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June: How to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

2023 Your Best Year

Happy June Update! If you’re new here, over 2023, I have implemented a goal-setting challenge to hold myself accountable to my big dreams. Each month, I’m serving updates via the Blog and Podcast to keep you informed (and hold me accountable) on my progress. We’re covering topics of success, where I’m facing blocks, falling short, and where I plan to improve over the next month. Each update is becoming a small piece of the 365-day puzzle where I’m actively tracking my progress over one year. My goal of making 2023 my best year yet has been quite the journey of self-reflection. It’s been an excellent way to challenge myself to be the best version of myself possible. And while this isn’t realistic to obtain all the time, this challenge is sitting in the back of my mind, constantly reminding me to show up just a little bit better each day.

May was such a transformational month for me. In between the highs and lows, I realized I was ushering in a new chapter of my life—more on this in episode 94 of the podcast. I did a lot of traveling in May that was so beneficial to hitting the reset button and taking a moment to breathe in between the chaos of life. And while the traveling made it even harder to stick to my goals, habits, and routines, it gave me a good dose of perspective on our word of the year: balance. Finding balance is a lifelong journey. But I think that as long as we’re seeking balance daily, we’re living in alignment and with intention. And that’s precisely what June will be all about, implementing balance into my everyday life by asking myself the right questions and implementing the proper habits.

May Reflection & June Progress


As I said, May was a month of some jolting realizations and shifts. And while I did a lot of leisurely traveling, it was a struggle to balance my mindset. Let me give you the very, very quick gist of things: my mom visited for Mother’s Day, and we had a fabulous few days. My boyfriend moved into my apartment with me. While I was home in Florida, my dog, Chica, who we rescued after my brother died, passed away very suddenly. My mom and I traveled to Cancun and stayed at the most stunning resort with the most potent energy. And finally, my boyfriend and I traveled to Maine to celebrate our first anniversary with 12 miles of hiking! Wooo, that was a lot. Writing that out, I still can’t believe all of that happened in a month.

While the majority of everything I just listed out is fantastic, all of it happened so quickly and all at once, which made it stressful. I felt like I didn’t have time to think, and when I did, I didn’t know what to process first. Chica passing away was an enormous shock to me and my parents, and it was incredibly difficult to process. I felt so disjointed mourning the loss of my dog while having the privilege to travel to these beautiful places. And it was in Cancun, lying on the beach, that I realized the Universe was handing me sign after sign that a new chapter was beginning. All I could do at this time was try to ease my mind and process one thing at a time.


I don’t know that I’d say I’ve been feeling an overabundance of resistance over the last month, but rather confusion and perhaps a little bit of fear. So much in my life changed in the last 31 days. And to say it hasn’t been overwhelming would undoubtedly be a lie. When our lives change so drastically, in good or bad ways, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the changes. Your status quo has changed, and your mind, body, and soul have to course correct to those changes. Any resistance I may have been feeling over the last month wasn’t resistance to the changes themselves, but likely to adjust with those changes.

I have definitely still been resisting a stronger dedication to my habits. But, when I was recording last week’s podcast, Questions to Ask Yourself to Promote Daily Balance; I realized maybe my resistance is coming from a lack of desire because my old routine no longer fits my new life. Resistance doesn’t always come in the form of lack; sometimes, the feeling of resistance is a sign that adjustments are needed. My plan for June and the rest of the year is to work hard on going with the flow of each day to better balance my needs, wants, and desires. Instead of being too steadfast in my routine, I need to follow the direction of what feels good in the moment.

How I’m Growing in June

Beyond my need to ebb and flow more with life, I also see where I need to be more steadfast in certain things. Over the next 30 days, I plan to reset my habits and routines. I think a big adjustment I had been making was moving my schedule around so much to compensate for things like my relationship and friendships. And while those things are so essential to me, if I’m going to find balance, I need to make sure I’m not giving up too much. Making sure I’m giving myself the time and space to complete the things that are important to me. So to make the rest of 2023 my best year yet, in June, I will dedicate a reasonable amount of time each day to myself.


Want to follow along even more on the journey to make 2023 your best year yet: June edition? I’m also updating you and going into far greater detail once a month on the podcast! You can follow along there and subscribe to the La.Rue Thrive Hive Newsletter as well to follow along for updates on my 2023 progress. I’ll update you on the podcast on how I plan to improve next month. I’ll continue talking about what resistance I’m facing and what solutions I plan to find! I encourage you to comment below on your progress so far in 2023 and how you plan to improve. Feel free to drop any questions in the comments, and I’ll see you next month!

Xo,  lauren

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