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The Habit Tracker Printable to Help You Live Intentionally

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Habit Tracker Printable

Welcome to La.Rue, the Ultimate Intentional Living & Lifestyle Blog. On the blog, you’ll find content dedicated to helping you change your life and achieve your dreams. You’ve reached the Habit Tracker Printable Blog, a piece of cornerstone, evergreen content. Within this blog, we’re going to discuss how to use the habit tracker optimally. In addition, we’re to explore the importance of tracking your habits and how you can change your life when you implement small habits. I’ve published a plethora of content on habits and routines and their importance in our lives. But, today on La.Rue, we’re ironing out all of that content to one place. Habits and routines are at the foundation of an Intentional Life. When you solidify your habits and devise strong routines, you’re setting yourself up for great success.

At its core, Intentional Living means defining your version of what it means to live life fully and living that life every day. When you build upon your habits and routines and re-structure the base of your lifestyle, you’re creating the foundation for the space in which you can succeed in living that full life. Habits are the way we formulate the framework for most of the decisions we make. When we create positive and lasting habits in our lives, we’re opening ourselves to new opportunities for success.

The Importance of Habits

We create habits, good or bad, out of desire. This could be from a desire to better ourselves or a desire for change. Either way, habits form from behavior that is either consciously or subconsciously repeated. When you live an intentional lifestyle, you create conscious habits that have the intention of bettering yourself. We desire new habits and routines because we decide that our lives need change. Thus, the changes we decide to make consciously are what improve our current lives. Habits are what set a foundation for our lifestyle. The habits of our morning set the tone for our day and the habits of our evening are our closure. But, when we’re conscious of these habits and incorporate “positive impact habits” into our day, we begin to lead incredibly intentional and purposeful lives that fill in what we, individually, define as what it means to live fully.

Within the La.Rue brand, I’ve coined the term Positive Impact Habit which provides meaningful and lasting change in your life that encourages you to continue establishing new habits and change. Therefore, these habits motivate you to continue pushing your boundaries and areas for improvement. Positive Impact Habits are habits like daily journaling with the 6-Minute Diary, Meditation, Practicing Daily Affirmations, etc. These habits work on re-programming your mind and your mindset to evaluate your limiting beliefs so you can move beyond them to reach your greatest potential.

The Habit Tracker Printable

When you’re beginning your intentional living journey, I encourage you to begin with habits. When you begin with small, incremental lifestyle changes, you’re motivating yourself to continue making positive changes in your life. Your Habit Tracker Printable is not just a piece of paper; it is your accountability partner to change. Your Habit Tracker is your motivational resource to help you begin your intentional living journey. When you download your habit tracker, I recommend beginning with one positive impact habit and three small habits. Some of your smaller habits could include waking up earlier, less TV or phone time, etc. These habits will all benefit your mind or body in some way. When you recognize where you’re focusing on your habits and change, you’re conscious of its impact on either your mind or body. For instance, these habits re-focus your time to allow for accomplishing other things.

It takes 66 days to establish a new habit as a routine. So, I recommend you practice tracking your habits with the habit tracker for three months to ensure establishing routine of your new habits. Each month you can either establish new foundational habits and continue with your previous habits in the “weekly tracker,” or continue with the same four foundational habits each time. Your Habit Tracker is one of your top resources in designing your intentional life. When you’re living intentionally, you’re creating the space and mindset for yourself to live fully and presently each day. 

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

If you’d like additional, more poignant resources to design your intentional life, the La.Rue brand offers a generous range of Intentional Living resources. You can purchase our 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge. This challenge is a thoughtfully designed and carefully curated challenge that guides you through a 30-Day examination of your current lifestyle and helps you design a meaningful plan of action to change your life. Want even more? I took the 30-Day Intentional Living Challenge and designed a 5-Module, Intentional Living Course, available on Teachable. This course is an in-depth, long-form breakdown of the challenge. I meticulously guide you through curating your 30-Day Challenge to help you completely change your life. Are you ready for even more? 

At La.Rue, we offer an absolutely incredible 1:1 Lifestyle Coaching Program to help you transform your entire lifestyle. This three-tiered program is for anyone looking to make lasting and impactful changes in their life. At tier one, Intentional Coaching, we offer a very thoughtfully designed personalized program specific to one or two genres of change you’re looking to make. At tier two, Transitional Coaching, this two-month, 1:1 program is carefully crafted around your personalized 30-Day challenge to help you redesign your lifestyle. And at tier three, Mastermind Coaching, this three-month, incredibly intentional, purposefully designed, personalized program takes the client through an entire walkthrough of their current lifestyle to re-design their entire life to live a beautifully crafted intentional lifestyle. So, begin designing your intentional life today with La.Rue. 



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