The La.Rue Community

A women's only social club that is revolutionizing the way we intersect business and life. The first of its kind, The La.Rue Community is a private members club centered on empowering women with support, connection, and education in their life and business. 

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May Programming


Lifestyle Brainstorming Session: Shifting Your Energy From Depletion to Attraction


Intentional Living Workshop: Establish Your Baseline: Nervous System Regulation Techniques 

Entrepreneurship Brainstorming Session: Why Am I Stuck? Feeling Worthy of Professional Growth

Goal Setting Session: Wellness and Worthiness: Setting Body & Fitness Goals with Sam Toscano


Tapping Session: Spring Forward: Tapping Away Your Worthiness Wounds

Entrepreneurship Workshop: Your Business is Worthy of Being Seen: Growing Your Social Presence

Free Marketing Resource & Intentional Living Challenge for New Members

Each month, The La.Rue Community hosts six live sessions ranging over the four tiers of our community. Each tier offers robust programming that's insightful and relevant to our mission of empowering our members to build intentional lives and careers. We host two brainstorming sessions each month that round-table, community led discussions. The four other sessions we host each month are workshop formatted to educate our members with critical tools and resources they need to foster positive mindsets, build intentional habits, and create thriving businesses. 

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Tier zero


Join The La.Rue Community in our Expansion Tier. Our base level tier connects ambitious women with a deep sense of community. In Expansion, you'll gain access to the community feed and network, fostering valued connections, insightful conversations, and engaging support. Think of the Expansion Tier as your opportunity to "dip your toe in" to our invaluable resources, connecting you to inspiring and like-minded women. Join the Expansion today and embark on a transformative journey of growth, connection, and empowerment and become part of a thriving community of ambitious women who are ready to uplift and inspire each other.

Please Note: This tier includes access to the Community Feed and Network. This tier does not include access our Brand Partners or our monthly programming. 


Tier one


Begin your intentional living journey by diving into the entrepreneurial lifestyle in our Breakthrough Community! Our entry level tier is for budding women entrepreneurs seeking the tools to build out an intentional lifestyle to support their business. You’ll surround yourself with like-minded people and learn the steps to changing your life and your business through critical mindset shifts and lifestyle changes. The Breakthrough tier is the perfect place to infuse your business with intentionality and balance.

You’ll learn about ways to do this through our monthly challenges, brainstorming sessions, and plethora of resources within Breakthrough. You’ll be able to connect with other members via the chat, join our monthly 7-day lifestyle challenges, our monthly entrepreneurship challenges, and attend a live brainstorming session with other Breakthrough members to help each other “break through” (wink wink) any challenges or limiting beliefs you’re currently facing. Every three months, you’ll be entered into our quarterly giveaways and receive 5% off of every La.Rue product or service. 

$7.77 monthly

Tier two


Empower your intentional life in Mastermind! This tier includes everything from Breakthrough, but expands your toolbox even more with THREE 60 minute workshops/sessions. These workshops include one monthly intentional living workshop on topics such as overcoming imposter syndrome or shifting your mindset, one additional brainstorming session centered around entrepreneurship, and one goal setting session that will be held at the beginning of each month. Guest speakers and experts will be brought in every so often to take the lead on some of the workshops and sessions offered each month. 

Mastermind also includes a central hub with additional offerings and content geared towards entrepreneurs ready for their next uplevel in life and/or business. Mastermind will be your network of support to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm offerings, and expand your business to new heights. The additional offerings in Mastermind are meant to support entrepreneurs at any stage and give them a community of individuals to share the journey with. 

$33.33 monthly

Tier three


Celebrate your intentional life and amplify your dreams in VISIONARY! Drawing on our most robust programming, Visionaries gather here to hone their craft and break through boundaries to live out their dream life and build out their dream business. Here, you’ll channel your innermost blocks and leap forward with more confidence, ease, and intentionality than ever before.

The Visionary tier includes all of Breakthrough and Mastermind, PLUS a 90 minute entrepreneurship workshop covering topics like building a brand and driving passive income, an entry into a monthly self-help book giveaway, and a 60 minute group EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping session. You’ll receive 10% off of every La.Rue product or service. Upon joining, all Visionary members will receive a free copy of La.Rue’s 30-day Intentional Living Challenge and your choice of a free La.Rue marketing template to help grow your business. 

The Visionary tier is the place for those who have done the work in intentional living, spirituality, and personal growth and are ready to take it to the next level. You’ll be given the resources and collective space to hone your entrepreneurial skills, make meaningful connections, and reflect on your goals, dreams, and desires to ultimately create the life you want to live. Visionary is for those ready to commit to this next uplevel in their journey, wherever that journey may lead. 

$77.77 monthly

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

The La.Rue Community maintains a firm and steadfast dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our Community is a safe space for all women and we welcome anyone who identifies with she/her or they/them, as well as all trans women. 

We are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment for all women and all races. As the La.Rue Community grows, we will proudly share our growing DEI numbers to ensure that every member feels safe, heard, and supported on their journey here at The La.Rue Community.