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Top 10 Positive Affirmations You Should Practice Daily

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Positive Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are an empowering technique used to mold the mind into believing we can achieve great success. We use positive affirmations to overcome techniques of self-sabotage. When we practice affirmations daily, we essentially re-wire our brains and toss out all mantras of self-sabotage. For example, these toxic thoughts usually consist of: I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. Or I don’t deserve this. But, when we replace those mantras with affirmations of success, achievement, prosperity, and happiness; we redesign our thought process and not only believe ourselves capable of success but welcome success in our lives. Today on La.Rue, we’re going to talk about the top 10 positive daily affirmations you should practice and how they mold success.

10 Positive Daily Affirmations 

  1. I am safe to achieve success. – Feeling safe is something we all desire in our lives. Of course, we all like to move out of our comfort zones and be spontaneous to add a little fun and excitement to our lives, but for the most part, we like to feel safe. So, we have to ask ourselves, “What bad thing happens if I achieve all of my dreams?” Answer this question. Once you’ve acknowledged the “bad thing” that can come with success, you will feel safe achieving your dream.
  2. I am the architect of my life; I build the foundation upon which all success grows. – Being the architect, designer, and builder of your own life means you identify as the person who is in control. You determine your success, happiness, and worthiness of all you desire. You build the foundation and through the law of attraction, the universe helps in building your structure.
  3. I am worthy of all that I desire. – By practicing this affirmation, you are taking back control of the thought that you “don’t deserve success.” Throughout our lives, many people will tell us we are unworthy of what we have worked so hard to achieve. By practicing this affirmation, you are taking back that control, and believing you are worthy of your success because of your determination to achieve your dreams.
  4. I take back the power. We’ve discussed the people who won’t want to see you succeed, people who will make attempts to hurt you and keep you from your success. This affirmation means you hold the power in your life. They maintain the negative energy they are putting forth, but you are the wielder of power and success, and they cannot affect your ability to succeed.
  5. I am confident in myself and my relationships. This affirms your confidence in the relationship you have with yourself and others. This affirmation builds your confidence in  your ability to maintain strong and healthy relationships with those you love. As long as you continue to live intentionally and always strive to make change and see growth in yourself, this affirmation will always rain true.
  6. I am worthy of abundance through great success. – We all desire a certain security in life. Whatever you define that to mean, whether it be a monetary or of intrinsic value, abundance simply means a wealth of something. Define this personally; however, you give yourself permission to receive, embrace, and achieve that abundance through your success. You are worthy of this abundance.
  7. I welcome and accept love into my life. – This affirmation opens you to the notion of love in your life. Not that you’re just welcoming love into your life, but that you are deserving of an authentic and great love. By practicing this affirmation, you will let go of any negative thoughts and emotions you have towards love, and you will no longer fear having it in your life; you will welcome it.
  8. Everything happens for me. – Similar to my belief that everything happens for a reason; by embracing the notion that everything happens for you and not to you, you are affirming your worth and ability to succeed. Everything happens for you to grow, create change, learn, embrace new heights, and succeed. By practicing this affirmation, you grow incredible strength and resilience for moments where you feel challenged.
  9. I have all I need to achieve my dreams. – This affirmation confirms your confidence in yourself that you have all of the knowledge and ability you need to succeed. By practicing this affirmation, you grow a greater appreciation for all of the things that come into your life. You begin to understand that all along, you’ve had what you needed to achieve success, and anything that came after was an added bonus.
  10. The Universe supports me in my success. – By affirming not just in yourself but in the universe that you’re capable of success, you will change the global understanding of success. We succeed because we create a positive mindset for ourselves to achieve, thus, creating a positive environment that promotes global success. When I succeed, those around me see success. When someone around us succeeds, that sense of accomplishment and empowerment feeds our desire to succeed, and we see success in our lives.

How to Practice your Affirmations

Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool in re-wiring the brain to re-define success and how we perceive our ability to achieve. You can start practicing daily affirmations by writing them out in an affirmations journal. Write you’re affirmations in the morning and at night to really begin soaking them in. After about a month or so of writing these ten affirmations down every morning and every night, you’re going to start listening to them. Once we have digested the information through repetition on paper, we’ll hear them affirmed. To achieve this, you’re going to record yourself speaking these affirmations and listen to them as you’re falling asleep.

This is a practice my mindset coach has passed on to me that has shown great effect in my own life. You can download the ThinkUp for a one-time-a-year purchase of $39.99. This amazing apps lets you record your affirmations in your own voice and listen to a guided meditation as you hear your affirmations. Once you’ve been practicing your positive daily affirmations for a few weeks, you’ll begin to see great change. As a result, these affirmations will promote shifts in your confidence, mindset, and approach to success.

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