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March: How to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

2023 Your Best Year March

Welcome to Month THREE of making 2023 your best year, the March edition! If you’re new here or haven’t been following along, I’m giving updates on my progress for my 2023 goals each month. Self-accountability can be challenging regarding our goals or resolutions for the year. So this year, I promised to update you on my progress, mindset, and resistance each month. At the end of each post, I reflect and plan how to do better next month. In sharing this, I hope to help you find resolutions to problems you may be facing in achieving your goals and hold you accountable to progress. We don’t set goals or resolutions for the fun of it. These are things we want to achieve or aspects of our lives we want to change. And this is how we can do it together.

At the end of the February update, I promised to be more strict about my dedication to my morning routine. However, my stipulation was not changing my mindset about having compassion for myself when I didn’t follow through. So, how did it go? Overall, I’ve done well with a strong morning routine. It’s something I look forward to every day. I wake up, make coffee, plan my day, journal, meditate, and do some light tapping over the next hour. Just before beginning this post, I looked at my habit tracker that’s included in my daily notion agenda. Comparing January to February, it’s clear how much stronger I’ve gotten in my routine. Overall, I’d say February has been a month of progress. So let’s chat about March.

February Reflection & March Progress


Regarding my morning routine, as I mentioned, it’s something I look forward to each day now. It’s become a very spiritual routine rooted in gratitude and excitement for my day. But where am I at with my other goals? I feel I’m progressing well regarding my “Big Goals” (my top 10). My mindset has been increasingly more optimistic, and I think that’s to do with my morning routine. Lately, I’ve been so rooted in gratitude. It’s almost been overwhelming because I’ve never been this happy in my life. The version of myself from three years ago would have been convinced something terrible would happen to “ruin” all of this good. That has been the mindset battle I’ve been facing.

Over the last several years, I’ve worked incredibly hard to shift my mindset. But it was a habitual thought I practiced for years believing that happiness couldn’t/ wouldn’t/ shouldn’t last. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been actively addressing those thoughts as they arise. Something I practice in EFT tapping is affirming the belief that it’s safe and I’m worthy of life getting better and better. Yes. Things will happen that are out of my or our control. Yes. I will face loss and grief; those are a natural order of life. However, it’s still safe to feel good and be happy. My mindset has been strong, and I’ve been battling those thoughts well. But they still linger, and my goal is to eradicate them entirely by continuing daily tapping.


Every month, I make a to-do list that breaks down my larger goals for the year. For example, if my goal were to save 12K, the reasonable monthly breakdown would be to put 1K aside. Last month, I noticed I had steady success checking things off my monthly to-do list that showed progress. This month, I have a total of 18 items on that list, and halfway through the month, I’d only checked off two. My only thought was, “What/why am I having resistance to completing some of these actions?” Now granted, about five things get checked off at the end of the month, like tracking my spending, etc. A few were to close client projects, so that’s up to both the client and me. But the rest (roughly ten things) were actions I faced resistance to completing.

Looking at that list, I see a fear of progress as the common denominator between each task. It’s progress that feels uncomfortable because it takes me out of my comfort zone. These are things that will subtly move the needle forward in my business. But, they’re things I don’t do daily, so I argue I don’t have time for it, or it’s not as important as content/ client work. I believe the resistance to things on this list, in particular, come from a fear of rejection. Many involve other people, like inviting a guest to the podcast. So how do I clear that resistance?

How I’m Growing in March

I’m excited to see what progress I will make in March. I feel like I’m falling in stride with my goals for this year and this form of accountability. I’ll continue tapping my little heart away to clear feelings of resistance towards progress and continue finding strength in my morning routine. The only place I’m still falling short is when my boyfriend spends the night. It’s important to keep routine even when the routine gets disrupted. My goal for March will be to nail down that morning routine even more and be more actively conscious about how I’m making little progress on big goals. As I subtly push myself out of my comfort zone with little accomplishments, the bigger goals won’t seem as daunting.

Want to follow along even more on the journey to make 2023 your best year yet: March edition? I’m also updating you and going into far greater detail once a month on the podcast! You can follow along there and subscribe to the La.Rue Thrive Hive Newsletter as well to follow along for updates on my 2023 progress. I’ll update you on the podcast on how I plan to improve next month. I’ll continue talking about what resistance I’m facing and what solutions I plan to find! I encourage you to comment below on your progress so far in 2023 and how you plan to improve. Feel free to drop any questions in the comments, and I’ll see you next month!

Xo,  lauren

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