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Gray Space Between “Responsibility” & Believing in Your Power

Believing in Your Power

What is the gray space in manifesting? A lot about manifesting is very clear—believe you can, and you will. Believing in your power is easy. But what about this area in between in which our mind bounces back and forth between the responsibility we have to ourselves versus trusting wholly in the Universe? When we manifest things that relate to our well-being and security, i.e., wealth, career, health, and prosperity, the line can blur on responsible action. What action do I take to remain responsible and stable versus how much I entrust into the Universe’s hands? I’ve received this question over and over again from clients, podcast listeners, and friends. Where is the line, and how do I safely cross it?

Let’s say you’re someone who has been practicing an intentional life for quite some time now. You’ve been putting in the healing work, clearing your blocks, and chasing your dreams. You’re looking to leave your current job to become an entrepreneur and start your own clothing brand. It’s at this point we ask ourselves, “How much do I give, and how much do I take?” We see the responsible scenario as staying in the 9-5 until the clothing brand has taken off and can completely compensate for an income. BUT, then questions begin to arise. Can I do both? Does staying in my job mean I don’t believe in myself? Does it mean I’m scared to leap fully into this dream? How will I do all of this work without reaching burnout?

I’m asked these questions time and time again. What’s the line between genuinely believing and being “responsible?”

Doing What You’ve Got To Do

Here’s the thing– what if you quit your job and dive headfirst into your dream? What happens when you realize all the healing work hasn’t been done (because it never is), your scarcity mindset sets in, and you worry about paying the bills? A scarcity mindset attracts scarcity, the same way an abundance mindset attracts abundance. Similar to our previous conversation on finding a work/life balance that makes you feel comfortable, here, you have to take the route that will do the same. We must find that sweet spot between comforting and challenging. You never want to lose the challenge. When you lose feeling challenged each day, it means you’ve slipped into too comfortable territory. What happens when we’re too comfortable? We don’t make progress. Stagnation is the great enemy of growth.

So, if what feels comfortable to you is cutting back hours in your 9-5, but maintaining somewhat of a stable income, then you have to find a way to do so. Because, here’s the other issue. In almost any entrepreneurship, the odds of immediate gratification and success are slim. It takes time to build an income, and to some, that can feel really discouraging. So what happens when we’re feeling discouraged but see we’re still making an income from our 9-5? We quit the dream and return to something that is less fulfilling. But guess what? At least you have money that blocks your scarcity mindset in the bank account. You’ve convinced your subconscious that you’re safe again, therefore never having to take the leap and bet on yourself.


As with most intentional living lessons, you have to find what feels right to YOU. This conversation is all about you, not what works for someone you follow and not what works for a friend. Where is your balance between responsibility and belief in yourself? Your balance between comfort and challenge. Taking into account who you’re caring for and what your responsibilities are, that’s where you can find balance and “un-blur” the line somewhat. Are you becoming an entrepreneur as a mom and have a child to care for? Well, if your household doesn’t have two incomes, what likely feels comfortable for you is keeping the job and starting your business as a side hustle.

Or, are you a twenty-something entrepreneur starting your own business? Your balance will look quite different. Responsibilities and priorities often dictate freedom and independence to do what you want. When you’re practicing intentional living and working on mindset development and clearing those blocks, I believe your focus shouldn’t lie more towards the questions of what is “responsible” because that simply allows the opinions of others and of society to dictate your action. Instead, we should be asking ourselves, “What is my balance for what feels comfortable (specifically financially); yet, will still offer me the space to challenge myself toward my dreams?”

Believing in Your Power

It’s a fine line, isn’t it? Balancing challenge with comfort, adventure with stability— it can feel taxing. You see, the issue with many people is that there is a choice in that conversation. Many believe we can’t have both, so we have to choose one or the other. But it doesn’t have to be a choice. You can find that balance that properly serves your “responsibility” while chasing your pipe dreams. Believing in one’s power, as I said, is simple. We’re naturally creative entities with the power of thought and free will. If you don’t believe in yourself, you have the power to change your thoughts. The challenge here lies with action. How much action are you willing to take, and how much are you willing to bet on yourself?

The gray space we’re talking about here isn’t one versus the other or one or the other. But instead, finding the balance that works for you and allowing that balance to ebb and flow as you grow, change, and succeed in your dreams. I challenge you to reconsider how these dynamics coincide in your life now and how you may adjust them to better suit your dreams. Are you leaning too far to one side that feels too comfortable? Or, are you leaning towards irresponsibility and lacking stability? Take inventory of these feelings in your life, and readjust to create balance and intentionality.

Xo,  lauren

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