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Quantum Leaping: What it Means in Your Spiritual Journey

Quantum Leaping

Have you ever become so caught up in the plot of a movie or the narrative of a book that it feels like the story and its characters are becoming a part of your reality? Almost as if you can see the narrative play out in your own life? It’s like your reality shifts to believe you’re in collaboration with something you’ve believed to be a part of your story now. This, in essence, is Quantum Leaping; but, instead of your reality shifting to a plotline, you’ve leaped into the reality of a manifestation. Quantum Leaping is defined by the combination of the Law of Attraction and Physics. It states that there are several different components of our existing reality and one of the many that exists is one in which our manifestations are our lived experiences.

The theory around Quantum Leaping or Quantum Jumping states that when we achieve a major manifestation, we’ve shifted our reality. There is one over-arching reason to which this theory exists in spirituality and manifesting: it requires a boundless belief that there is a reality where we’ve achieved our greatest manifestation. The reality has already been constructed, we just have to quantum leap to get there. This is one of the strongest visualizations methods to exist in spiritual conversation. To Quantum Leap, we must have two things: one, the thing or reality in which we want to manifest, and two, the belief that a reality already exists in which we’ve achieved said manifestation.

Quantum Leaping Realities

Why does the Quantum Leaping method work? There are a lot of manifestation exercises that exist. Visualization techniques, meditation, listing, etc, all of which help you imagine a reality in which you’ve achieved what you desire. And this is exactly what sets the quantum leap method apart from others. For this method to work, it requires more than imagination, but the full belief that your desired reality already exists. You cannot question your worthiness, or ask how you get there. You simply understand that you can and another version of your future self already has. In most other exercises, you’re imagining yourself in the future while attempting to fill in the blanks on how you get there.

The Quantum Leaping method allows you to skip all of the questions of how and go straight to a world in which you’re quite literally leaping into your future success. The method requires only that you believe that you can get from point A to point B. This exercise is also known as the Two Cup method. I’m not entirely sure where this method originated from–I’d imagine one optimist and one pessimist sitting down to discuss ways they can balance the scale. The optimist fortifies his desire to believe anything is possible; meanwhile, the pessimist attempts to remedy that desire while maintaining their own ideal that while the method isn’t immediate, you’re able to accept the possibility that it exists.

The Two Cup Method

The Two-Cup method supports the theoretical multi-verse concept as one of the most powerful manifestation techniques to exist. Here’s how you do it. You’ll need two cups, drinking water, sticky notes or something to use as a label, and something to write with. Your writing utensil should be something with ink that is permanent. This is because you’re writing something that cannot be erased from the Universe. Place the two cups side by side. In your mind, identify one as your current reality and the other as the one which you’re “leaping” towards. Pour water from a bottle or the tap into the “current” cup. Place the labels in front of the cups and write on the current reality label what you’d like to change about your life now. On the second note, you’re going to write what your desired reality is.

For example: If you’re attempting to manifest more abundance, you may write on the first note “scarcity, worried about the bills, rent,” etc. On the opposite note, you may write “abundant, easily and effortlessly pay bills, my bank account is overflowing, I always have enough money,” etc.

Take a moment to reflect on that reality that already exists in which you’re entirely abundant. Allow yourself to embody those emotions associated with that: comfort, excitement, ease, confidence. Once you’re ready, pour the water from the current reality cup into the desired reality. As you do so, watch the water pour from one to the other. Hear the sound it makes and identify what it is this water is releasing for you—from your current reality.

Meditate on Your Full Cup

Once the water has been exchanged, take a few moments to meditate on that change. Allow yourself to embody and believe what this change would bring to your life. Who do you become? What about your life changes? Allow the excitement, positivity, and joy to radiate throughout your body and become you. After a few minutes, once you’ve allowed these emotions to encumber you in joy, drink the water from your cup. After you’ve completed the sort of ritual, you want to remind the Universe that the current reality is no longer what you desire. To do so, I recommend ripping up the current reality paper, shredding it, or throwing it away.

Quantum Leaping requires boundless belief in yourself. It requires you to trust that you can get from where you are now to where you want to go without asking questions or attempting to fill in the answers. If you believe in yourself, you’ll get there. Simply let go of the “how,” and trust in the Universe completely. Your ability to Quantum Leap doesn’t rely on whether or not you believe you can manifest your dreams. It sits on the confidence that you already have, and you’re simply changing your life to get there. Be sure to listen to this week’s podcast episode, The Two Cup Method for Quantum Leaping, to learn more about the manifesting exercise.

Xo,  lauren

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