achievable Goals in Your Life + FREEBIE

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Through so much of my content, I’ve taught you that setting small, achievable goals is what will guide you to reaching that one BIG goal. When you set small goals and breakdown the larger goal into steps, you see the achievement as a more plausible outcome. Many of the goals we set take a great amount of time and change over that time. So when we don’t set smaller goals, the bigger dream can often become distorted by our “lack of achievement” because of how unaware we are of the amount of steps and time it would take to reach the larger goal. We become discouraged and often put off our dreams. We become scared by the amount of dedication and determination it often takes to achieve a dream. Today on La.Rue, I’m showing you how to set small, achievable goals that will guide you to achieving your dreams.

Today on the blog, not only am I sharing my absolute best advice on HOW to set small achievable goals in your life, but I’m also offering you this FABULOUS freebie to download. My goal with La.Rue is always to be helping or guiding you in some way. So once you’ve read through the blog and have an idea more on how to breakdown goals, set deadlines, hold yourself accountable, and achieve your dreams, immediately download and print out your FREE La.Rue Goal Setting Guide and get to work. Those goals aren’t going to achieve themselves.

Breaking Down Goals

How do you breakdown a dream? I know this may sound tedious, but this process is so important—any goal you’ve ever set for yourself, you’ve never achieved without taking steps in the middle. When you set a new goal or dream a new dream, the first thing you think out in your head is how you can get to that end result. My recommendation is to always start by breaking down the goal, which you can do on the freebie. What are the steps or smaller goals you need to achieve first before reaching that final result? Start with where you are in your life right at this moment, and create a flow chart or timeline of how you envision achieving this goal. Where do you need to start, or what do you need to change in your life to begin achieving? Break it down by time and by effort.

When you break down the goal into small steps and a detailed timeline, the overall goal becomes more achievable. Most people set their biggest goals in their personal life or their careers. Those topics are major, and they are incredibly important. Your goals and your dreams are never going to be handed to you or gifted to you. So by breaking down your goals, writing them out on paper, seeing them come to life over time, and manifesting them, you’re actively putting yourself in the mindset of achievement. We’ve talked about manifestation and the importance of mindset, so when you’re working through this process, you’ll have confidence and trust in yourself that you can achieve your dreams because you’re creating a plan of action, and you see it happening over time. You’re taking responsibility for yourself and your goals, and because of that, you will achieve your dreams.

Setting GoalsSet Deadlines & Hold Yourself Accountable

When you’re in school, or you’re at work, what’s your number one motivation to finish your work? A deadline. Someone, your boss, teacher, professor, yourself, someone gave you a date and an amount of work and asked you to not only finish that work in that amount of time but more than likely, they asked you to perform your best while doing the work. Like I’ve said before, your goals are most important to you. The number one person to hold you accountable for your potential achievement is yourself. You’re the only person who can determine how long it will take to achieve your goals. When you’re setting deadlines, you want to be confident you’ll achieve the goal because no one likes to set themselves up for disappointment, but you also don’t want to give yourself too much time to where the deadline is so far, it’s unmotivating.

In several La.Rue blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of accountability – Challenging Yourself to Achieve Your Dreams; I very similarly talked about deadlines and accountability. Today, the two subjects are relevant to your long term goals. Accountability can be difficult to maintain when it comes to long term dreams. It can be hard to find the right person to help hold you accountable or even more difficult to be the person holding yourself accountable. Life gets in the way, plans change, and things happen. What I’m going to keep reminding you of is your dream. It’s exactly that, yours. There will be people in your life who support you from beginning to end, and people who will literally want to see you fail. What you must always remember to do is stay focused and do you. Your dreams are more important than any one person or their opinion.

Follow Your Plan of Action

What is your plan? Is it detailed? Does it have a time frame you can meet? Is it achievable? Your plan of action is your guidebook to achieving your dreams. It’s the way you see yourself changing your life. Whether you’re changing your career, personal life, or physical location, it’s important to you whatever the goal. When you create an achievable plan of action, made up of small, achievable goals, you become motivated, inspired, and driven to achieve. You no longer see the goal as a far-out dream that’s impossible to reach. You see a laid out, detailed plan that will guide you to achieving a dream. Your dreams are what keep you motivated and keep you progressing through life. If you wanted to live life at a steady pace, you wouldn’t dream. So dream big, because living steady is boring.

Xo,  lauren

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