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Lauren created the Articles (formally known as the blog) over three years ago. The Articles were originally developed as a space for Lauren to share her experiences and employ her voice to create a narrative that was all her own. Documenting her journey with intentional living and entrepreneurship, her dreams grew and her business expanded.

As time went on, Lauren nurtured her intentional living journey, carrying aspects of it over into every facet of her business, including the blog. She used that opportunity to create an ongoing journal of being a woman in entrepreneurship with the desire to combine intentionality under both umbrellas of life and business. The La.Rue Articles are curated with various topics, including intentional living, lifestyle development, entrepreneurship, and personal stories from Lauren. Our hope in sharing this collection of articles is to empower you with the tools, resources, and community to live an intentional life and run an intentional business.

Lifestyle Development Articles

Packing List Template

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Write | Inspire | Dream Welcome to the June Freebie! Summer is upon us, and I thought with Covid on its way out the door and people ready to travel again, it’s only fitting to create a freebie many people could use. The Only Packing List You’ll Ever Need – your travel checklist, flying companion, […]

How to Stop Procrastinating

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Write | Inspire | Dream Procrastination, I believe, can function in our lives in several different ways. Usually, we understand procrastination to exist in the form of putting off or delaying something we don’t want to do. However, procrastination can also manifest in our lives when we even delay working towards something we’re excited about. […]

2021 Summer Bucket List

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Write | Inspire | Dream Welcome back to another fabulous La.Rue Freebie! I’m so excited to announce that this is our very first ever TWO-PART Freebie! I am calling out to all my adventure seekers and memory makers because we’re about to make your 2021 Summer Bucket List. This is not just for the young […]

How to Build Confidence

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Write | Inspire | Dream In the near future, I plan to expand on the topic of success and how we as a collective define the term. The La.Rue mission statement states that the content here is meant to empower you to redefine success to fit your vision of achievement. Over time, and with more […]

How to Fall in Love with Self-Care

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Write | Inspire | Dream Over the last several weeks, we’ve talked about self-care, grazing into the topic on the Sunday Night Routine Blog and the 7 Ways to Reduce Stress Blog. But today on La.Rue, I want to dive deeper into Self-Care and its benefits when practiced daily. I want to talk about how […]


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Write | Inspire | Dream Self-Sabotage happens when the logical side of you is at odds with the emotional side of you. In simple terms, one side of you says you can while the other says you can’t. When we’re feeling stressed out, feeling a sense of failure, or lacking motivation, the emotional side (or […]

Intentional Living

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Write | Inspire | Dream Free Time Productive Free Time Productive Over the last few weeks on La.Rue, we’ve discussed several ways you can implement positive habits into your routine. But today I want to talk about free time and how we can stay productive. Free time is separate from your time to relax and […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream Stress management is something we should practice every day. Instead, what most of us do is brush our stress under the rug or let it bubble up to the surface and explode. Instead, we could practice self-care by implementing breathing exercises, mindfulness, and a positive mindset into our daily routine. […]

Budget & Track

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Write | Inspire | Dream ¬†Budget & Track Budget & Track your savings advice from a millennial? Interesting, I know, so trust me, this blog isn’t coming to you from a self-professed expert. I decided I wanted to write this blog for two reasons. One. To share my experiences with finances and spending and the […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream In several blogs, I’ve sprinkled in this thought, “Being selfish is necessary to achieve your dreams.” But why? Why is being selfish and making selfish decisions needed to achieve your dreams? No one is going to hand you your dreams or gift you the life you’ve always wanted. So when […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream Having a productive and positive routine in 2021 is going to be critical to achieving success. One of the first things you read in a billionaire’s success story is the power of a positive routine and dedication to work. A successful daily routine is routed in your desire to achieve […]

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Write | Inspire | Dream Welcome to the New Year! It’s 2021, and I promise we’re making this year fabulous. I have some AMAZING content coming to you this year on La.Rue, and we are focusing on Intentional Living. I am going to help you create an Intentional Life in which you THRIVE and achieve […]

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