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Benefits of Morning Meditation & Manifestations: A Guide

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Meditation and Manifestations

In the morning, after waking up, is a point in the day when we’re in some of our highest power. It’s a time when we haven’t yet associated our minds with the world outside of our own; we’re in a clear alignment with ourselves. I’ve mentioned before on the blog the benefits of detaching from your phone for the first 15 to 30 minutes of your day. When we wake up, and the first thing we do is open our phones and social media apps, we’re bombarded with information we’re unprepared to consume. It can often feel overwhelming, and when we are unprepared, we’re left spending the rest of our morning—which should be spent relaxing and preparing for our day—attempting to process the information.

Doing this tends to lend to a negative mindset, therefore a negative start to our day. So, how do we avoid this and start our mornings on a brighter note? The morning is a wonderful opportunity to take time to practice techniques for meditation and manifestations. The benefits of meditation, I believe, are endless. It creates a true connection between yourself and the Universe and a beautiful connection between the mind and body. So, what happens when we meditate? We enhance our awareness of ourselves and the world around us; we heighten our capacity for positive emotions, and we align ourselves with the Universe and its plan for us. This serves to boost our mood, attitude, and productivity for the day; thus, the best time to work on meditation and manifestations is in the morning.

5 Best Practices for Morning Meditation & Manifestations

1. Wake Up & Clear Your Head: The best way to begin your morning is by closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing, and clearing your head. Turn a soft light on (so you don’t accidentally fall back asleep), sit up in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Next, visualize the oxygen moving through your body and try to clear your head completely. This goes for any time you’re practicing meditation; I always recommended beginning and ending on clearing your mind and focusing on your breathing. It gives you the clear headspace to move into the next thing you’re going to do. 
2. Sit in Your Recent Emotions: Ask yourself what emotions (positive or negative) you’ve been feeling more of lately and why they’re standing out to you. Think about any situations or scenarios that have enhanced that emotion recently and what you can do to reprogram the thought behind it. Go back to my blog, How Emotions cause Subconscious Breakthroughs in Manifesting, to read more about reprogramming emotions. Then, ask yourself if you may be heightening that emotion by expanding on the situation with developed narratives. This may happen if… What if this happens…? Step away from that route and look to how you got to that emotion and address it. 
3. Listen to Your Affirmations: Several times, I’ve talked about the incredible benefits of recording your affirmations (in your own voice) and listening to them—directions to do so are on the Affirmation’s blog. Your affirmations will aid you in creating a positive mindset for your day. The strong vocabulary and acuity of the statements work within the subconscious to break through any underlying negativity and self-doubt that may be keeping you from moving forward. When you sit silently, consuming the content of your affirmations in your own voice, it has a powerful impact on your day ahead and how you approach opportunity.
4. Write New Affirmations / Manifestations: I recommend having an affirmations/ manifestations journal. Get a specific journal you can write all of this down in one place to look back at when needed. First, write affirmations for any negative emotions that have been sitting at the forefront of your thoughts lately. Then, write out manifestations for things you’ve been dreaming about that you’re looking to make reality. When you’re writing your manifestations, make sure you’re using the present tense as if you already have the thing you desire. 
5. Sit through a Guided Meditation: Grab your phone, and without looking at any of your notifications or socials, open your music app and turn on meditation music. If you have an iPhone and use Apple Music, I highly recommend the “50 Best Meditation Songs Collection” for your morning meditation. This time is for you to practice healing your mind and grounding yourself in your thoughts. Once you’ve listened and/or written your affirmations, practice clearing your head once again. Spend a few minutes refocusing your mind on your breathing. Give your breath a color and shape, and visualize it moving in and out of your body. Once you’ve cleared your head, go through a few things you have gratitude for. If you don’t journal daily using the 6-Minute Diary, this is a great time to remind yourself of all you’re thankful for. Lastly, set one or two goals you have for your day. This gives you something to ground yourself in and accomplish throughout your day. 

These methods have worked significantly well for me and have made incredibly impactful changes in my life. If you’re just beginning, start with just 10 minutes a day and choose only one of these practices to incorporate into your morning. I certainly don’t practice all of these mindset exercises every morning and every day. Instead, I do what feels right based on what I’m feeling and what I think will be most beneficial to my day. However, I do some variation of these practices every day, be it affirmations, meditation, or manifestations.

Xo,  lauren

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