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Shifting from a ‘Low Vibe’ State to High Energy Vibrations

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High Energy Vibrations

The low to high vibe shift can be as simple as a few easy changes in perspective. It can be the perspective of a space that actually needs changing to simply adjust your vibrational energy. OR, it can come down to some internal work we need to do to completely shift our energy on our own, therefore shifting perspective. The question we usually ask ourselves is, “what in our physical realm needs adjusting?” We think of physical changes like moving locations, adjusting the placement of things in a space like our bedroom or living room—and these things work, like minimalism. They charge a new energy that create simple changes in our mindset that cause a spark of motivation or inspiration for what we lacked. But, we can also do the same “rearranging” in our minds to cause the spark. 

Low energy vibrations are pieces of source energy. They often stem from something in our lives causing a domino effect on our emotions. When we go through something stressful, we see the physical effects on our bodies through exhaustion, lack of motivation, lack of appetite, etc. We gain a sense of heaviness or density that constructs a dark cloud over the rest of our emotions. So, how do we move ourselves through those low vibrational moments to reach our high vibe, productive flow states? Put simply, we make a change. But, it’s up to you to decide at what level of change you’re making and whether it’s physical, mental, or even both.

High Energy Vibrations

There are two contexts for this conversation. One, you can reach states of expelling higher energy vibrations; or two, you can live in a high vibrational state of being. Living in a state of high vibrational energy requires great self-awareness, healing, and a deep connection to self and soul. However, we can all begin to hit states of high energy while we work to reach the latter. Remember all of those conversations we’ve had on mindset and lack mentality? Periods in our lives when we’re feeling unmotivated, stuck, or just blah? Well, those are very obviously low vibrational states. You’re likely working from a mindset of “do this to get through the day,” rather than with excitement or enthusiasm for your work. When you’re functioning in a mindset of “do this” to “reach that,” you’re not living in the present moment.

Without living presently, you can’t live in high vibrational states. When you feel yourself literally slipping into a low vibration, and therefore low energy, stop what you’re doing and immediately do something that makes you feel good. If getting your body moving feels good, go for a walk. If shutting down your mind feels good, meditate for 10 minutes. Maybe watching a funny video to make you laugh feels good, pull up Youtube. Do whatever makes you step away from your work for a moment, and reset. This activity will train your mind to recognize when you’re slipping into low energy. Once you’re trained to realize what’s happening, you’ll know that a simple 10-15 minutes of doing whatever makes you feel good will reshape that cognitive recognition into more positive action. Therefore, making you more productive, happier, and maintaining a higher energy vibration.

How Vibrational Energy Affects Everyone

In the spiritual literature that I’ve been studying and consuming over the last year, every piece has told me that your success is for the sake of the world. When we operate at a higher level of self-awareness, we recognize our behavior, success, and energy widely affects everyone and everything. We have the power to shift to new awareness. This is the concept of tapping into the Universe’s infinite potential for abundance. The notion that when I see you excel, I excel. When I heal, you heal. Now begin to carry this notion into vibrational energy. Every piece of energy we actively maintain affects the world around us. If you begin to feel upset, those around you can sense your energy.

Energies are picked up on as easily as looking at someone and knowing oxygen is flowing through their body. You cannot see the oxygen, but you are certain it is there. You can look at someone and look at the tenseness of their shoulders or the dilation of their eyes, and gauge what they are feeling. You pick up on emotion no matter how intuitive you believe yourself to be or not. You’re operating on the thought that not only does living at high energy positively affect your life and your dreams, but you are positively affecting the world. You are slightly shifting the perspective of those around you and what they perceive their energetic field to be.

Shifting Perspective

We’ve all heard the maxim, “the power of positive thinking.” A domino effect unfolds when one positive thought enters our mind, and we allow that thought to unfold into several more. But what if that were actually the case? What if you were able to take the questions of “how” and “what” away? Shift into just imagining the future you desire or thing you want and allow that energy to enter into your reality. Your energy is all about perspective. Where do you see yourself tipping the scales in your reality?

I encourage you to choose an upcoming day and shift perspective. Completely remove yourself from the possibility of a “negative outcome,” and shift your vibrational energy as high as it may possibly go. See what comes of living with the mindset “If I think positively, the most positive outcome will come about.”

Xo,  lauren

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