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How to Press the Reset Button On Your Life

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Press the Reset Button

Even those who live intentionally and with great purpose for each day will reach a moment when they need to press the metaphorical reset button. Intentional Living doesn’t remove us from the negativity in the world and in our lives. It simply gives us a more supportive toolset to get through those days and moments with more ease and comfort. This way, we make it to the other side stronger and with an even greater understanding of our purpose than before. That is the beauty of the reset button and going through life’s difficult moments. Each time, we appear on the other side, standing in the highest power we’ve ever stood in before. This is the power of Intentional Living. When we embrace life’s difficult moments and the lessons they teach us, we allow ourselves to create space within the subconscious for astounding breakthroughs.

So how do we press the reset button? Recently, on the Do the Damn Thing Podcast, I published an episode relating to this topic. The podcast was specific to pressing the reset button when you’re in a state of overwhelm. But, I was so thrilled with how that podcast turned out that I wanted to take the time to put the words on paper—or online in this case—and expand on the topic a bit. So, first, let’s talk about the narrative around our own metaphorical reset button. Pressing the reset button or looking for a fresh start are not things we should ever feel embarrassed about. There come points in our lives where we simply feel stuck, or something has happened that’s caused an emotional shift. These moments are the cause for us to say we not only need change, but we need “big change.”

5 Steps to Pressing the Reset Button in Your Life

1. What’s Your Block?: In the same way our reset button is metaphorical, we experience metaphorical mindset blocks that disrupt us from moving forward. Recently, I was experiencing my own block that I described as a literal mountain I was looking to get on the other side of. Now, my block wasn’t that I couldn’t get on the other side; it’s that I didn’t know how. I knew I had the ability, the toolset, the worthiness, I simply didn’t know how to climb the mountain. Start by asking yourself: what feelings and emotions are at the root of this desire to reset? This goes back to our conversation on subconscious breakthroughs and how we cannot manifest our dreams until we address the emotions surrounding the fear of achieving those dreams. Start by addressing your block. 
2. Be Conscious & Rooted in the Present: Pressing the reset can’t be about just getting to a future moment and future you. If we’re pressing the reset button for the sake of getting to a moment where “I’ll be happier when…”, then we’re not working to address the issues we’re facing in the now. Thus, the then we’re working towards will not provide us any relief and will only call for another reset in the future. So, when you’re in a moment of resetting, be conscious of your present moment. Find ways to insert intention into the little things you’re doing daily to keep you grounded. Pressing the reset button doesn’t mean fast-forwarding to the future you. It means introducing pause in the things that aren’t working for you in your present moment and finding ways to reset to better your present. 
3. Press the Reset: Once you’ve done the subconscious work to prepare yourself to reset, you can begin to actually hit a hard reset in your life. Based on my experience and what I’ve found working with my clients, you do in fact need to hit a hard reset. Hitting a hard reset means refocusing on your intentional life. When we get into the day-to-day of intentional living, we can get comfortable in our routine. Comfortable, in this case, usually means you’re not challenging yourself. So, when you hit a hard reset, plan to challenge yourself. Go back to the beginning of your intentional living journey and the original goals you had for yourself. Reprint all of the freebies that will assist you in challenging yourself again, or even commit to the 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge. This opportunity will serve to give you an objective outlook on where further change is needed in your life. 
4. Season of Change: Moving through this process often moves you through a season of change. You’ll experience shifts in your mindset and growth in your life. This process is performed under great work and effort by your own cause and desire for change. We’ve talked a lot about the process of change and the belief that change itself is the one constant in our life. Pressing the reset will often bring you to a space of great change and it’s up to you how prepared you are for that change. This is where we can continue the mindset work on subconscious breakthroughs in manifesting. If you listened to the Podcast on this topic (if not, I HIGHLY recommend you do) I discuss the importance of sitting in the uncomfortable emotions. If change is an uncomfortable feeling, sit in that knowledge. 
5. Strive to Stay in Touch with Your Emotions: Remember, each time you step through this process, you’re meeting a higher, more powerful version of yourself on the other side. To press the reset button means you’re in touch with deeper emotions that acknowledge you’re not happy in the “now.” Meaning, you like to make changes to re-root yourself in the present. We should always strive for this level of self-awareness. When we repress strong emotions, specifically emotions we associate a negative connotation with like anger, jealousy, regret, resentment, etc,. they tend to get stronger the longer we don’t address them. The more often we do this, the more often we’ll need to reset. Instead, look to yourself and the relationship you’ve fostered with your emotions to address them when you feel one bubbling up to the surface. This will afford you the space for the self-love and compassion we should all have for ourselves. 

Xo,  lauren

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