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Track your Habits

The La.Rue Habit Tracker

I created this Habit Tracker for myself long before La.Rue became what it is. It was something that I could use to help me change my life in little ways that would ultimately lead me to achieve a much larger goal. Simply tracking my new habits on a sheet of paper became both my inspiration and accountability for 1. Completing the task, and 2. Actually seeing the results of success. I was able to see that at the end of the month, I had achieved a goal; not only were these tasks becoming a part of my routine, but I was proud of myself for taking action and seeing those changes in my life. So I decided to design my very own Habit Tracker that caters to a more specific goal setting. Continue reading more on Intentional Living on and download my FREE Intentional Living Guide as well!


The Purpose of the Habit Tracker

The Habit Tracker is meant to motivate you and track your success along the way. Each month you’ll choose up to 4 new habits connected to a much larger goal that, over time, will be accomplished due to the small changes you’re choosing to make in your life right now. The Habit Tracker’s larger purpose is to help you create, track, and see change in your life, so you have the power of motivation when it comes to making major changes in your life.

Let me explain what I mean by implement ‘small’ habits for the purpose of achieving a ‘larger’ goal.

Let’s say something that you’ve always wanted to do is read more. But you always say you never have the time, or there are too many options, aka, always making excuses for why you can’t make this change in your life. Now, let’s say you download the Habit Tracker, and one of your new habits is to read every day – and your plan of action is to start small, reading ten pages or one chapter every other day. So you’re at the end of the month, you’ve tracked your success, and now you’re ready to print out a new Habit Tracker; how about you up that goal to every day? Then at the end of that month, you’ve now been reading almost every day for sixty days! Now, let’s say it’s been a year since you started that first Habit Tracker, and now, you’re reading every day and have gone through several books that you always said you would read.

Habit Tracking and making change isn’t something that happens overnight. You have to be okay with the knowledge that it will take time to achieve those larger goals, but you must understand by starting small, you will achieve the big. Success grows from failure. If you’ve failed in the past, now it’s time to succeed.

 Track Your Habits

How to use the Habit Tracker

At the beginning of the month, choose four habits connected to the mind or body (circling one) that you would like to implement in your life. Once you’ve selected the Habit, write down what it is on the first line and follow it up with how you plan to achieve action for this goal. For example, Journaling every day (mind), I will set aside 10 minutes every night before bed to write in my journal.

Once you’ve chosen your four new habits, you’ll write those in the first four lines of the ‘Weekly Tracker,’ if it’s a goal you don’t want to meet every day, be sure to blackout or cross out the days you won’t complete the habit. You want to go into the week prepared with exactly what days you will and won’t do something so you’re not saving a task for the end of the week and then fall behind. For example, if you want to read every other morning, choose the days you will read, and ‘x’ out the days you won’t on the weekly tracker so you’re never behind on the actual number of days you’re completing.

The rest of the space in the Weekly Tracker is meant for other habits you may have already implemented into your life to track their progress. Seeing progress and success on paper is the key.

Head over to my shop page by clicking the ‘Shop La.Rue’ tab above or following this link to download your FREE Habit Tracker today. Now,  I think you’re ready to begin using the Habit Tracker and see change in your life. It’s time to take action and see success!







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