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The Top 3 Priorities When Goal Setting & Achieving

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Goal Setting

Over the last few months since the New Year, we’ve had a lot of content centered around goals. First, we started by talking about My Plans, Goals, and Visions for 2021 and how I planned to achieve them. Next, we dove into 4 Ways to Set Small & Achievable Goals in Your Life with the launch of the La.Rue Goal Setting Guide Freebie! And then, we talked about How Being Selfish Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams. Each of these blogs has one thing in common: they help navigate you towards SETTING Goals, but I think we’ve got that down. Now, I want to help you really start achieving them. By understanding how to set priorities and build a foundation for achievement, you will reach your dreams.

In the Blog, 4 Ways to Set Small & Achievable Goals, I go over the 4 steps to success. 1. Breaking down your goals. 2. Setting Deadlines. 3. Holding Yourself Accountable. 4. Follow Your Plan of Action. These steps create your plan of action, but I want to talk about your follow-through. Obviously, the most important step in following your dreams is actually taking the leap of faith, putting yourself out there, being vulnerable. I want you to know, writing this blog, I’m speaking from experience. La.Rue was a dream of mine for so long, and now here I am, writing to all of you with success post-launch and much success still to come. So, how can you straighten out your priorities when it comes to achieving your goals? What do I even mean by priorities based on your goals? Let’s talk about it…

Priority 1: Don’t Wait for Something to Be Perfect

If we all waited for our work or our dreams to be perfect, nothing would ever be done, and progress would never be made. There is a reason failure exists, and unfortunately, as much as we hate it, we learn from it. You can read more about Overcoming Failure and Embracing Future Success, on the blog. But what I really want to highlight here is our desire and need for something to be perfect when we’re chasing our dreams. Your priority when following your dreams shouldn’t be perfection. We can always strive for perfection and work our hardest, but we shouldn’t wait for something to be perfect before putting it out there. When I was launching the blog, an INCREDIBLE amount of steps went into making this happen, and if perfection had been my only desired result, my launch would have never had happened.

We use our desire for perfection as an excuse for not following our dreams. Whatever your dream is, remember that you’re starting something new, and it’s going to take a lot of trial and error to get to your desired result. So whatever it is you’re reaching towards, just start somewhere and begin.

Priority 2: Do Your Best, Not Necessarily the Most

Over the course of the five months when I was developing the blog before launch, I took a lot of courses and listened to a lot of podcasts about the best practices for starting a blog. Many of them mentioned that this fight with perfection also has a lot to do with putting in more work than necessary right from the get-go. When you’re breaking out into a new endeavor, it usually involves several steps to success. You have to give yourself some grace as you begin. Start by setting goals and prioritizing your time. Ask yourself what’s going to require more time and attention than other things? I am guilty of overwhelming myself with work that isn’t even necessary. I’m a perfectionist and I often get in my own way, which impedes me from moving forward.

When you’re setting priorities for your goals, you need to clarify what needs to get done versus what you’d like to do. You don’t want to be the person holding you back from moving forward. So your priority should be to get the work done that will move you forward. Come back later to “perfect.”

Priority 3: Achieve Small Goals 

This is a critical priority to have and something I have to often remind myself of—the reason for setting “smaller goals” and for creating a plan of action like the La.Rue Goal Setting Guide is to actively see progress happening in your desire to achieve your main goal. Without seeing progress, most of us see a lack of progress, therefore losing our motivation and drive to achieve. We have to constantly remind ourselves that our “big goal” will take time, in some cases, years to achieve. So when we set small goals within the one main goal, progress keeps us moving forward, motivated, and inspired to continue achieving. That’s why your goal-setting worksheet is so important to your progress. When you’re actively achieving and literally seeing the progress on paper, watching yourself move forward through the steps, you know you’re closer to achieving your dreams.

Over the last several months on La.Rue, we’ve established all you need to do to both SET & ACHIEVE Goals. My desire here is to give you the knowledge to create your own action plans in your life to set goals. Once you’ve set the goals, you’ll have the confidence to achieve the goals. With these resources, you’re creating an Intentional Life setting you up for great success and achievement. Additionally, on the blog, we’ve discussed…

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These have been some of the most popular content since the New Year. Wherever you may be feeling lost or in need of guidance, one of these blogs is bound to answer some of the questions you may have. And, if for some reason it doesn’t, head over to the contact page on the blog and write me about wherever you may be feeling lost or any questions you have about goal setting, habits, routines, or Intentional living. Let’s talk about it and see how you can move forward.

Xo,  lauren

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