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Consistency is the Key to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Consistency as an entrepreneur

There are so many factors that could qualify someone as a successful entrepreneur. Their determination, their passion, even their big idea that could revolutionize an industry. It takes a lot to become a “successful” entrepreneur. However, even the term “success” can be so subjective to the person, the industry, the work, etc. What you define as success is likely different to someone else. Some people measure success very analytically using the left side of the brain. What are their numbers, gross income, sales, etc.? Other people may define success more internally. Waking up in the morning excited for your job, finding purpose in what you do. Those people are using the right side of their brain to determine success, and the numerical success is acknowledged as the secondary. However, with either measurement, there are many commonalities that allow someone to reach success. Consistency as an entrepreneur is one of them.

As entrepreneurs, we’re obligated to wear many hats. When you’re first starting out, you’re the CEO, HR department, head of sales, marketing, product development, socials, etc. The list quite literally never ends. But in wearing all of those hats, there are a few key factors that prompt growth: determination, passion, and execution. All of which would not be successful on their own without consistency. In the early stages of launching a business, this might feel the hardest. The moments in which we experience failure, setbacks, and disappointment make it feel impossible to stay consistent. But consistency as an entrepreneur is the key to success. So how do we stay consistent among the failure and fear? An intentional and balanced left/right brain approach has been the key to my own success.

How to Have Consistency as an Entrepreneur

There are three key factors that I have been consistent in over the last three and a half years that have played a role in my success. One: dedication to both internal and external circumstances. Two: the work I’ve done personally to heal my fears around success and failure. And three: my ability to pivot. Being able to be consistent in these three areas has contributed to my overall success. But the consistency also contributed to my ability to be intentional and thoughtful as an entrepreneur, valuing my brand mission above all.


Dedication and consistency go hand and hand. But it’s not enough to be dedicated to the growth- you have to be dedicated to your mission. It can be easy to get a taste of success and in the dedication to growth, you forget what the overall mission of your company is. It’s not enough to be dedicated to the growth, because if your approach to growth is out of alignment with your overall mission, the success may be short-lived or turn out not to be what you expected. Dedication to your overall brand mission means being dedicated to every outlet you portray that in. It means being dedicated to everything you do on a day to day basis that keeps your business growing and running. Remember, you’re the CEO with all of the hats, meaning you need to have strong dedication to every single one that you’re wearing.

Personal Consistency

Remember, this isn’t just another blog from a startup or entrepreneur outlet. Here at La.Rue, we value intentionality above all. Meaning success on the outside is always first achieved on the inside. Which is why consistency around your own personal development, healing, and mindset work are just as (if not more) valuable as the external work you’re doing on your business. In my own experience as an entrepreneur, I’ve found that when I’m most consistent on the work I’m doing myself, I’m experiencing the most success in my business. When I hired my first business coach, I made that investment in myself for the sake of my long-term success. Personal consistency is key to overcoming our personal fears around success and failure. Without doing the internal work, you may not experience the external success that you desire.


The moment we find something that works for us, we feel a sense of relief. We become comfortable, even complacent, in the action. But we live in a world in which things are always changing. There is always a new piece of tech being launched, new products, new social platforms, each of which could benefit the overall growth of a business. This is where I’ve found the most difficulty in staying consistent, but perhaps where it’s needed most. Being willing to pivot beyond your internal normal can feel scary as an entrepreneur. It almost always requires learning something new that takes you beyond your comfort zone. But maintaining an ability to pivot is a key factor in being a successful entrepreneur. How can you utilize the newest advances in your industry to aid your success?

Adjust Your Approach

However you define success (left brain or right brain), these three factors are key to achieving it. The approach albeit may be different, but the results are the same. If you’re struggling with consistency in one or all of these areas, it’s time to change your approach. How can you approach your determination for success in a different way? If you’re someone focused on the end goal, I’d suggest approaching success from more of a day-to-day perspective. How can you be more determined in your individual actions, rather than your overall approach? If you’re someone who’s finding success professionally but lacking in personal success, it’s time to make some internal adjustments. How can you offload a hat or two so you have more time for yourself?

The key to being successful with consistency as an entrepreneur is figuring out what works for you. Find your zones of consistency in these areas and stick with it. A time will come when it’s time to pivot and make some adjustments. Don’t resist the change; embrace it. Your success with consistency comes from allowing what’s constant to change.

Xo,  lauren

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