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Powerful Daily Routine: Building an Intentional Life in 2022

Powerful Daily Routine

The New Year content is officially in full swing! My house is decorated for Christmas, and I am in the Holiday Spirit! From now till the New Year, gear up for some extraordinary content to get you in the best position possible to conquer 2022! We’ve gone through this song and dance a few times over the last year since La.Rue launched. But, with each season comes a bit of change for all of us. Perhaps you’ve moved or started a new job, maybe you’ve even launched your own business. With that change always comes an adjustment to a new schedule, with new habits and a new powerful daily routine.

Building a powerful daily routine comes with commitment to an intentional life and dedication to your growth. As we grow, so does our routine. It’s the foundation of our day—some may even argue lifestyle— that sets up our mindset, productivity, and often success.

With this in mind, we’re going to do things a little differently today. Instead of offering the same habits I’ve mentioned before that create structure in your life, I have designed three routines for the different people reading this blog. These are routines that you can adapt and form to fit your life based on your needs. One, for the person on a time crunch. Two, for the person in college. And three, for the person feeling stuck.

Each of these routines is palatable to your life. Adapt the scenario to fit your unique lifestyle, transition these positive impact habits into your daily routine, and see the transformation begin.

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.

BRian Tracy

Powerful Daily Routines

One | For the person on a time crunch

Do you work 40+ hours a week? Are you a parent? Are you working, running errands, going out with friends, and dating? Whatever your life looks like, I understand the time crunch, and therefore, the need (and desire) for a simple yet highly effective routine. So, if looking for an easy-to-implement routine that slides right into your schedule, this is for you.


Start waking up half an hour earlier than you already do. In this half an hour, we’re going to implement all the habits you need to successfully set up your day. Once you’re up, leave your phone alone for those same 30 minutes; this will give your mind the space to open up and think clearly, free of distractions and anxiety. The first thing you’ll do in the morning is hydrate your body and calm the mind, whatever this looks like for you. Whether you’re drinking coffee and journaling or drinking water and meditating, pair the two together and give yourself about 10 minutes to enjoy the nourishment and peacefulness. Once you’ve cleared your head and heart space, it’s time to dive into the day. You’ve got roughly 15 minutes left of your 30-minute power morning. Use this time to plan out your day and set goals.


6:00 AM Wake Up — 30 Minute No Phone — Make Morning Coffee & Enjoy with Morning Journaling & Brief Meditation — Plan Day using Daily Planning Pages — Set Goals — Start Day

Two | For the Person in College

I recently wrapped up a Mastermind Coaching Program with an amazing client who is fresh on the college scene. As someone who has been in college and lived through (more like survived) those ever-changing hours and the dedication to work, I understand the true importance of finding a routine that works for you as well as supports a hectic schedule. So, this is for you.


Depending on your class and/or work schedule, your wake-up time may vary from day to day. The first thing I recommend is regulating that schedule. Find a time that fits into your week (but still allows you a good amount of sleep) and assign that as your wake-up time for the weekdays. And if there is one thing I would recommend to my past college self and every future graduate with a cloud of constant stress: mediate or practice EFT tapping every single day. Want to know how to manage your stress? This is it. Don’t just add it to your Habit Tracker, but create a dedicated time every day to de-stressing and calming your mind and body.


As a college student, your schedule is bound to get a bit chaotic, specifically when you’re nearing the end of a semester. A great way to manage a bit of the chaos is ensuring you have a solid understanding of your schedule, assignments, and deadlines. A part of your weekly routine is taking time to get familiar with what’s coming up. Choose one day each week to give yourself an hour or so to prep for the upcoming week. Make sure your planner is up-to-date, you’ve got your course load laid out and scheduled, and you know what assignment deadlines are approaching. Despite how tedious it may seem, taking this time each week will ease your mind and create stability in your week.

Want a planner recommendation? I used the Day Designer throughout all four years of college; it’s truly fantastic!

Three | For the Person Feeling Stuck

If you’re here, let me say you’re already making an extraordinary effort to change your life. I’ve been in your shoes. I understand what it’s like to wake up in the morning without a sense of purpose, without guidance, and without inspiration. The first step to changing your mindset, and changing your life, is starting small. Get down to the granular of what’s in your control and take control of everything you possibly can. Begin implementing change with a powerful daily routine that inspires you tomorrow, the next day, and the next. I designed this routine with hope in mind. This is a routine that will slowly begin to rebalance the scales and offer you opportunity.

Morning ROUTINE:

When you’re feeling stuck and looking to move in a new or even uncomfortable direction (like following your big dream), it’s essential to build a new and foundational structure for yourself. This foundation is created from your daily routine and the mindset, confidence, and balance it offers you amid the unknown or chaotic. Start by designing a positive and impactful morning routine that you love and sets you up for success. What’s important here is that none of this feels like ‘work,’ but rather something you look forward to and motivates you.

Your morning routine should include FIVE foundational habits. One: A dedicated wake-up time/morning routine time, during which you do not use your phone. Two: A time for self-reflection like journaling or reading. Three: Incorporate movement with yoga, a walk, or other mindful movement. Four: A time to ease your mind with meditation, EFT, or manifesting practices. Five: Lastly, you should have a plan or goal for your day. Something you can direct your full attention to that offers accomplishment, success, and growth in your day.

Daily Routine:

If you’re looking to change your life by starting a business, getting a job, or going back to school, you need to be making some sort of progress towards that dream every single day. Start by planning your day, writing out your goals, and creating a plan of action to make a little progress. Whatever this looks like to you, we all should be moving the needle toward our BIG DREAMS, which starts with a powerful daily routine.

Xo,  lauren

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