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Creating Your 2021 Summer Bucket List + FREEBIE

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2021 Summer Bucket List

Welcome back to another fabulous La.Rue Freebie! I’m so excited to announce that this is our very first ever TWO-PART Freebie! I am calling out to all my adventure seekers and memory makers because we’re about to make your 2021 Summer Bucket List. This is not just for the young people in college. I am calling out to anyone looking to make their summer a blast after a year of questions. So, if you’re that person, you are in the right place. We are about to curate a bucket list so fabulous, your summer won’t know what hit it. But first, I want to walk you through making the list before you put anything on it. The totally different Summer Bucket List Freebie is meant as a guide. You’re going to pull activities off the guide here and there to add to your personalized bucket list. The key to creating a bucket list, just like with goals, is not to overwhelm yourself with too much.

Creating Your 2021 Summer Bucket List2021 Summer Bucket List

Like your Manifestations, Vision Board, or Dream Board, the visual aspect is incredibly important. You are motivating and reminding yourself that this is something you want to do or a goal you want to achieve, so the visual reminder acts as positive reinforcement to complete the activity. You want to start with a blank canvas that builds on your excitement of the opportunity. Your Summer Bucket List should be full of activities that will create lasting memories. Try thinking of it as a way to cap the era of Covid and begin a new milestone in your life. Your summer is yours to try new things and explore the world around you. So what I recommend doing is instead of creating this massive itemized list of 50 things to do in one summer, break it down to 10 or 15 things that exhilarate and challenge you. That’s your list.

Once you’ve got your 10-15 things to accomplish, start getting visual. Grab your poster board, and some stickers, and pens, and get to work. OR Print out the Visual above, add in some photos and fill in your Bucket List! Maybe add some photos of your friends or family, the people you want to take these adventures with, to encourage you. This visual will be your voice of adventure and (maybe not so much reason) over your summer. If for some reason you reach an off day and you’re not feeling adventurous or in the mood to accomplish, your list will be there to remind you to take adventure. You choose this freebie and this “type” of bucket list because you were looking for a certain challenge or excitement for your summer.

Inspire Your Summer

On the freebie, the bucket list categories are broken down into 6 sections: 1. For the Apprehensive. 2. For the Already Adventurous. 3. For the Out of Your Comfort Zone. 4. For the Challenge Lover. 5. For the One Feeling Stuck. 6. For the Change Maker. Each of these categories has been carefully thought out and curated to fit all of the emotions surrounding this last year and moving forward. After this year, people are missing adventure and in need of some excitement and exhilaration. So, when you’re creating your bucket list, keep in mind that the point of this bucket list is to challenge yourself. So when you’re picking a category that you feel fits you best, that doesn’t mean you have to do all ten things in that category. Pick and choose you’re 10-15 tasks from any of the categories that are going to challenge you.

Each category is laid out with tasks, adventures, and miscellaneous activities¬†to pick and choose from for your bucket list. We’ve talked so much about Intentional Living and that a part of that journey is challenging yourself. We should always strive to try new things, learn new things, and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. If we always stay comfortable and safe, we would never experience adventure or success because we would never take risks. A great part of life is saying yes to the things you normally say no to. We use bucket lists to inspire ourselves to dream bigger and to nurture our love for adventure and freedom. A part of the human experience is craving the unknown and the unanswered. So this summer, I encourage you to foster that desire for adventure.

Download Your Summer Bucket List

When we create a bucket list, we are feeding our creative energy and giving into the opportunity to learn. Dive into the desire for opportunity and adventure and create a summer of memories you will never forget. You can download the new La.Rue Freebie, the Summer Bucket List through the form below or by heading to the shop page and viewing our other freebies! Last month we launched our Weekly Summary Guide that helps you devise goals and track your mindset for a productive and successful week. Download your freebies today!

Xo,  lauren

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