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How to Visualize Your Desires and Manifest Your Dream Life

Manifest your dream life

Visualization is one of the most powerful manifesting techniques we have at our disposal. It’s something we can do anytime and anywhere. No matter when you’re doing it, it will have a profound effect on your life. Not only is visualization a manifesting technique, but it also serves as a way to reprogram your mind. It chips away at subconscious beliefs and neural pathways that have been built out over time to make you believe that you can’t have what you desire; which would be why you don’t currently have it. So when we visualize, we’re simultaneously activating our manifesting powers while reprogramming our minds to believe we can attain what we desire. When we practice visualization, we’re aligning our dreams with that of the Universe’s plans to manifest our dream life.

In my experience, using visualization to successfully manifest something I desire requires a few key elements. Beyond seeing yourself achieve whatever it is you desire, visualization is also dependent on how clearly you’re able to define the success. It’s helpful to know your Human Design Chart and what type of manifestor you are: Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector. This will give you better insight into your strongest ways to manifest and how to use visualization to do so. Once you know your human design, your response to visualization may change. From there, you’ll either get specific or non-specific on your manifesting through visualization. And finally, you’ll practice visualization by either envisioning the success or by the feeling of success!

How Best to Manifest Your Dream Life


Figuring out what type of manifestor you are is easy. A simple human design chart will tell you (the one linked above is fantastic for learning more). The hard part is figuring out how your manifestor type affects you as an individual. How does it relate to your astrological alignment? Your human design is your energetic blueprint on this three-dimensional plain. So understanding your human design type could (and likely is) critical to your success in manifesting. Based on this knowledge, you can further inform your manifesting process by practicing different techniques for manifesting. For example, I myself am a manifesting generator. My authority is sacral and I best manifest from a place of action/ following my gut.

I’ve seen this to be very true in the past when I’ve noticed what feels more easy to manifest versus more difficult. When something feels difficult to manifest, it’s because I can feel a physical block in my body to get there. My gut response is telling me it’s too soon. When something feels really easy to manifest, it’s because my body could sense everything was in alignment to get there. To manifest your dream life, you must understand your human design and what’s quite literally in your nature to manifest.


Within your human design type, you’ll also find out which kind of visualizing manifestor you are. This is likely something you already know, simply based on how you typically feel called to manifest. A Specific manifestor is someone who harnesses their manifesting power through great detail. For example, if they’re attempting to manifest a new car, this person would visualize every detail: make, model, year, color, what color seats, kind of interior, how big it is, etc. A specific manifestor is someone who finds their visualizing strength in the details of their manifestation. They have a very specific vision in mind. And typically, that which they actually manifest is either spot on or better than their mind was capable of imagining.

The other type of manifestor is a non-specific. This is someone who surrenders the details of what they’re manifesting and focuses more on the feelings of the manifestation. Say this type of manifestor is also trying to envision a new vehicle. They may assign that vision in their head a rough size, type, and color. But when they get to the actual manifesting, what they’re visualizing is the emotions this manifestation will bring them. For example, someone manifesting a new vehicle may imagine feelings of security, safety, fun, wealth, success, pride, etc. As you’re reading this, I imagine you’re already suspecting which type of manifestor you are. This is the natural manifesting power you should lean into.


Finally, it’s time to do the actual visualizing. Based on the knowledge you’ve gathered above and what you’ve learned about your human design, you’re now best equipped to manifest your dream life. Along with the visualization, I encourage you to create a safe place in your mind you can always come back to when you’re practicing any type of mind modification like visualizing, EFT, EMDR, and any other sort of alternative therapy method where you’re working on the neural pathways of your mind. The place you go to within that feels safe is called your Mind Palace. It’s wherever you feel most safe and calm within your own mind. Maybe it’s the beach, the mountains, a special place you’ve been to, your childhood home, etc. Your mind palace is where you should begin and end every visualization and meditation you practice.

Once you have your mind palace, you’re ready to visualize. Call on all that you have learned about your manifesting powers and begin visualizing that success. With or without the detail, your mind will create the connections needed to begin bringing what you desire into your reality. Eventually, this visualization practice should become so second nature that you quantum leap into a new reality.

Xo,  lauren

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