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How to Trust in the Universe by Surrendering all Questions

Trust in the Universe

Have you ever asked yourself what happens if you stop asking the questions of “how” and “why” and simply believe? What bad thing happens if you believe in yourself and allow the Universe to clarify those (often minor) details? Connection with the Universe and its power implies an unbounded trust. To have this relationship, we cannot believe sometimes and ask questions when we face doubt. People talk about having blind faith–we have faith in doctors to save our lives, we have faith in pilots to land us safely to our destination–so why can’t we carry that blind faith with us all the time?

Most people would respond to that question with a blanket answer, “It’s not the same.” But what if it actually is the same? The only real difference in these scenarios is control. When we lay down on an operating table or board a plane, we have no true control of the outcome. But, when it comes to our lives, dreams, and destiny, we believe we maintain control.

So, what bad thing happens when we relinquish that control? What if we decided to continue working hard, taking the right steps towards fulfillment, and simply held faith? There is a saying in this well-talked about spiritual lesson, “When you release and let go, your dreams flow into your life with effortless ease.” The singular difference here is we desire—or, rather, demand—control of our lives and our future. So instead of releasing and letting go, we grab hold and only tighten our grip as it seems our dreams move further away from our destination.

Looking to the Future Means You Miss the Present

Fulfilling our dreams–greater abundance, a new home, a better job–means we’re consciously directing our attention to what the future may bring. This means that while we’re in a constant state of longing for things that may potentially never come, we’re pulling ourselves out of our present moment. The conscious effort to do this tells us we’re lacking in something right now, meaning we cannot feel fulfilled. And if we’re not feeling fulfilled now, what makes us believe that simply because one thing in our lives changes, we’ll feel fulfilled then? When the things we desire for ourselves come into our lives, to truly feel fulfilled, exist in happiness, and live in bliss, we must first seek those emotions in our present moment.

Ask yourself how you can feel fulfilled now? How can you illuminate the happiness, joy, and love you feel in your life now to expand those feelings later? This practice of self-awareness may lie deep within, through walls of resistance we’ve built to avoid self-reflection. We often don’t like to admit where we’re feeling unhappy or unfulfilled because it can imply a sense of failure. But when we shift the narrative around those situations and add happiness to the equation, things begin to shift around you. This is the process of true manifestation.

Trust in the Universe to Manifest

It’s often when we feel the most helpless that we surrender to the trust. Usually, we face this epiphany when we can no longer find the faith to achieve within ourselves, so we throw our hands up and say, “if it’s meant to be, it will be.” We don’t realize that it doesn’t have to take getting to this moment of helplessness to surrender. The power of the Universe exists at all times, not simply because we’ve decided that blind faith is now our only option. So, instead of asking, “when will my dreams come true?” or “how is this going to come into my life?” we should be asking, “How can I surrender my faith to the Universe?” When we blindly trust, manifestations come into our life with ease.

Asking this question is a catalyst for change and self-reflection. It requires us to evaluate how our actions are serving our dreams, and where we can make changes. To push us to insert more love and fulfillment into the here and now, rather than focusing on the latter. Here, we exist in this state of “effortless ease,” because we’ve surrendered all that we truly cannot control.

blind faith

If a man buys lottery tickets every day for the rest of his life, he is not in control of whether or not he wins. However, he is in control of whether or not he believes he will win. If he decides not to believe after 100 days of purchasing tickets and he stops, the opportunity ceases to exist. But, if he chooses to believe the possibility is within his realm of worthiness, then he’ll continue to buy tickets. This is blind faith. Trusting in the possibility of the outcome you desire to come into your existence, but knowing it may not, and reaching a state of acceptance. This is how we grow to a heightened state of awareness, believing in our greatest unfolding to live out our destiny.

Blindly Trust in the Universe

To trust in the Universe, we must relinquish all questions we wish to have control over but do not. We do not know when or if a specific dream will come true. We sometimes do not even know how a dream will come true. But to consistently ask yourself these questions, is to question your worthiness to receive this dream. The alternative to this is to surrender. While I understand this may be extraordinarily difficult, we must remind ourselves of this centering thought, “What if the Universe hasn’t brought this manifestation into my reality because something better for me exists?”

Have you ever asked yourself what is truly uncomfortable about releasing the self-doubt and simply believing? Why does this process seem so difficult? We often grasp onto these questions, not because we’re afraid to believe, but because we know with great success, comes great change. Although we may not love where we are right now, it probably feels comfortable. I invite you to ask yourself two questions: one, where in your life do you feel too comfortable? And two, how can you step out of the comfort zone by taking action and holding blind faith?

Xo,  lauren

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