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How I Connect My Spirituality & Intentionality To My Business

Spirituality & Intentionality

A person’s spiritual journey is very personal. It’s a relationship we build and nurture over the course of our lives. I don’t mean exclusively religious beliefs. I’m talking about our physical connection to the Universe and how that connection pertains to our businesses. Over the course of the La.Rue blog, I’ve talked a lot about my personal intentional living journey and how it’s shaped my life and my mindset. I’ve also shared a lot about my spiritual journey and how connecting with spirituality has changed the shape and structure of my business. I’ve received a lot of questions from fellow entrepreneurs about how I allow these aspects of my life to affect my business. So today, I wanted to hit a more personal note about how I connect my spirituality and intentionality to my business.

When I began transforming my life over three years ago (go listen the the very first podcast episode to hear that story)— that’s when I also began connecting to the Universe. During the time I started EFT Tapping, life coaching, and therapy, is when I started to discover the divine connection each one of us shares with the Universe. I started taking note of all of the places the Universe was offering support, connection, resources, and answers. And over the course of the last several years, I’ve nurtured that connection and fostered a deep desire to continue learning about spirituality—about healing, EFT, and discovering new ways to connect. Now, I relate my connection not just to my personal life, but to my business as well.

Connecting Spirituality & Intentionality

Spirituality and intentionality go hand and hand. Both terms can mean something different for everyone. But the journey of them both are interconnected throughout our lives. They both are realms of our lives in which we go to reflect, to heal, and to grow. They are where we foster our dreams, inspiration, drive, and passions. Which is why it was so easy for me to integrate these parts of my life into my business, and now why La.Rue holds strict values of spirituality and intentionality in our missions. If ‘we’ strive to create a space for female entrepreneurs to thrive in both business and life, that must be a practice I’m honing myself. The difference between the two is simple. Spirituality is our divine connection to a higher power, or omnipresent point of view. Intentionality is how/where we foster those beliefs in our 3D reality.

Connecting the Spiritual

Connecting the spiritual element of my life to my business is where I practice patience and confidence. Nurturing my spirituality in my business has come in the form of helping me “release the how” and trust the overall process more. When I was a starter entrepreneur, every time I heard a new word or something I didn’t know about, I thought I HAD to be doing it. I thought I had to be doing everything at 100% cylinders in order for my business to be successful. I thought I had to be on every social platform, doing everything possible. Every time I would hear a new term on a podcast I was listening to or another blog I was reading, I told myself my business won’t be successful unless I’m doing everything. Connecting my spirituality to my business helped me to release that belief.

As I began connecting with myself and my business more deeply, I realized I only needed to be doing the things that felt good to me and for La.Rue. I no longer need to focus a little bit of attention on one hundred things, but focusing a lot of my attention on ten very important things. Connecting with my spirituality meant releasing the fears of “what if” or “what about this,” and just trusting my gut instincts on what felt right. I started believing in the power of manifesting the right clients and stopped pitching myself as someone for everyone. My spirituality came in and calmed me; it taught me how to let go of the fears and trust that what I’m doing is right for me and for La.Rue.

Connecting the Intentional

Living intentionally is an integral piece to both my life and my business. Even the word intentionality exists in everything that I do and create. I’m intentional in writing this blog, in creating new content, creating new offerings, with my clients, and with everything else that I do. Being intentional doesn’t require any additional work, it simply requires being present in your thoughts and in your actions. We add the standards ourselves to what we personally find to be intentional. For me, that means adding non-negotiable practices to my business and to my life; like habits, routines, etc.

Being intentional in and with my business has meant making sure I’m doing what feels good to me, to my clients, and to anyone who visits La.Rue. About a year into the business is when I decided I wasn’t going to be doing what everyone else was doing. I wasn’t going to hop on every trend for the sake of it; only the trends that felt right to La.Rue. Being intentional with your business—like spirituality—also means following your instincts and listening to your intuition.

How you can start to connect spirituality and intentionality to your business

This is far easier than you may think. It doesn’t require any additional work, or organizing. It simply means being more mindful and present to your thoughts and actions. Ask yourself probing questions like “Do I need to do this for my business?” Or “Does this feel right for the growth of my business?” Ask yourself why you’re doing certain things or perhaps why certain things aren’t working for your business. Being intentional with your thoughts and actions only serves to better your life and your mindset, so why not integrate that into your business?

Xo,  lauren

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