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How I’m Shocking My Mind & Body Into Healthy Changes

Healthy changes

Since the start of this year, I’ve felt a disconnect between my mind and body connection. There’s not a particular experience or moment I can describe that caused this disconnect. I think it’s actually more simple than that. I think it’s just one of those times where I outgrew these habits, routines, and practices I had set in place for myself. One morning, I sat down to journal and realized my morning routine felt like a chore, not something that was inspiring. I felt sad realizing that something I worked so hard to create was now out of alignment. But, I also felt a sense of excitement in noticing that my life was evolving. I had experienced so much growth in the last year that it was time to implement some new healthy changes. This meant sitting down, evaluating what was no longer working, and figuring out a new normal.

What’s wonderful about this realization is how aligned it is with the most basic definition of Intentional Living. Living intentionally means being able to adjust when life signals to you that something is out of alignment. Think of it as needing to go to the chiropractor. When your back feels disjointed, you visit the doctor, they make some adjustments, and wham bam, you’re good as new. Intentional living is the same. Things are working smoothly, but as time goes on, you out grow certain aspects that were once working, and it’s time for adjustments. A phase of adjustments may seem daunting; but in fact, healthy changes to your intentional life means you’ve unlocked a new level of potential and it’s time to adjust your life to reach that potential.

Unlocking Success with Healthy Changes

I think the discomfort I’ve been feeling since the beginning of the year has been triggered by the opening of new potential in both my personal and professional life. It took a little while for me to see that this discomfort was signaling to my mind and body that it was time for some changes. I was starting to notice that disconnect I mentioned previously between my mind and body. And once I started feeling disassociated with my own body, I knew it was time to make some changes. To do this, I started with an environmental scan followed by a full body scan to see what was in need of the changes.

Perform an Environmental Scan

Start with the outside and work your way in. We’re a lot more emotionally detached to our physical body than we are to our mind. Take some time to scan your body and your external environment. What needs changing? This could be anything: how your home is set up, the physical exercise you get, the food you’re eating, the pain in your back you haven’t addressed. The scan itself isn’t difficult, you can do this through meditation, journaling, whatever outlet feels aligned to you. Personally, the way I connect most deeply with my subconscious to understand what needs changing is through journaling. When I began journaling about the discomfort I was experiencing, it took me several sessions to see that I needed a scan.

Once I noticed that more than one thing needed changing, it was easy for me to journal and see what things no longer felt aligned. I needed to make changes to my space, some of my relationships, and to my workout routine. A deep discomfort I had been feeling for a while now was my disconnect with going to the gym. Even though it worked for me for so long, something about it wasn’t calling to me anymore. Instead of the excitement I once felt for for the release of endorphins I got from working out, I now just felt dread. I knew that didn’t mean I wanted to stop working out altogether. I simply needed a new outlet. Today was my first day pivoting and I attended my first pilates class. It refueled me, and I left knowing this was the new normal.

Perform a Full Body Scan

Once I took notice of what needed to change externally, I felt inspired to address the internal. A full body scan of addressing your thoughts and emotions can feel more daunting. Some people aren’t as familiar with their emotions, meaning you may not know how to identify certain things. Or, you may be someone who incorrectly identifies an emotion with blame. Instead of acknowledging discomfort, you blame yourself for being what’s “wrong” instead of addressing the root cause. If this sounds familiar, I encourage you to take this step with even more compassion towards yourself. When I performed my internal scan, I notice parts of my mind lighting up like they would on an MRI. Bright neons signs of FEAR, INSECURITY, and HEALING popped up.

I knew right away the healthy change I needed to make here was my mindset around change and success itself. I feared the changes coming up in my life because they meant greater potential for success. What did I do? I turned to those I knew who could help me and hold me accountable to the changes I needed to make: coaches. I feel like all of the entrepreneurs I talk to have stories that start with “I hired a coach.” Hiring and working with the right coach could truly be the key to unlocking your infinite potential for success. I already knew this having worked with more than 5 coaches in the last 4 years. Since doing so, I’ve noticed massive shifts in my mindset around fear, insecurity, and healing.

Change Translates To Potential

When we try to deny changes from taking place, we’re keeping ourselves complacent. By allowing changes to take place, we’re unlocking space for an entirely new level of potential to enter into our lives. When you’re feeling stuck, address it with the mindset around “healthy changes.” Ask yourself, “how can these changes unlock your potential for success?”

Xo,  lauren

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