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How Setting Monthly Intentions Changed My Reality

Setting Monthly Intentions

For over a year, I’ve been practicing a monthly ritual of sitting down at the beginning of every month and setting my goal and intentions for the next 28 to 31 days ahead. Over these last dozen-plus months, I’ve learned a lot about setting intentions. I’ve learned how to set ambitious yet realistic intentions. I’ve become more aware of what intentions I’m setting for myself versus what others are telling me to do. But, most importantly, I’ve seen incredible results from the months I’ve set intentions and really dedicated myself to them. In the month of February, I set the intention to value my mindset and healing above all else. I was experiencing a difficult month, fueled by anxiety, and I decided I needed to dedicate some personal time to working on my mindset.

The blocks I was facing that felt overwhelming were around my self worth and abundance. I was going through a period of wavering faith. It was a constant battle in my mind of “I can do it” and “I can’t do it”. Setting that intention and taking direct action on it has had an extraordinary result on my mindset and my reality. Since setting this intention, I’ve manifested signing on EIGHT new client in six weeks. I invited in amazing opportunities for growth and networking including a ticket to a very exciting women entrepreneur summit in Orlando, and a partnership with an upcoming wellness brand with The La.Rue Community. I’ve manifested guesting on three exciting podcasts, and, finally, made one of my highest income months. All of this was achieved my setting the intention, prioritizing myself, and taking action on those intentions.

Setting Monthly Intentions that Yield Remarkable Results

Journal & Reflect

The first thing I do when I go about setting my intentions for the month is first reflecting on the last 30 days or so. I do some deep journaling and reflect on what went great and what I want to improve on. When I’m journaling on the things I want to improve on, I’m usually reflecting on them from a subconscious breakthrough perspective. So instead of just journaling something like, “I was feeling anxiety a lot this month,” I’ll dive deeper, asking the tough questions. How can I identify the cause of the anxiety? What about the anxiety was making me feel uncomfortable? What bad thing happens if I release this anxiety and only feel joy? I tackle this reflection from all sides so I can get to the root cause.

Set a Monthly Focus

Your monthly focus is different from setting your monthly intention. The focus is the general topic whereas the intention is more of the action. So after you’ve reflected on last month, take some time to decide on a central theme/ focus for the month. For example, after experiencing my month of anxiety, my focus for the next month was set on being more aware of how I was showing up to everything in my life. The theme was around showing up with just a little bit more to everything: more confidence, more excitement, more energy, and more awareness. In my anxious state, I felt removed and despondent, so my focus was on making sure I was showing up for things, and showing up for myself, with awareness and high energy.

Set Your Monthly Intention

So now you’ve reflected, you have a a central focus for the month, and it’s time to set your monthly intention. Our intentions directly correlate to the amount of action we take. So the intention you set should be feasible to the time frame of 28 to 31 days. The success formula isn’t dependent on quantity, but measured by quality. What is the quality of the change you’re intending to make and how does it affect other areas of your life? Each intention I set every month is made with careful decision on how it can have the biggest impact across all areas of my life, and the intention is always set around myself. When we focus on the internal, everything about the external changes. Your intention shouldn’t be to “spend more time with friends.”

It’s important to look at how you’re wording your intention so that you can yield the impact you’re looking for. If you want to spend more time with your friends, ask yourself what that intention would do for you. Would it get you out more? Make you happier? Would it force you to cut back on work so that you can have more personal time? When you’re setting your intention, look at it from all angles and see what all of the angles have in common for you. In this case, the intention you’re setting is to have more awareness of how and where you’re spending your time to increase the amount of joy in your life. And a direct result of that intention may be spending more time with your friends.

The Results of Setting Monthly Intentions

What happens when you set the intention to have far more awareness of how you’re spending that time and how that time affects your mood? You start to become more aware of the subtleties of the things affecting your mood. The results of setting a monthly intention by quick thought may seem small. But imagine a year of successfully implementing monthly intentions. Those 12 changes you’ve made over the course of 12 months will without a doubt create massive shifts in your reality.

By setting the intention to shift my mindset, I committed to journaling and EFT tapping every single day. Not only did this intention yield extraordinary results, but I very clearly shifted my mindset. I really did start showing up to things with more confidence, joy, and excitement. When you set monthly intentions, you’re creating a higher level of general awareness in your life that will shift your reality in amazing ways.

Xo,  lauren

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