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How to Leave Behind What Isn’t Meant for You

What Isn't Meant for You

Do you know that feeling of wanting something so badly and continuously wondering why it’s not coming into your life? Why you’re not getting that job you know is meant for you? Or why you didn’t sign that client you thought you had an amazing connection with? Sometimes, no matter how strongly you may think something is meant for you, perhaps it isn’t. When we want something so badly, and it doesn’t come, it’s not because we’re not good enough. We tend to think rejection is a reflection of our worth. However, no matter how much we may believe it’s a perfect match, what we desire didn’t come in because the Universe has something better planned for us. But when we get something stuck in our heads that feels so aligned, it’s hard to believe it isn’t meant for you, and even harder to let it go.

The Universe is always working in alignment with us, not against us. So if we don’t get an opportunity we desire, it’s not because we’re not good enough, but because the Universe has something better planned. When we get our mind so set on something, it’s easy to think, “But what could possibly be better than this?” We become so sure something is meant for us, we begin to create stories and opportunities around receiving what we desire. We create timelines from this one opportunity of how it could potentially change the rest of our lives. But what happens when put disassociate from the outcome? Not only do we detach from the possibility of rejection, but we open ourselves up for better opportunities to come in.

Leave Behind What Isn’t Meant for You

What’s incredible about our personal relationships with the Universe is that it’s always listening to what we need, want, and desire. When we desire something, we’re also in the energy of anticipation, sometimes even desperation. Anticipation energy has a little bit of anxiety to it, and to release it, we have to let go of the expectation energy. You’re constantly checking your email, waiting for that ‘yes’ to come in, or waiting on that phone call that will give you the news you’ve been waiting for. But that anticipation for that ‘yes,’ and living in that waiting energy is what lacks intentionality. When we’re in waiting energy, it’s because we’re waiting for something to come in that will give us whatever we currently feel we’re lacking. ‘Lack’ energy usually directly correlates to a strong need, want, or desire for something.

Changing your energy

To leave behind any sort of lack, anticipation, or desperation energy, we have to discover what we think this ‘yes’ will bring us and how to deliver that emotion or excitement to ourselves. For example, put yourself in the shoes of someone waiting for a job acceptance that they really want and just know they’d be perfect for. You’re already anticipating that ‘yes’ and thinking about how your life will change once you get this amazing job. You’re planning on what to do with the extra income, or planning the next trip you’ll take. Maybe you’re even imagining how you’ll become besties with your coworkers and head out to happy hour once a week. Already, you’re giving this ‘yes,’ power over so much in your life. How it’s going to change your income, your friendships, and your joy.

While getting a job has the power to give you those things, it’s not the only thing that does. You don’t need a new job to give you joy. The anticipation energy you’re putting into this ‘yes’ is pushing you to expect this opportunity to deliver these life-changing opportunities or circumstances. Now, this isn’t at all to say you shouldn’t feel excited about opportunities coming your way. In fact, you should be excited about every opportunity you’re exposed to, even if it doesn’t come to fruition. This conversation is about letting go of what isn’t meant for you. And the pre-emptive conversation to that is about living in expectation energy.

What you leave behind will open space for what is meant for you

Again, this isn’t all to say that you shouldn’t get excited about things. It’s okay to think about all of the ways an opportunity could change your life. But if that opportunity doesn’t come, letting go means having faith that the Universe will deliver something greater than you could have imagined, so you still receive all that you desire. Receiving energy is such a potent and positive energy. But it also means letting go of control, which we all know I have such difficulty doing. Even so, releasing control means trusting that the Universe will deliver you something far better than you could have imagined. Our imaginations are limited to our experiences and the experiences of others. However, we limit them even further by what we feel we are and are not worthy of.

The Universe has no such restrictions. The Universe doesn’t see worthiness, because we are all inherently worthy of all that we desire. So when we don’t get the opportunity we thought we were destined for, it’s not because we’re not good enough or we’re not worthy. It’s because the Universe has a divine plan for us. And more often than not, that plan is something so extraordinary, we couldn’t even imagine it.

Tune in to next week’s podcast, where I plan on expanding on this topic! In my own journey, I’ve experienced this more times than I can count. And after moving on from the place of disappointment, I was able to step back and see the bigger picture. Time and time again, I’ve been proven that the Universe’s plan is far better than I could have dreamt of.

Xo,  lauren

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