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All the Ways We Recieve Signs from the Universe

Signs from the Universe

In truth, I believe we’re constantly in receiving mode. We’re always receiving and consuming messages, content, information, data, etc., and processing it as best we know how. It’s not a matter of if we’re receiving, but how we’re interpreting the information or signs coming in. There are simple signs or messages we receive daily that are easy to deconstruct, like a shoelace untied notifying us of an impending trip. Or perhaps an email reminder of an upcoming appointment. These messages we’re constantly receiving are easy to understand because we’re open to this type of messaging. But what type of “messaging” or we not open to receiving? Recently, I’ve received an influx of messages and signs from the Universe. Together, I’d like to walk through the type of messaging and how I received these signs notifying me of changes and up levels.

I’m writing this on a sunny Friday afternoon, almost two weeks before its publication date. In fact, this topic wasn’t even on the agenda. I had an entirely different conversation prepared. But I felt so compelled to write this that I pushed the previous topic to another week. Perhaps, my compulsion to write is a sign for both of us. Maybe you’ve recently been closed off from receiving signs, and this is your sign to be open again. Signs are everywhere. They come by way of people, experiences, fleeting moments, things we see, and more. This isn’t to say everything is a sign because that sounds a bit overwhelming. However, Signs from the Universe aren’t always easy to recognize. Sometimes, one sign is apiece to a much larger puzzle that, in time, fits together.

Signs I’ve Received from the Universe this Week & What They Told Me

First, let me begin by saying each sign was a small piece of the puzzle. I believe, over the last week, I’ve had an experience of Quantum Leaping. If you’re unfamiliar with Quantum Leaping, you can read this post or listen to the [fabulous] podcast I had on it back in Season Two: The Two Cup Method for Quantum Leaping. Each sign was the smaller piece to one larger puzzle, telling me I was changing realities. This began on Monday when a worry of mine that I’d had over the last few days previously was subsided by the first sign. I went to be Monday night and for the life of me could not and would not fall asleep.

I’ve never had any sleep issues in my life. When I’m tired, I tend to fall right asleep. And unless something major is going on in my life, my mind tends to quiet, and I get a good night’s rest. This was the first sign. When you’re in a position to jump realities, your body can be greatly affected. Things like your sleep, mood, fatigue, and more can be affected because of the internal work happening. I didn’t take my first sleepless night as a sign of changing realities. In fact, I thought it was a sign I’d been reaching burnout because I’d been so busy, which is the worry I’d previously mentioned. I felt just a bit in over my head this week with client work.

The Next Sign came by way of my past

Tuesday was a relatively normal day. I woke up, did my morning routine, went about my work, my night routine, and went to bed. Wednesday is when things got weird. I started the day bright and early with a consultation call that turned into signing my first international client. Sounds great, right? Then, things shifted. I was immediately pulled almost four years back into my past when I received an email from a former friend. The email and the contents of the email came as a complete and utter shock. I had no idea what to do with this information other than call my mom and several other friends to talk it out. The letter came on the day I relaunched the podcast. Where I had discovered my night of no sleep was in fear and worry that my podcast would launch and I would receive mean comments (again).

That same day, I signed yet another client. All day I just had this weird off feeling. It felt like I was being pulled into my past and the future I desire, all at the same time. The day went by in a blur, and I got in bed around 9:45 in pure exhaustion. I had no problem falling asleep, but I was woken up by my puppy around 1 AM to go to the bathroom and didn’t fall back asleep until 3:30. That was two nights of no sleep in one week. I woke up Thursday exhausted and had to get ready to hop on several calls back-to-back. Thursday afternoon, I spent over an hour crying. I was completely confused by what was happening and why I was feeling so overwhelmed.

How I put the puzzle together

After I cried, I took a step back to figure out what was happening. This wasn’t like me. Not a lot can overwhelm me anymore because of the healing I’ve done and the actions I’ve taken to stay extremely organized and intentional. But I knew this was bigger than just these few experiences. This was about getting a sign from the Universe about an uplevel and changing my realities. A version of myself from long ago would have argued these things were happening to me and that the world was out to get me. However, now I believe these were encouraging signs from the Universe to continue leaning into who I am now, my dreams, goals, and relationships.

I realized these weren’t isolated moments but rather one significant shift in my reality. We can argue that Universe, God, or whatever you want to call it, is constantly “testing” us. I would have believed these were tests on my sanity long ago. But living intentionally and connecting with my spiritual beliefs has taught me that the Universe is never testing us. We’re in life school. We’re always learning and being shown signs of where and how to improve.

Xo,  lauren

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