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Stepping into Your Highest Self: Begin Your Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual Awakening

As we begin to transition away from Covid, I think more and more people are realizing how truly short life is. We see that it’s not worth compromising our time here to fit the standards and molds other people have for us. Because of this, more people are willing to begin investing in themselves and start unapologetically following their dreams. That’s where Intentional Living steps in. People are recognizing the importance of living their lives with purpose and intention. A part of that Intentional Living Journey can often mean stepping into your spiritual awakening. This is exactly what my intentional living journey has done for me, and it’s been a wonderful process that I’ve shared with you. It’s one that has been unexpected, and therefore sometimes difficult to navigate. So, I wanted to offer advice for those looking to intentionally begin their journey in spirituality.

I want to remind you that this blog is being written completely from my own experiences. These are methods of practice that have worked for me that I felt called to share. With that being said, stepping into your highest self and experiencing your spiritual awakening is an incredibly beautiful process that I encourage you to open yourself up to. This is a process that cannot be rushed and needs to be eased into with patience. So, how do you open yourself up to a spiritual awakening? If you’re someone who has already begun their intentional living journey, I believe the process unfolds quite similarly. If you’re someone who’s just joining the La.Rue following and you’re beginning your journey here, welcome–this is a journey that will last a lifetime. Together, we’re going to step into the highest version of ourselves, meeting our absolute greatest potential to achieve our wildest dreams.

How to Begin Your Spiritual Awakening

1. Declutter Your Mind: Step back and go through a thorough examination of your life. What things, people, and thoughts are no longer serving you to reach your greatest potential? To open ourselves up to new thoughts and a new lifestyle, we need to examine what may be negatively affecting us in the present moment. For example, maybe it’s time to delete a certain social media app or remove yourself from a certain relationship. By instilling more mindful behavior in our lives, we’re removing the space for clutter that affects us negatively. Spirituality has a great deal to do with an enlightenment process that unfolds over time. We can’t experience this enlightenment if we have things in our lives that hold us back from moving forward. 
2. Open Yourself Up to New Ideas: Examine your current belief system. Where do your current ideologies lie, and where do you see those aligning with your future self? When we embark on these journeys—ones that often will impact the rest of our lives—they often have the ability to reshape our beliefs and outlook on life. So as you’re beginning your spiritual awakening, start by opening yourself up to new things and new opportunities. Expand your mind to new thoughts that allow you the opportunity to step into your highest self. An example of this is similar to my journey on intentional living. I found that I was reaching a burnout in my life and that a new route I could take was discovering a new lifestyle for myself. By opening myself up to Intentional Living, I allowed myself to broaden my mind. This was, and has been, my true process of stepping into my highest self. 
3. Step into Your Uncomfortable Truths: What is holding you back? Most people can acknowledge what in their life is holding them back from moving forward. But, it’s an uncomfortable truth, meaning acknowledging it is admitting to upcoming change. So many people (including myself) are not comfortable with change they cannot control, even positive change. That is why I often point towards the fear of success because great success often brings great change. So, what uncomfortable truth are you denying? Where do you need to make change to better your self, life, and the environment around you so that you can offer yourself the same opportunity to step into your highest self? 
4. Embrace Your Light & Power: A spiritual awakening journey can often be a lonely and arduous process. Look at this as your freedom to expand in your true self. This is where you should work on building your lifestyle practices: begin incorporating affirmations, manifestations, and meditations into your daily routine. This will assist you in building your connection to the universe and creating the alignment. Did you know that we send out energy vibrations at a higher or lower frequency to attract what we desire? Well, when we work on these practices, we work to increase our frequency, attracting our manifestation into our reality. Remember, this is a process and not something that happens quickly. It’s an unfolding that happens within your mindset to reprogram those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, to bring to the forefront what we desire. 
5. Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs & Step Into Your Highest Self: This is certainly not the last step in a spiritual journey. In fact, I believe it’s the last step in beginning your journey. Our limiting beliefs, which we’ve talked so much about, are those deep subconscious blocks that truly keep us from reaching that highest point. To move beyond those limiting beliefs and reach our highest self is a truly exceptional ability and one that takes years of dedicated effort, self-love, and gratitude–hence why this is the end to the beginning of your journey. I encourage you to begin by simply sitting with yourself. What emotions come to the surface? What emotion do you feel the most of on a day-to-day? Where do you feel stuck? Write affirmations, practice EFT, and begin reprogramming your subconscious. 

Don’t worry, we’ll expand on this topic greatly both on the Blog and on the Do the Damn Thing Podcast. Until then my friends…

Xo,  lauren

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