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How to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

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I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has had its downfalls for everybody. However, despite the trials and tribulations of the year, I think many people have realized how important it is to live your life fully. Even with restrictions in place, you can find ways to embrace the things in your life you have control over. So, today on La.Rue, I want to share with you how you can make 2021 your best year ever. When you’re a child, your dreams are infinite and never held back by the constraints of reality. As we grow up and face adulthood and things like bills and security, our dreams become more censored to the realities we face. Fairytales are only seen in movies, and dreams are only achieved by those we read about in books and magazines. We always presume that dreams could never be “me” or “us.”.T

Today, I want to challenge you to ask yourself two questions. Why & How. Why do you feel your dreams are out of your grasp? And second, How do you plan on changing that in 2021? After the year we have all experienced, I think more and more people realize that we can’t keep going through life, wasting time experiencing the same day repeatedly without achieving anything or moving forward towards a goal. You only get to experience life once, each day, only once. So I ask you, do you want to live ordinary? Or do you want your life to be extraordinary?

Mindset – Manifest Positivity 

Now, you may be asking yourself, how in the world does someone live every day fully? This has everything to do with mindset. When you think and act with a positive and optimistic attitude, you manifest the things you want in your life. This isn’t to say that a positive mindset avoids every negative thing that comes your way: rejection, loss, etc. These things are a part of life and unavoidable for everyone. But, when you live positively, and with optimism as a daily dose of your attitude, it makes moving past these moments easier. You’re capable of learning from them, growing, and moving forward rather than allowing these moments to define you. Having a positive mindset isn’t about just waking up in the morning and pasting a smile on your face and going about your day.

Mindset, in some ways, can be the most difficult part of intentional living. It’s easy to let our emotions get the best of us. But, when we use our heads and hearts to approach situations, the outcomes are often better. Your attitude needs to be something your conscious of throughout the day. If you’re upset, happy, annoyed, frustrated, sad, excited… you need to understand why you’re feeling this way. Remember that everything happens for a reason. So if you’re annoyed because you’re stuck in traffic or excited because you got a free coffee, understand that you’re in that situation for a specific purpose. Always be conscious of your feelings and why you’re feeling them.

You may be asking yourself, why is mindset so important, and how will it help me achieve my dreams in 2021? When you’re aware of your feelings and attitude, you become more conscious of the decisions in your life. Are you making decisions for yourself? For someone else? Why are you saying yes or saying no? Having an awareness of your feelings only opens you up to more possibilities.

Tomorrow is not Better for Achieving your Dreams than Today

Excuses are mentioned previously in the blogs, Challenging Yourself to Achieve Your Dreams & How to Begin Your List of 2021 New Year’s Resolutions; I briefly touch on the problem of making excuses, the most common being “I’ll do it tomorrow.” .I know this is a little morbid, but ask yourself how you would feel if you knew you would die tomorrow… Would you feel like you accomplished your dreams? Now go back to the earlier questions I asked you, “Why do you feel like your dreams are out of your grasp?” Do those reasons still seem valid? Hear me when I tell you that life is incredibly short, and it will never seem like the “right time” to reach for your dreams. But the right time is always now because you’ll never know if tomorrow will be an option.

Ask yourself why you’re making excuses not to leap. The most common reasons being fear of failure and not having the means or financial stability to do so. If these are your reasons, let me assure you, they are not good enough to stop you from achieving your dreams. We have dreams, goals, and resolutions for a reason. We create these things because we believe there is a version of our lives that is better for us, a version more desirable than the one we have now. If you want that life, you have to move beyond the things stopping you from moving forward.

Live Intentionally in 2021 

Now, we’re almost at the end, and you’re probably asking yourself, or better yet, telling yourself, that’s all easier said than done. And yes, I agree, it is. Everything is always easier when talked about as opposed to taking action towards. So in the new year, I will guide you to achieving your dreams. Any goal, great or small, can be defined and achieved when you live an intentional life.

This year, you and I are going to make a commitment to each other. We’re going to live intentionally. We’re going to hold each other accountable to our actions, mindset, attitude, and routines. Over time, I will help you redefine your life and create change to live intentionally and begin achieving your dreams to make 2021 your best year ever. Start strong by purchasing the La.Rue 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge and begin creating positive change immediately. Today is the last day you can purchase the challenge using the 50% OFF CODE – LARUE30CHALLENGE. If you’d like to start out a bit smaller and get an idea of what’s in the challenge, head over to my freebie’s page and download my three fabulous freebie pages to begin your New Year’s right! Make January a strong start to the next 12 months, and live your life intentionally. Happy Near Year – let’s kill it!

Xo,  lauren

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