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Planning Your Ideal Week: The Weekly Summary + Freebie

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Weekly Summary

Happy Monday! The April Freebie Has Arrived! This is a really exciting freebie that I have been waiting to release! If you’re new to La.Rue, or even if you’re not, I want to give you some insight and background on our freebies and how to optimally use them. This month, we’re launching the Weekly Summary. This freebie will help you set goals, challenge yourself, and practice self-reflection for the coming week. Like each La.Rue freebie, you can use this one on its own or with others. Based on what changes you’d like to make at the moment, you should be choosing the freebie(s) you feel would best help you reach and achieve those goals.

Start by choosing an area of your life you’d like to improve upon and which freebie or product you think will help you most. If you’d like to create and set new habits in your life, then the Habit Tracker is what you’re looking for. If you’d like to start tracking your finances and setting goals in your spending, then the Financial Tracker is for you. So, for your new April Freebie, the Weekly Summary, my suggestion is to purchase the La.Rue Daily & Weekly Planning Pages. With these three pages, you’ll have the tools needed to start planning incredibly productive days, create positive routines, and track your goals. The Weekly Summary will help you be mindful throughout the week of your mood, intentions, and habits. With this in mind, you’ll find yourself more motivated to complete tasks and achieve your goals.

The Weekly Summary 

The Weekly Summary is meant to help you set Intentions for your week ahead. By setting goals & habits, practicing self-reflection, and setting plans for improvement, you’re actively challenging yourself to better your lifestyle. So, let’s break down The Weekly Summary and how to use each section optimally. First, you’ll start by setting goals in your personal and professional/academic life. I recommend setting 2-3 goals in each category to set a realistic bar for achievement. These goals can be something simple like less screen time and more reading. Your goals can also be more in-depth and difficult, like completing a major paper or work project. You’re setting goals for the week that you’re looking to accomplish because you either want to a.—improve something in your life or b.—complete something. Either way, you’re looking to be more productive and create a setting for success.

Next, you’ll see the reflection portion where you’ll take the time to reflect on last week. What were your wins and accomplishments? Did you accomplish the goals you set for yourself? You can also reflect on where you can improve from last week. Maybe you had a tough week, and through self-reflection, you realize how you can adjust your attitude or approach in the coming week. Use this space to jot down a few ideas or notes on your week’s positives and where you can improve. You will continue to reflect more deeply on your mood because Intentional Living is greatly centered on mindfulness. You’ll rate your level of happiness at the beginning of the week from 1-10 and how you can attempt to improve your mood. What can you do to make yourself happier? Small things like self-care, relaxation techniques, and stress management can greatly improve your mood and your approach to the upcoming week.

Breaking Down the Guide

Self-reflection is a powerful tool, and when we utilize it correctly, we have great power in enlightening our future. Once you’ve reflected, you’ll fill in your Habits for the week, either pulled from your Habit Tracker, if that’s something you’re utilizing at the time, or simply four habits you’d like to implement for the week. And finally, you’ll write down one affirmation for the week. In the near future, I’ll be publishing a Top Affirmations You Should Practice Daily Blog. But in the meantime, practice writing very powerful affirmations that confirm your abilities in yourself for achievement, like: I have all of the knowledge and ability I need to achieve my dreams or, I have all of the energy and motivation I need to achieve my goals. Affirmations are a powerful tool of reinforcement for motivation and confidence.

Lastly, I suggest hanging this up wherever you most often work. The visual reminder will keep you motivated to achieve the challenging goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the week. This guide coupled with your Daily & Weekly Planning Pages will set you up for a productive week. All of the La.Rue Freebies are designed to help you live a more intentional life. Their purpose is to help you fill in gaps that are keeping you from success and find ways to improve where you feel you may be lacking. The freebies guide you to create positive changes that you’ve decided are necessary to elevate your lifestyle.

Benefits of the Weekly Summary 

The Weekly Summary will provide structure and a more defined routine that will benefit your dreams. When we see small progress and little changes over time, our defined, “ability to succeed,” grows. Our beliefs in what we can achieve, changes, and we see our dreams come to life. It seems like a small thing to do, to write down a few things each week; but the benefits of what you’re writing down: self-reflecting, addressing goals, and being mindful of your mood; all contribute to your thoughts on your ability to be happy and to succeed. Think about the progress you’ll see in just four weeks of the Weekly Summary; how just one month can create change and move the needle towards a more intentional life.

Xo,  lauren

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