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2021 Vision Board


As La.Rue continues to grow, I’ll begin diving deeper into subcategories of Intentional Living, like manifesting. Vision Boards are often used as manifestation techniques to show the universe the life you envision for yourself. It’s a creative way to “put out there,” all you want to accomplish and happen in your life. I absolutely love creating a dream or vision board at the end of each year to manifest what I’d like to do in the coming year. Since 2020 was such a rough year, I thought many of you would enjoy a walkthrough of how I create my vision board and what I think about when I’m manifesting these dreams. I think Vision boards are a fantastic way of reminding yourself of what you’re working towards. Sometimes failure happens, so we need a reminder of what the bigger picture is we’re working towards.

When you’re creating your vision board for 2021, think of all you’d like to achieve in your life. Do you want to improve in certain areas or maybe goals for several different aspects of your life? Remember in the blog, A Guide to Writing Achievable New Year’s Resolutions,  I discuss the importance of setting goals and THEN creating actionable responsibility for those goals? Well, a vision board is a great way to create accountability in your life. Your vision board will be reinforcement to reach your goals and work hard.

5 Steps to Creating your 2021 Vision Board


2021 New Years Resolutions 2021 New Years Resolutions


1. Choose 8-10 Manifestations or Goals: You have 365 Days to make these manifestations, goals, and visions your reality, so don’t overwhelm yourself with too much. You can put huge goals on there like signing a lease to a new apartment, or something small, like a photo of something you want. Over time, as you achieve these goals, you can replace them with new ones or wait until the start of the following New Year. Some people like to have a rotating vision board to always work on new goals with older goals.

2. Be Specific: Manifestations become a reality through specificity. The more specific you get, the more you understand what you want to achieve. Instead of writing, “sign a lease,” make your board as specific and as inspiring as possible. Print out pictures of the city you want to live in, a dream apartment, your estimated rent. All of these qualities you put out there tell the universe of what you desire and remind you of what you’re working towards.

3. Write & Use Images: When we describe our futures, we use visualizations to point out the picture-perfect life. The same goes for vision boards. The very simple, two-step process creates a clear and concise vision for yourself. For every goal, write your vision, starting every sentence with “I will,” always using the present tense. Once you’ve got the goal clearly written, accompany it with images that manifest the dream.

4. Use strong Vocabulary: Not only does every dream need to be written in the present tense (like you’ve already achieved it), but use empowering words to remind yourself of your ability to achieve these dreams. Instead of writing, I want to sign a lease. Write, I will sign a lease to a stunning apartment in New York City. This will help to remind you of the determination you have to achieve your goals. If you feel like you’re stuck or maybe this goal is suddenly out of your grasp, it will remind you why you wrote that goal in the first place.

5. Hang it up: Once completed, your vision board should hang in a place where you can see it every day. By seeing these manifestations daily, you’re constantly reminded of what you want and actively putting into the universe. Your vision board is an image of your future. It’s the version of you that you most aspire to live. So, it’s incredibly important to see this vision every day.

Vision Boards & New Years Resolutions 

It’s January 7th, so I’m hoping most of you have already written your resolutions for the new year. Using the La.Rue New Years Resolutions Guide and the blog, A Guide to Writing Achievable New Year’s Resolutions, you were able to write out your resolutions clearly and with a defined plan of action. Your vision board should absolutely be a reflection of your resolutions. Now, Vision boards are very different from resolutions. Resolutions are things you’d like to change about yourself, whereas vision boards are manifestations and future goals. They certainly can line up, and it’s great if some of them are the same. But, I’ll give you a few examples of similarities and differences between vision boards versus resolutions.

Your New Year’s Resolutions list might consist of goals that are meant for the present you. For example, save money, lose weight, travel more, let’s say these are your resolutions. Now, maybe on your vision board, you put, sign a lease, meet someone, travel more. To compare, signing a lease has a lot to do with saving money because you need a deposit to secure a new place, so the two certainly line up. But you see what I mean about your present goal, “save money” being for your future self “sign a lease?” However, on both can be travel more. Maybe you didn’t use all your vacation days, and you really want to go somewhere new.

What’s your Vision for 2021?

Sometimes the resolutions and visions can line up. But, when you’re creating your vision board for 2021, I want you to take your resolutions and actively think about how you could turn them into manifestations for your future. By doing this, you’re creating an Intentional Life for yourself. One in which you’re aware of the decisions you’re making, the goals you’re working towards, and the future you desire. Create your vision boards after you’ve created your list of resolutions, and then use the hashtag #laruevison and upload yours to Instagram so I can see your vision for 2021!





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