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Soul Contracts & How They Influence Our Lives

Soul Contracts

Allow me to paint a picture of how I believe this unfolds before diving into the what and how. I believe at the ‘entrance’ of this lifetime, we stand in line waiting for acceptance into Earth School. As we reach the front of the line, we are posed with several different opportunities or contracts. Soul Contracts are the contract we enter into before birth. This decision is made based on both desires/ lessons we need to learn in this lifetime and lessons we’ve learned in previous lifetimes. This begs the question, “But how/why are there good and bad people on this earth?” The lesson that has been coming up repeatedly in my own soul inquiry and spiritual learning is clear: those who come onto this earth and perform “bad things” teach us the lesson of how truly good or pure we are.

This is not an easy pill to swallow; it can create a disassociation between our beliefs and values. And yet, we’re learning the lessons we’re meant to be learning. Soul Contracts dictate a lot of things in our lives. Not only do we come into Earth School having the knowledge of all that will unfold in our lives, but our contracts help curate many other things outside of these lessons. Our Soul Contracts are interwoven with others’ in order to impact our lives. The people who come into our lives can teach us lessons, can bring us harm, and can bring us solace. Our Soul Contracts are the binding path for which our lives unfold.

The Breakdown of Soul Contracts

The theoretical framework of Soul Contracts is based on a belief that our current soul negotiates with a previous soul to decide what we do in this lifetime: emanate as positive, negative, or neutral energy. Positive energy souls come into this lifetime learning lessons and sharing wisdom. Negative energy souls accentuate the good in the world by creating the bad. Neutral energy souls are those not yet ready to learn more significant lessons, so they present as neutral energy. So, in theory, the positive energetic souls are those who dominate the population. We are the energetic imprint of the Universal Source. Our souls, and those from the past that are alike, have created the Universe in which we thrive today. Both good and bad, Soul Contracts are the process of evolution. They’re meant to teach us good versus bad so that we may continue evolving.

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

Emily Bronté

Bringing Awareness to Your Contract

We aren’t born into this world knowing we have soul contracts or what they entail. Bringing awareness to your contract can be a part of your journey—most commonly, your spiritual/healing journey. When we bring attention to what it is, we harness its power of influence. The sooner in our lives that we can recognize what perhaps our purpose is here, we can walk more clearly in that direction. For example, over the last two years since beginning my intentional, spiritual, and healing journey, I have discovered that my purpose here is to learn difficult lessons and share my wisdom and knowledge from those lessons. I am a spiritual server, creating a bridge between experience and spirituality.

When you begin this journey of intentionality, spirituality, and healing, you’re opening yourself to greater awareness. This increase in consciousness isn’t just your awareness of self but a greater understanding of thought and how your thoughts and actions create your three-dimensional world. This means that you’re creating space not just to heal your past but review it in a way that inspires your future. You’re allowing yourself to learn the lessons meant for you to broaden your knowledge and understanding of your purpose here.

How Soul Contracts Influence Our Lives

Our Soul Contracts’ influence goes far beyond the singularity of one soul. They influence not just our lessons but the people involved in those lessons. They affect how we show up, teach, and impact another person’s contract. These are the lessons we’re brought to earth not only to learn ourselves but to teach others. This is the birth of soulmates, soul sisters and brothers, and our soul family. These are the people our soul contracts collide with intimately. These people influence our lives and likely understand us on (what feels like) a cellular level. Our synchronicity with the universe and our contracts here allows us to make these perceptions of the Universe. It’s a way to understand our purpose and how it’s linked to a higher purpose—God, Source, Energy, Universe.

By reaching this higher level of consciousness, we’re expanding into what is known as “pure consciousness.” This state of being intersects our existence with a higher power to adopt higher consciousness. When we can connect with our Soul Contracts spiritually, we’re connecting to our source or vision of a higher power. A theory practiced in many spiritual religions argues that the higher power of “God” lives within us. This means that while the spirit or essence of that power is within us, it also states that essentially, we ourselves are the higher power. The highest, most pure, omnipresent version of ourselves to exist is our individual “God.”

It’s a version of ourselves that lives and exists in a higher dimension that we cannot reach. The Soul Contract we sign upon entering Earth School is designed by this version of ourselves.

How to Use your Contract as a Guide

Our soul contracts are available to us (likely in a cliff notes version) at any time in our lives. It’s up to us to create that spiritual connection and willingly surrender. This requires an understanding that the lessons we’ve learned and will learn are not here to punish us. They are simply the lessons we need to learn and one day pass on. Therefore, if you’re seeking a higher level of understanding, I encourage you to go back and reflect on the hardest and best moments of your life. What were the lessons you took away? As you sort through this list, attempt to find the commonality between all scenarios. That is your answer. And if you can find your answer, you can attempt to find meaning in all that you do, knowing the power of your higher self universally guides you and your soul contract.

Xo,  lauren

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