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The Power of Being a Non-Specific Manifestor

Non-Specific Manifestor

There are several different techniques for manifesting and a few different types of manifestors. One type of manifestor is known as a non-specific manifestor. Manifesting techniques and types fall under the conversation known as Human Design. Human Design is a New Age conversation around our body’s systems and how they function to serve our life. Like Astrology, Human Design uses your birth chart (time, date, and birth location) to chart both planetary and chakra alignment. You’re identified with a type of Human Design Aura based on your dominant chakras. There are four Auras: Manifestor, Projector, Generator, and Reflector. Within these auras, you can get more specific like Manifesting Generator (which is what I am) and types of manifesting, like being a non-specific manifestor.

When reading your Human Design chart, you learn things like how you best manifest, how you make decisions/where you’re authoritative, and more. But today, we’re talking specifically about being a non-specific manifestor, what that means and why it’s powerful. However, if you’re interested in learning more about your human design chart, I recommend visiting My Human Design with Jenna Zoe. Human Design has many different identifiers. Being a non-specific manifestor means you’re more open to the creative power of the Universe. Instead of having very specific manifestations, you’re more open to the Universe’s creative power.

How to be a Non-Specific Manifestor

Based on your Human Design chart, there are certain ways of manifesting that may benefit you more than another. However, anyone can be a non-specific manifestor. The difference between specific and non-specific manifesting isn’t about the end result but what you manifest to get there. In specific manifesting techniques, you’re often prompted to get into the minutia of what you’re manifesting. For example, if you’re manifesting a new home, as a certain manifestor, you would become familiar with all the little details, like the color of the front door handle or the inside color of the kitchen cabinets. Specific manifesting requires a lot more attention to detail. However, it closes you off from imagining beyond those details. Which is why I believe being a non-specific manifestor is more powerful.

Non-specific manifesting requires the specificity of manifesting emotions rather than tangible things. Instead of manifesting the minute details of a home, you’re manifesting the emotions you think a new home will bring you. So instead of imagining the details of the front door, you’re manifesting the emotions of happiness, joy, and pride as you walk through that front door. Non-specific manifesting is about focusing on the emotions you desire and allowing the Universe to clarify the details for you. Because more often than not, when we let go of the little details and focus on the emotions, what enters our lives could be far better than we could have imagined.

Non-Specific Manifesting focuses on emotions

When we manifest, we often think of the things we want that will bring about the emotions we desire. If you desire financial stability or simply more money, you’re likely manifesting a raise, winning the lottery, or something you know will bring more financial fortune. But what if you expand that view, meaning the manifestation of financial stability translates into freedom, peace, happiness, joy, contentment, etc.? When you get specific on the emotions rather than the action or thing you think will make the change, you’re doing two things: opening yourself up to more opportunities and setting yourself up to receive.

the difference between a specific and non-specific Manifestor

Focusing on the emotions rather than the thing itself (which you believe will bring along certain emotions) is far easier to begin with. It requires less details and allows you to be more open. But here’s the thing about getting specific about your manifestations. So often, we’re manifesting certain things for a decent amount of time. Returning to the home example, something like manifesting a new house could take months, if not years. And let’s say you’re familiar with your manifesting practice and do it daily. Each time you practice manifesting, you’re getting more and more specific. You’re allowing the manifestation to take form and shape until you eventually have the details. And what do we do once we’ve been walking around in the imagination comfortably? We start to change it.

The longer you’re manifesting something, the more the details end up becoming more fuzzy than clear. But when you manifest the simple idea of a new home and allow the unknown elements of that home to excite you, surprise you, and overwhelm you with happiness, joy, pride, success, and comfort, you open yourself to your dream home without getting too specific on the details. You know that the emotions won’t change. Moving into your dream house will always feel exciting, joyful, and fun. But over time, the details inside the home may vary, and by being a non-specific manifestor, you detach from the details and focus solely on the emotions.

Everyone can be a Non-Specific Manifestor

This conversation isn’t to say we should never think about the details. Using non-specific techniques allows you to drive the majority of your focus on the emotions rather than the details. If you’re manifesting your dream home, of course you’re going to think about the details. But your subconscious mind is already very aware of your taste and style of dream home—therefore, the Universe is also aware. Instead of taking the time to write out your very specific manifestation daily, you should write it out once or twice over time, and each day, when you’re practicing your manifesting, focus on the emotion that manifestation will bring you.

This is a recent lesson I’ve learned in my practice. This week, on the Do the Damn Thing Podcast, I go into great detail on how transitioning from specific to non-specific manifestation opened me and my career up to an extraordinary opportunity. I encourage you to listen to this week’s episode and evaluate how your manifesting techniques serve you. Sit down and make a list of how you want to feel. Make sure that what you’re manifesting will give you those emotions. Focus on manifesting a feeling, and the Universe will fill in the blanks in ways far better than you could ever imagine.

Xo,  lauren

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