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Spiritual Energy: How to SURGE or PURGE

Spiritual Energy

Do you remember learning the laws of thermodynamics when you were in elementary school? The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The exact amount of energy that pre-existed humans is the same amount of energy today. The same law applies to spiritual energy. In the spiritual conversation, this means we understand that the people no longer physically with us have left behind an energetic footprint. So what about the energy here and now? In a sense, we can describe emotions as energy. We have energy towards happiness, joy, movement, anger, hunger, sadness, grief, and every other emotion under the sun. So if emotion is equal to energy, and energy is always constant (neither expanding nor lessening), how can we find expansion with emotion rather than energy itself?

The Prism Oracle

Although our energy cannot be “created,” we do have the power to change or embrace our emotions. In fact, we can surge towards certain emotions or infer when it might be time to purge certain emotions. Recently, I’ve been very connected to my Prism Oracle deck. It’s a deck that utilizes the color wheel to emit the nature of emotions as they’re related to color. As I am getting more acquainted with this deck, I’ve been using a particular process to help me understand emotions I may be experiencing. We associate certain emotions or ideas as positive and others negative. With each card pull, if the card’s energy is naturally positive, I offer the intent that this is energy I must SURGE towards. If the card’s energy is naturally negative, it’s energy we must PURGE.

This approach is the inspiration for this week’s topic of conversation on La.Rue. Spiritual energy we must SURGE towards, or PURGE out of us.

Spiritual Energy

Just as we’re in control of our thoughts, we control our emotions. If you want to change your life, you must first change the way you think. If you want to change the way you feel, you have to step back in control of your emotions. As much as I understand this is much easier said (or typed) than done, you can only allow people to make you feel a certain way. No matter their intent, to make you happy, sad, mad, disappointed, etc., you are in control of whether or not that’s how you feel. Spiritual energy is much of the same. A significant aspect of living intentionally is maintaining control over your emotions and choosing where they lead you.

But, how do we do this? Many meditation practices act as a way to learn how to control your emotions. They allow you to harness the power of the subconscious to direct your attention or emotions one way or another. When you’re able to direct your emotions, you can practice the ability of surging or purging energy.

Energy we Must surge towards

Ask yourself, “What energy feels good for me to exist in?” Like many of our recent conversations, this is subjective to every single person. We all have different energies, auras, and emotions that feel good. But, they’re not always our median energy. In fact, our often baseline energy is more reliant on stress or feeling tense about something. This is usually because we’ve been programmed to look into the future and go to the worst possible case scenario, and we stress ourselves out about something that hasn’t happened yet. Annoying, right? So how do we remove ourselves from that stress baseline into more positive energy?

The issue here isn’t really how to change the energy, but more so perspective. We need to stop contemplating stressful scenarios that haven’t happened yet and focus on the here and now. We’re constantly taking ourselves out of the present moment, which detaches us from our emotions. And this is why we’re constantly stressed! Instead, what we should be doing is surging towards the energy that feels good to us in the present moment. Just as we discussed in our recent conversation on the Intentional Living Venn Diagram, which will hyperloop you to success (the exact methodology I use in my coaching), you must begin simply—waking up each day and asking yourself simple questions that are cause for more inquisitive and deeper responses.

Who am I right now? Who do I want to be?

How am I feeling right now? How do I want to feel?

What would feel intentional to me today?

The answers to these questions should ebb and flow just as you do. They will expand on their own time, just as you expand in your intentional living journey.

Energy we must purge

I know at this point, saying “the comfort zone is where we stay stuck” might be getting a bit repetitive. And yet, it’s still true. And as odd as it may sound, some of the most challenging emotions we deal with are ones we choose to stay stuck in because they’re more comfortable than the process of expansion or growth. Why you ask? Because growth and expansion mean change, and we’re terrified of change, as you know best. Ask yourself what energies you’ve been choosing to stay stuck in that you know aren’t serving you. What emotions come up? What fears? Or limiting beliefs? This is the energy we must purge.

When we go from purge to surge, we’re no longer limiting ourselves to low vibrations energies: regret, guilt, shame, embarrassment, fear, scarcity, and more. Instead, we create a safe space for ourselves to thrive in the energies that challenge us and make us feel good.

I encourage you to take some time this week to meditate on some of the questions prompted in this piece. Ask yourself what energies you need to surge towards, or purge.

And if you feel like you need a little nudge in the surging and purging, I’ve added a new section to the weekly La.Rue newsletter that will help you do just that. Subscribe to La.Rue and receive the weekly email where I include a card pulled from my Prism Oracle deck that shares the collective spiritual energy we all must surge towards, or purge out.

Xo,  lauren

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