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How Astrology and Fate Intersect

Astrology and Fate

This week, I had the honor and the pleasure of having a fantastic expert and friend on the Do the Damn Thing podcast to talk about astrology. Sara and I had an incredible conversation on Astrology and how it connects to our lives. Going into this week’s topic, I honestly had no idea what I’d write for this blog because I have minimal knowledge about astrology. But once Sara and I began recording the podcast, I had a spark of inspiration. When she started talking about how she got into astrology and how it has influenced her life, I noticed how truly poetic her tone was in regards to the general topic of astrology. Each time she made a few points, I’d reiterate to make sure that I understood what she was saying. We hit a point in the conversation when I asked her how astrology and fate intersect.

It got me thinking about how everything aligns at the exact moment of our birth and influences the unfolding of our lives. I asked Sara, do you think astrology works as more of a guidebook rather than a causation for our fate? As in, does our astrological chart lend a tool into the insights of our soul/life, or does it pre-determine our fate? Since I’m not an expert, it didn’t feel right to write up essentially what would be a reiteration of what Sara talks about in the podcast when you can just go listen to it. So instead, I thought I’d expand on my opinion of how I believe astrology and fate intersect in our lives.

The Influence of Astrology on Our ‘Fate’

It’s crazy to think that the exact moment of our birth and the placement of the planets influences every facet of our lives. It plays a role in our personality, home life, friendships, relationships, careers, decision-making, emotions, goals, and everything else you can think of. When you really get into reading the intricacies of your birth chart, it can be telling on what challenges you may face in life, where you’ll perform well, and so much more. When Sara read my birth chart, almost all of what she said genuinely resonated with who I’ve been in the past, but more significantly, who I am now. It felt like someone was both reading my history to me while telling me how my future may unfold. But just as Sara said, astrology is energy, and energy is always changing.

As I’ve always stressed, we live in a world with billions of other human beings with free will. Their free will (and the decisions they make) affect our free will and the decisions we make. Therefore, energy is never stagnant. Our energy and the vibrations we output are constantly ebbing and flowing to the energy and information around us. And because of that, our fate is constantly changing. As contradictory as that may sound, it’s true. This isn’t to say that predetermined fate can’t exist. However, because of free will and the constant changes in energy, we don’t have just one fate. Just as we talked about in our conversation on Quantum Leaping, the same way we have multiple realities available to us at all times, we have multiple fates available too.

“choosing your fate”

In this way, free will sounds a bit intimidating; but in reality, it’s like our superpower. If you sit within this spiritual conversation and practice living intentionally, you know that you always have a choice in who you are now and who you’re becoming. Our astrological chart is our guidebook to gaining a deeper understanding— with a hint of fortune telling— of where we may face life’s challenges. It’s a helpful hand in understanding where perhaps some inner child healing is needed, or deeper shadow work. We can refer to it when we’re unsure of something or looking for clarity. But in no way does your astrological chart define who you are and who you will become.

Letting your astrological chart empower you

Harnessing the knowledge and wisdom of your chart is like knowing what will happen in the middle of a book. Where you are in this exact moment of your life is the beginning, your chart fills in potential wins and challenges in the middle, and you determine the ending. When you harness the knowledge of your chart, it gives you the opportunity for expansion. Something Sara pointed out in the podcast was the power of the signs. She mentioned that there are no good and bad signs and no good or bad placements. Understanding of the signs and placements allows you to inform or clarify certain aspects of your life.

For example, I know the placement of my 12th house is in Sagittarius. The 12th house represents endings, closure, past lives, and limiting beliefs. My understanding of this is that I may face issues with boundaries and sacrificing too much. I believe that I’ve struggled with boundaries in the past because I thought if I set healthy boundaries, people wouldn’t respect them and leave me. I would fear abandonment, so I would sacrifice my own needs to please others. This knowledge isn’t something to fear or feel embarrassed about. It’s knowledge I’ve learned about myself that’s been validated by the learning of my chart, and it feels empowering to know and simply something to look out for in my future.

Head over to Apple or Spotify and most certainly give this week’s podcast a listen! Sara was fantastic to have on, and she made me so excited to continue learning about astrology and my chart. Sara will be on the podcast again in the future, so if you have any more intricate questions, drop them in the comments on this post!

Xo,  lauren

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