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The Law of Attraction & Taking Inspired Action

Law of Attraction

For months, I’ve been sharing content with you around the Law of Attraction and manifesting what you desire most. The premise behind this being that you have to let the desire go, surrender it to the Universe, and simply trust. But each time we dive deeper into the subject, it’s followed up with more questions. Readers, listeners, and clients reach out with the hows, the buts, and the whens. We all know what we want, but many of us are at a loss on how to relinquish that control and offer our full trust to the Universe. Well, today, I want to clarify all of those details. I will answer your most asked follow-up questions, offer my best insight, and my number one piece of advice. To gain what we desire into our reality, we must first relinquish its intention to the Universe, trust in her power, and take inspired action.

Q/A: The Law of Attraction

Q: How do I relinquish control of my manifestation?

A: Before I answer this question, I invite you to reflect. When we have resistance releasing control, it’s always about the ego. If you’re someone who resonates with this question, first ask yourself why the resistance is there to trust in the Universe and surrender the control. The law of attraction is about inviting in what emotions and vibrations you’re offering. If you cannot offer the Universe trust, a bond, a two-way street, how will it serve your manifestation without the avenue to do so? To relinquish control, first, we must let go of ego.

Q: How do I trust that my manifestation—or something better—will come?

A: If you’re living under the spiritual doctrine that the vibrations you’re offering will offer you the same in return, then you’re living under the Law of Attraction. This means you maintain trust. Now, it’s about having faith. This has nothing to do with your trust in the Universe, Cosmic Power, Destiny, or God; this question is about trust in yourself. Do you believe you’re worthy of your manifestation? Do you feel ready? Does it feel safe? When we question if our trust is “enough” with whatever higher power we believe in, it’s not external but rather internal. I invite you to reflect on your self-worth wounds. Listen to the Do the Damn Thing Podcast episodes on the Fear of Failure, Part 1 & Part 2, and see where continued healing may be needed.

Q: How do I begin the Law of Attraction? Where do I start?

A: We always begin with the internal work. I think the best work we can do is heal, to set ourselves up for long-term success. This means reflecting on your worthiness wounds, fears of failure and success. Where do you anticipate resistance in this process? Once you’ve done the internal work, you can begin your collaboration with the Universe. How do you start with the Law of Attraction? Intention. First, we begin with a very clear and concise intention from the Universe. Figure out exactly what it is you want to attract into your reality. Once you’ve got your intention, begin existing at the frequency at which you think you’ll maintain once you’ve successfully manifested. Begin living in a high vibe existence that attracts what you want.

Q: How do I continue and trust the timeline?

A: This is where we keep the faith and release. We surrender our intention to the Universe and have patience. This is the most difficult and questioning part of our journey. But, as long as we maintain the faith, we’ll begin to see small changes, receive signs, and we’ll know our manifestation is coming. This process, albeit arduous, is one in which the “payoff” is worth it every time.

Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.



Inspired Action

Now that I’ve (hopefully) answered the truly burning questions behind the law of attraction, let’s chat about the day-to-day action. When I was first learning about the law of attraction and manifesting, I heard the phrase, “things will come to you with ‘effortless ease.'” I did not react to that well. Like you may be thinking, I thought, “well, am I just supposed to do nothing, stop working and just think it will come to me just by attracting it?” Soon after, I discovered that’s certainly not what this means. After consuming thousands of pages of literature, and hundreds of hours of podcasts, I’d like to share with you the day-to-day process behind manifesting: Inspired Action.

Inspired Action(s) is/are the quantum leaps behind our BIG DREAMS. Whatever we desire, whatever we’re looking to manifest, we know there are certain steps we need to take to get there. Phone calls we make, emails we write, networking, learning, growing, and hours and hours of work. But, behind all of those intricate steps are a few intentional steps that are our big leaps. It’s the ins and outs of our day in combination with our leaps. This is our inspired action—the faith we hold. The day-to-day process is our trust in the Universe. Even though we may not see progress, we trust the results, that the manifestation is coming. So, we continue to grind, continue to work, continue to dedicate all that we are and all that we have to this beautiful life we desire to live.

My Advice to You

The best thing we can do is put in the work. Not just the work on the manifestation itself, be it a new job, growing your business, a relationship, abundance, etc. We have to put in the work on ourselves. Practice healing through meditation, daily journaling, subconscious breakthrough techniques, and EFT. Haley Hoffman Smith has a wonderful “Tap on Your Own” video on Youtube, linked here. When we learn more about what we are doing–manifesting, attracting–we lower it off its pedestal and work on an even playing field with our manifestations. This helps to alleviate any doubts of worthiness. When the thing we’re doing and the thing we’re manifesting is our equal, it will flow into our lives with “effortless ease.”

Xo,  lauren

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