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Your Inner Voice is Calling: How I Listen to My Intuition

Listen to your Intuition

Our intuition is our most powerful form of guidance. It’s the connection we share to the Universe, and how the Universe communicates to us and through us. It is a deep inner knowing and voice that calls out to us, guiding us through challenges. A quote from Abraham Hicks tells us the path of least resistance may not be the path we select, but it is the path of our greatest joy, greatest healing, and greatest success because it is the path guided by our inner knowing. To listen to your intuition is a skill you have to practice and hone. To do this, we must practice meditation, breathwork, and sitting in silence. To invite your intuition to the surface, you have to be open to receiving. What we receive may not be the answers or guidance we’re looking for, but it is the voice of the Universe.

It’s taken me years to hone my ability not only to listen to my intuition but to ask questions and seek answers. When I began my intentional living journey, I began sitting with myself in silence. It was the only way I could address the demons. I had to sit and go within to discover what needed healing beyond the surface. During this time, I was able to form a bond between myself and my inner knowing. The Universal law of connection teaches us that this voice is our connection to the Universe and to the divine. Your intuition is the inner being within you that exists beyond our three-dimensional world, guiding us daily. Listening to my intuition has come with a great deal of practice and trust.

How I Listen to My Intuition: Soul Connection

There are so many different ways you can begin to harness your connection to your inner voice. Today, I want to share a few ways I tap into and listen to my intuition. Over the years, my intuition has become my friend. It’s a deep connection I rely on daily when I feel like I’m at a crossroads. Your intuition is available for far more than answers. Our intuition is a resource like no other. It comforts us when we’re facing challenges, difficult emotions, and just life in general. By developing your connection to your intuition, it’s like you’re getting a new best friend. It becomes something you rely on greatly.


I know that meditation can sound daunting. There are so many different ways to do it, too: listening to a guided meditation, guiding yourself based on a specific topic, mindfulness meditations versus spiritual, movement meditation versus visualization, etc. And for many, stilling in stillness and silence for extended periods of time can be really difficult. But meditation is easier than you think. Quieting your mind isn’t the difficult part. What’s hard is inviting your mind to go somewhere new. Using meditation as a way to connect to your intuition means finding quiet amongst the chaotic thoughts, and letting yourself believe something new.

If you’re going into meditation with the intention of connecting to your intuition, you need to focus on giving your intuition a voice. Sometimes we have a hard time connecting with even the idea of something intangible because we can’t see it. Give your intuition a shape, a color, a personality. What does its voice sound like? How do you feel it within you? When you’re able to imagine your intuition as something tangible, you’re better able to connect to it. And when you’re first beginning, don’t just try to pull on your intuition blankly. Ask direct questions to receive direct answers. The more you practice calling on that inner knowing, the more it will come up on its own.


Breathwork is a practice I’ve used for years to help regulate my heart rate when I’m feeling anxious. It’s a well-known and widely used practice that improves your physical, mental, and emotional state. But most importantly, breathwork shifts your energy, leaving what is no longer serving you behind, and inviting new energy in. So how does inviting in new energy affect your connection to your intuition? Shifting your energy creates objectivity. When you’re so focused on something negative or going negatively, you’re less likely to connect to your intuition. You’ve already convinced yourself something is/will go badly; therefore, anything your intuition says you wouldn’t be able to hear.

Breathwork, among other things, allows you to neutralize your thinking. Instead of going too far one way or the other, you open yourself up to possibility. Once you do so, you can call on your intuition to help make the right decisions. When you calm the mind, you’re creating space for outside connection to come in. Breathwork helps you let go of the energies keeping you blocked so that you can open up to that inner knowing. The next time you feel anxious about something, try practicing breathwork (so many good videos on youtube) to calm yourself down, and then meditate on your intuition.


When it comes down to a simple explanation, sometimes, we just need to listen to that feeling in the back of our minds. Your intuition is something you always have access to, and it’s always sending you signals of what to do. Sometimes, all we need to do is sit down and quiet the outside noise. Quiet the opinion of others, the obligations you face, and anything else that may be blocking you. When you quiet the noise and listen to what your mind, body, and soul are actually telling you, you might pick up on far more than you realized. You know the way, and you always have. Your soul and connection to the Universe are constantly guiding you on your greatest path.

A difficulty many face in connecting with their intuition is the fear of knowing “too much.” We fear the answers because sometimes they’re not what we want to hear. So when fight against our intuition instead of listening. But either way, you will follow your path. Instead of creating detours along the way, trust that you’re always being guided and held.

Xo,  lauren

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