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Have You Reached A Higher Alignment Timeline?

Higher Alignment

What does it mean to live in higher alignment? This notion can be defined differently by every single person reading this. We all have different goals, perspectives, even different expectations for what we want and what we expect out of life. Similar to the topics up for conversation recently, this topic will drive focus to the objective: you. We’re a collective, and we’re learning together, so take what resonates with your life. I think we can all agree that we have a collective goal to live in higher alignment. But, our lives can be spread out in several different variations. Each moment is defined in our timeline: schooling, jobs, relationships, success, death, etc. When we view our timeline as such, it allows us to believe that time is linear.

But we know it’s not! Time is relative to your experience. This means that you can define how much time you think has passed versus how much time you believe you have “left.” And because of this, it’s easier to understand, or perhaps clarify, when you’re reaching a moment of higher alignment on your timeline. We’re not always living in our highest alignment; that’s obvious. There will always be symptoms of life that are affecting us in ways that aren’t necessarily beneficial in the moment. After those experiences, when we reintegrate our intentional life, we live in our highest alignment.

How Chaos Energy Affects Higher Alignment

Here’s the thing about being in alignment, to do so, you have to release all energy that feels chaotic. And even if it sounds a bit crazy, we tend to get comfortable in chaotic energy. Now, I’m not talking about the “good” chaos energy that we can thrive on, like being busy or working really hard. I’m talking about the chaotic energy we surround ourselves with that keeps us stuck and expecting the worst, yet, we still feel comfortable because we’ve deemed it normal. Because what’s happening when we’re in alignment and in a flow state? We’re making progress. And progress can often feel uncomfortable.

So, the obvious first step is identifying where you might be finding comfort in chaotic energy. Let’s clarify this energy. Are you allowing the chaos of a busy job to interfere with you taking the next steps on something you love? Or, are you allowing the chaos of an unhealthy relationship to keep you from moving on by yourself to work on yourself? This energy is chaotic, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. So, we need to identify where we’re allowing comfort and chaos to coexist and make some changes.

The Comfort of Chaos

Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself what your life looks like when you’re in flow or have previously been in a higher alignment. Did anything about that time feel like the “negative” chaotic energy we just discussed? If you’re thinking yes, then you likely weren’t in higher alignment. Let me be clear: chaotic energy can sometimes be good. Time and time again, I’ve shared with you that I feel like I’m working my best and thriving when on a busy schedule. But like most conversations we have, the word “busy” is relative. So what might feel busy to me, might not to you, or vice versa.

So the first concrete step in directing yourself to a higher alignment timeline is to find what energy feels good to you (despite any discomfort) and lean into that. If going to bed at 9 PM feels good to get up early, practice implementing that habit. If going dry for a month helps you cleanse your body and get rid of toxins, skip the alcohol for 30 days. Just because these things aren’t “conventional,” and staying up late to binge a show or going out drinking with friends is fun or trendy, that doesn’t mean you have to abide by those social standards. You should always be doing what feels fun and light to you.

Charging into Higher Alignment

Cleansing yourself of these types of bad, chaotic energy, albeit an excellent strategy, take time and aren’t immediately effective, generally. Many habits take some time to see the more considerable change we desire. So, suppose you’re looking to hit a more challenging reset to see a larger scale of change over a shorter period of time. In that case, I suggest challenging yourself to 30 days of high-intensity Intentional Living. The La.Rue 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge enforces this exact purpose, to challenge yourself to change your life in 30 days, significantly. In that time, you will engage in more vigorous habits, powerful routines, practice mindfulness, personal growth, and reach goals.

But Lauren, what about accountability and sticking to the goals?

If you feel you don’t have the willpower and strength to hold yourself personally accountable to 30 days of Intentional Living to jump timelines, you’re precisely for whom I created the Intentional Living Course. This course guides you through the 30-Day Challenge step-by-step. I begin by assisting you in filling out every worksheet and designing your unique plan of action that suits your time, energy, and goals. In this course, I’ll guide you through 3 modules of preparation leading you to the challenge. Over the 30-days, you’ll check in once a week to review progress you’ve made and easily identify where you’re creating positive change in your life.

Whatever your goals, whatever timeline you’re working with or will-power you have, these two challenge options will assist you in re-inventing your life and jumping timelines to a more intentional lifestyle. Sometimes, what we need to create significant change in our lives is to simply dedicate ourselves to 30-Days of complex challenge. I encourage you to find what material may work for you and set solid goals for yourself to reach higher alignment.

Xo,  lauren

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