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2022 Vision Board: A Unique Approach to Causation Manifestation

A New Year begins in just one week. People are stepping into January 1st with bigger goals, bigger dreams, and bigger expectations. 2022 isn’t just a new year. 2022 is—what feels like—a new beginning for all. We’re out of the swell of a global pandemic; now more than ever, people are not only chasing big dreams, but finally BELIEVING they can achieve them, which is more than true. We no longer have to settle for the ‘mundane’ or ‘average’ life. Whatever your dreams are, you can achieve them; all we need is a little bit of vision and a lot of action. So, today or over the next week, as you begin creating and designing your 2022 vision board, I invite you—even require you—to dream even bigger than you thought possible.

Think of your one BIG DREAM and see how you can magnify that times ten. Even if the dream seems impossible or unreachable, make it amazing. Because at La.Rue, we don’t just dream to think it. We dream to achieve it.

Remember: it’s the YEAR 2022, Not just a Month

That one BIG DREAM is going to be the center focus for your vision board. But, the thing about vision boards is we often remember them for the first month or two of the year, then they sort of fade away into memories as we lose the “New Year” momentum. So, today, I’m going to walk you through a Causation Manifestation (a new term I coined) that will drive that momentum throughout the entire year, continuing to pull inspiration and motivation from your 2022 vision board. Because, what is so special about January 1st anyway? Why can’t we make every day a January 1st? Why can’t we make every day have that same energy, excitement, even wonderment of the endless possibilities that a new year brings? I say, we can!

2022 Vision Board | Domino Manifesting

Reaching one manifestation often has direct causation to achieve another. Many of our manifestations are related to one another. For example, “I want to make X amount of dollars to buy this X price house.” In order to buy the house, we need the first manifestation to come true. Reaching one big dream has the potential to domino into achieving potentially everything on your vision board. So, this year, our vision board(s) are going to do something just a little bit different. Remember earlier when I asked you to think of that one big dream? Here’s what we’re going to do. Grab a sheet of paper and write that big dream at the top. Once you’ve got it, write out numbers one through ten, one starting at the bottom of the page, counting upwards. Leave space in between each number to draw an arrow rising towards the next.

Once you’ve got your mapping for you vision board, you’re going to start filling in the blanks. You’ve got one BIG DREAM that is going to require a lot of in-between steps. Start breaking down that goal. For example, someone has the BIG DREAM of buying a five-hundred thousand dollar home. Let’s say they’re in sales and know that to get approved for the loan, they need to make X amount more dollars before they can easily and effortlessly, comfortably and confidently purchase that home. Their causation manifestation might look something like this:

Causation Manifestation

(10) Buy $500,000 Home in X City. (9) Get Approved for X Loan. (8) Make X amount of money in 2022. (7) Save X amount of dollars to easily pay down payment for new home in 2022. (6) Sign X number of new clients to raise yearly income in 2022. (5) Set up X amount of potential new client meetings. (4) Ask X at company to mentor me for the year 2022. (3) Enroll in Online Sales Course to feel more confident pitching to new clients in 2022. (2) Maintain daily habits and routines to build a strong foundation in my day. (1) Sign up for 1:1 coaching to shift my mindset and gear me toward an amazing 2022.

As you can see, each manifestation has a direct causation for yielding the result of the following goal. This is similar to the domino effect we’ve talked about with habits. Implementing just one strong, positive impact habit into your day can lead, or domino into, an entirely new way of life.

Creating your vision board this way (or even multiple vision boards) creates a pathway for results. You always understand what the next step is to achieving that big goal. Instead of wondering what you should do next, you see a path of least resistance laid out in front for you, getting you from 1 to 10. When we set big goals and don’t put in as much thought to the journey it takes to get there, that big dream can often become overwhelming or impossible to achieve because we don’t know how to take the proper next step. We simply think we can go from 1 to 10, without creating the pathway in between.

Pathway to Success

Our brains often needs things laid out that are easy to understand. Our subconscious is always working to keep us safe. So when we write on our vision board “Buy half a million dollar home” without much thought on how to get there, our subconscious doesn’t correlate that causation pathway. Instead, it thinks we’re making one giant (potentially unsafe) leap, so we don’t achieve that big goal. Instead, we should be making smaller manifestations within one large goal. This way, we see the success and progress happening as we move forward, and our subconscious grows with the progress, seeing the final result as safer and simpler to achieve.

I encourage you to get specific with your 2022 vision board. If you’ve got a couple really big dreams and one doesn’t fit inside the other, then make boards for each. Create the pathway and envision it unfolding as the year goes on. This way, the energy of the New Year is carried throughout your success, and each time a step is achieved on your pathway to success, you see the potential for new opportunities continue.

Vision Boarding

Once you’ve got your Causation Manifestation plan vision for 2022, then you can go ahead and create that beautiful, picturesque vision board to hang up in your room. This is where you can go in with the traditional vision board techniques. Add photos for inspiration, strong quotes as reminders, and fun add-ons that fit into your big dream!

As I always have, I’ll continue to provide you with the tools you need to take action and accomplish any BIG DREAM. Be it through blog content, the Do the Damn Thing Podcast, the Intentional Living Course, or 1:1 Coaching, this year is YOUR year, and you’re going to crush it. At the beginning of 2021, I published a How to on creating your Vision Board. I encourage you to browse through that post for the best ways to design a board that holds meaning and offers alignment with your goals.

Xo,  lauren

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