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Knowing When to Take a Blind Leap of Faith

Blind Leap of Faith

We’ve talked time and time again, both on the blog and the podcast, about following your gut, trusting in Divine Timing, all of the wonderful things that can lead us to wonderful decisions. But I feel like we’ve missed something: a blind leap of faith. You see, when we’re scared, we tend to wrap ourselves up in all the reassurance we can find. So, we lean on signs from the Universe and ask questions to try and regain control. Take the leap? Don’t take the leap? Our gut is telling us one thing, but our mind—always working overtime—is trying to keep us rational or safe. So what about a Blind Leap? Really, this topic rounds back to so many topics we’ve recently discussed. Trust and Surrendering, Intuition, etc. All of which had a sort of roundabout way of saying one thing…

To Leap or Not to Leap? Doesn’t Shakespeare always offer the best wisdom? I think what we focus on here when we think of taking a blind leap is the actual leaping; it’s the potential for change, success, failure. It’s all of this uncertainty wrapped up into one tight, anxious bow. But what I really think we should be focusing on is the blind part, not the actual leap. Because aren’t we all truly blind in the face of uncertainty?

I’ve posed this question before, but I want you to truly take a moment to contemplate this thought before reading on. What do you think life would be like if you knew everything that would happen? What if you were born knowing what dreams would come true? An omnipresent being with the gift of overcoming the unknowing.

The ‘Blind’ in Blindly Leaping

How often are we truly certain of things? We need oxygen to breathe. Gravity is keeping us grounded. The Earth is round. These are facts, things we’re absolutely certain of. Now, ask yourself how often you’re uncertain of things? Will there be traffic? Am I going to enjoy this food? What’s the wait time at the restaurant? These every day, simple questions can be answered, which gives them certainty. You begin your drive to work and there’s traffic. Or, you arrive at the restaurant, and it’s an hour wait. When you scale this to a much smaller degree, you often see you’re taking blind leaps of faith all the time. Maybe you have a feeling there will be traffic today, so you leave ten minutes early to arrive on time. Leaving early was your blind leap. The difference here is our stake in it and the result.

The Result of a blind leap

When you leave ten minutes early for work, what’s the result? Either you’re early because there wasn’t traffic, or you’re on time because there was. Neither of these scenarios necessarily hold a significant impact on your life. Neither option scares you nor takes you outside of your comfort zone. You simply took an effortless blind leap which resulted in life progressing without much change. Now turn that blind leap into one monumental step. We leave our comfort zone and we’re scared. Our stake in the result not only increases, but it has the potential to shift the trajectory of our lives.

What if taking a blind leap of faith to move across the country felt the same as taking a blind leap of faith to leave early for work? In each scenario, we have no idea what the result could be. We have no idea what could play out or what could happen that would change our life. To blindly leap means to take action, knowing the result is uncertain. The only actual difference here is how scared we are of the potential results.

Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown.

Brian tracy

Take a Blind Leap of Faith

As I’ve mentioned over these last few weeks, we’re rounding out the New Year content, and with a New Year comes fresh new energy. New Year energy brings on a wave of excitement and even the unknown. We see extra potential for things to change and our dreams to come true. So what better time to make a change, even a blind change? In the midst of making a major decision, we get stuck on two things: when to take the leap–the “right time”–and all of the possible results it may have. We all know that there is truly never a “right time” to do things. Of course, we can be more prepared to do something like wanting to buy a home and waiting until you save a bit more.

Knowing when to leap doesn’t necessarily come down to what is scary or not, feeling prepared, or even what your gut tells you. I believe we take the biggest, most profound leaps of faith when we reach a stillness in our lives. Essentially, when you live intentionally, you’re inviting change into your life. This means that when you reach a stagnant point in your life, the energy shifts to stagnation as well. Stagnant energy is—to say the least— uninspiring, unmotivating. It’s when we reach places of stillness or feeling stuck, like we’re not moving towards our goals anymore, that these leaps of faith often step in.

Stuck Versus Progress

When we’re in a place of forward progress, we don’t necessarily describe big next steps as leaps of faith. That’s because momentum is building, so these next steps feel more natural and less scary. It’s more like a one-eye open jump, rather than blindly leaping into an abyss. The time to take a blind leap of faith is when the energy around you is no longer inspiring; when the stagnation turns to feeling stuck; when you no longer feel like you’re making progress. Now is the time to leap.

I invite you to let this New Year energy inspire you. Let the promise of change flow naturally into your life rather than fearing the results that may never come true. Because you never know what may come of closing your eyes and leaping. It could be the best decision you ever make in your life.

Xo,  lauren

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