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Finding Your Unique Purpose as an Entrepreneur

find your purpose as an entrepreneur

Someone once told me, “Not every talent needs to be a business.” And while I think that can be true, it should never deter you from creating a business because of your unique talent; that’s why side hustle’s exist. When you have a unique talent that isn’t necessarily full-blown business ready, you start a side hustle. There are so many platforms that exist nowadays that make selling your side hustle product easy: Etsy, Shopify, etc. But, what if, you’ve got something ready for that BIG business? What if you want more than a side hustle gig? You have to identify your unique talent, identify the market, and create a plan to find your purpose as an entrepreneur. It all starts with your one great idea. But sometimes, we can’t always see that purpose or that calling in ourselves.

Being an entrepreneur is far more than having that single good idea. It’s about having the drive to succeed and the confidence to know you can do so. It’s about having a vision for the future and wanting to share that with the world. Many people go into entrepreneurship because of its “attractive qualities:” work for yourself, no set reporting hours, usually work from home, and most importantly, you get to do something you love. Many people also stray from entrepreneurship because of its least attractive quality: the question of security. But entrepreneurship is about so much more than that—it’s about creating something/ offering something that will make (even the smallest) difference in the world. If you know you want to become an entrepreneur, but you’re having trouble finding that unique purpose, then this is for you. We start with the big picture and work our way in.

How do I See My Purpose?

This journey will be different for everyone, of course. We all have different talents, different levels of ambition, and different goals. And even still, anyone can be an entrepreneur—the mission for finding your purpose as an entrepreneur, like all that we discuss at La.Rue, starts with intentionality. Have you ever thought about your purpose here on this earth? What your soul contract might say? Many people may believe that our purpose here has nothing to do with our career paths. In fact, a lot of people believe jobs are simply a means to an end; that you don’t have to love what you do. You show up every day at work to make money and have insurance so that you can enjoy your life outside of work.

But what if your purpose and career could co-mingle? What if you can have it all? The manifestation conversation and law of attraction argue that we can. We don’t have to give up one to succeed in another. As long as we’re open to the journey, we can discover our purpose here while living a beautiful life. To find your purpose as an entrepreneur, you need to leverage what inspires you into a business idea. Ask yourself what feels like your calling. What do you perhaps see potential in that many other people don’t? At least until you show them why something has potential. From a business standpoint, becoming an entrepreneur is all about positioning yourself in a competitive market with a unique offer. From an intentionality standpoint, it’s about passion and fulfillment.

Bring the Past to the Present

As much as we’d like to have all of the answers, we don’t. And that feels especially difficult when we want something but don’t know how to get there. Filling in those blanks can seem impossible. So many of my coaching clients come to me wondering how they can “plan their life” when there is so much uncertainty. The philosophy of intentionality abides by the belief that uncertainty plays a critical role in our joy and experience; which is true for the entrepreneurship journey as well. Despite the journey feeling uncertain, your purpose doesn’t have to. To find your unique purpose as an entrepreneur, you need to go back to your childhood; what were their goals? What were your dreams that never seemed impossible? What felt fun and exciting to you?

This can be as specific or non-specific as you’d like. It’s not about identifying a “new role,” per se; it’s more about which direction you’d like to move. Entrepreneurship is built on passion. All over social media, we see people who have leveraged their love of something into a business. Dog lovers/parents become influencers because of their love for their pets. Makeup artists create viral videos to become full-time entrepreneurs. If social media has taught us anything over the last few years, it’s that you can leverage any talent or passion into a career. To find your purpose as an entrepreneur first starts with finding your Joy.

You can have it all

Every time I write a new post, I do a little research beforehand to see what’s already been written on the topic. When I did a google search on “finding your purpose as an entrepreneur,” a Forbes article popped up. The woman who wrote the article titled one of her sub-sections, “you can’t have it all.” She talks about being “realistic” about how we spend our time. We’re all in a position where we likely wear many hats. And even still, we can have it all. The Law of Attraction and fundamental principle of intentional living argue that we don’t have to give up one thing to have another. Meaning we can have it all.

As you identify your passion and discover your purpose on your road to entrepreneurship, I encourage you to combine business practice with intentionality. Don’t let the common scarcity mindset of becoming an entrepreneur intimidate you. It doesn’t have to be impossible, and you don’t have to “break your back” to get there. All you need is a combination of excitement, passion, drive, and confidence around one very good, very unique idea.

Xo,  lauren

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